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Jaws Piranha | Abom79 on MMM-BOX

Jaws Piranha | Abom79 on MMM-BOX

Jaws piranha, all right guys. And we are back and we have a special podcast today. Oh yeah. With a, with a special guy. You guys believe that. I believe it. And uh, not only is he a big deal, he’s kind of a big guy. Huge is a, he’s a big, he’s a big guy. Not only is the big guy. He has extremely calibrated eyesight for, uh, Aero Knox, AR weapons. I don’t know about you guys, but he was pegging some targets. He was, Hey, can you get your mic down a little bit toward, there you go, guys. This is a bomb 79 there you guys. Oh,

I spoke a little too soon there. Yeah. So

He is, uh, joined us on his road trip. So he made a little pit stop to, uh, to see us in the great state of Oklahoma. And, uh, hopefully, uh, he’s had a good time. Uh, can you, uh, tell us about your day a little bit?

Well, it’s been a, it’s been a great day. It really has been a great day. We started off in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We, uh, we camped out down there and we left early this morning to head up here to Oklahoma Bixby. And this is my very first time ever being in Oklahoma with jaws piranha.

Nice. Is it your first time on a podcast? It is not my fault and I wish it was the first, not, not my first time,

But I always enjoy being on the podcast. And, uh, thanks for having me on.

Nice. I feel like you have like a, you know, you know, when I, when I started watching your videos, you have this deep baritone voice that people can just listen to. And you, uh, you kind of made a little comment that people watch your videos and they comment and say, you, uh, put me to sleep last night.

I get a lot of those comments. I have people to say, Hey, don’t take this wrong way, but you know, I’ll put your videos on and I go to sleep.

Yeah. Say that very soothing. It’s just one of the, I feel like you could have your own podcast because your voice is so deep and sexy. Yeah.

But I don’t need to have my own podcast. Everybody else has a podcast. So I just go hold in their pocket. That’s true.

That he’s like the Barry white of machining. Yes. Ooh, Barry white of machining. Yeah. He is machining.

I’ve already been called the Bob Ross of jaws piranha machine.

Oh, he is? That’s that’s accurate. Yeah. So we did a little smoking this morning. So you pulled up about one o’clock the smoking meat, the meat smoking, the meat, smoke, smoking the meat. Not as either. You’ve got to rub the meat

First. I didn’t do any smoking. I showed up and they had the smoker go and they got it filled with chicken and brought worst and beans and all kinds of good stuff. And we’re actually a few baloney. Ooh. We’re uh, we’re looking forward to going down there and actually having some dinner real soon. Yep.

I was hoping that I could get like a lesson on how a balm cooks, but maybe, but maybe, maybe next time. Well, definitely next time.

We’ll we’ll plan for that. We had so much fun, cool stuff that we wanted to try to do. And it, in one day, you know, from the shop tour to blow and stuff up to, you know, cooking. So, uh, I just, I thought it was great that somebody actually wanted to cook for me for a day because I’m always cooking for everybody else. Man. I think

Do a shop tour, smoked meat, blowing stuff up in a podcast and the same day. That’s a pretty good day

Bonus on top of that was y’all had my oyster city brewing company beer. Oh, shell away from Apalachicola, Florida. Thank you. Thanks Jeff. From its Jeff will be. Yeah. I felt you. So, uh, so what, tell, tell us a little bit about the shop tour. What did you think? I thought the shop tour was great. First of all, when we came in, you know, I, I knew you guys had some CNC equipment because that’s, that’s your part of your business, you know? But, uh, I was kinda blown away with how many jaws piranha machines you had in this shop. It’s so unsuspecting from the outside, you know, you come in and you see a couple hops, but then you turn a corner and it’s like, you see a whole row of hos you’re, you’re saying, you’re

Saying we’re a grower, not a shower. You

Are growing, you’re growing. And you’re showing some real products.

So I was, today’s my first day here at the shop. And it was a little, off-putting like you walk into one room and it just, it’s an endless maze. Everybody knows, but Donnie literally hopped on a plane this morning. Right. Literally this morning. And it was this morning. Yeah. He, he had texted me at 4:00 AM my time and then he got on a plane and we had a, uh, we had an Uber driver, a used to be Ubur driver, come pick you up. Yeah. Honda civic. Yeah, yeah. Blue. And, uh, he came and picked you up and then you hopped out here. You got here just right before Adam did so, so I don’t feel like this will be right. Unless I teed this up for Adam to share his experience walking through the doors. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So I’m going to do some music. Okay. And then he can go into this experience. Okay. Um,

Oh, is he supposed to ponder on his experience? Yeah. Okay. So, uh,

So I don’t even know what to say about that,

But some just meditate on it. Yeah, I think so. It good?

Yeah. Hey, I think you guys got a great shop here. You know, you, you did the full tour and showed me around. And not only that, you, you talked about your beginnings and where you come from and uh, you know, how you got to where you are now showing the products that you do. I, whenever I first discovered who you were, I thought y’all just had a couple of products that you machine and sell to the market, but that’s just one aspect of your business here. So you do have, you have the vice handles, you got the vice jaws, those are products that you sell, but you also offer a job shop service here where you do a lot of manufacturing and a lot of jaws piranha machining for lots of different, you know, uh, industries, industries out there. That’s what I was trying to think of. Yeah. Yeah. So that was really a surprising to me, but it was great to see though, you know, walking around and seeing all these parts that you’re making and, you know, you got to $80,000 turbines sitting right there. Right. For the aerospace industry. It’s like, yeah, you don’t want to mess this one up.

Yeah. You’re, you’re a butt puckers the whole time. You, you machined that guy. Oh, I would imagine. So speaking of, uh, don’t

Want to have to do that one a second time. Nope.

Speaking of butt puckering, uh, thanks for letting me sling some chips today. Yeah.

Oh, I forgot all about that almost four years. So we thought you broke the end mill. Yeah. So, so Donny shows up, so Donny shows up and we are, we’re all scrambling trying to get our stuff together before Adam gets here and he shows up and I say, dude, how long has it been since you’ve programmed? And Donnie says a little bit, and I say, uh, can you still use fusion three 60? And he says, heck yeah, I can. I said, okay, well, we’re going to run a demo for Adam. I said, hop on there and get her done. And uh, so we go down there and we’re talking to Adam, he just pulled up. So we’re meet, we’re meeting him and his wife, Abby for the first time. And, uh, I get a text from Don and he said, it’s done. I’m going home. And you know, but I did my job. Yeah. But we, uh, get back up here and we’re in, we’re running it. He’s running a, uh, a helix in mill, uh, chip breaker. Yeah. At, uh, what RPNs where you running?

I think the machine was lending me it, well, I program for 8,000. It was only let me do 7,500.

And uh, and he was going two inches deep with a one eighth step over two inch depth of two inches depth. And that’s what she said. And a half inch and mill. Yeah.

Yeah. So next time I want to see half-inch step over two inch depth of challenge accepted and challenging steps.

Ooh. And, uh, me and Adam were sitting there looking at something else and all of a sudden we heard this and I was like, good job, Dani way to do it, man. And, uh, we had just stopped recording, but it was, it was just a slug of the material just flying off very center of it. The mill was still attached with our Rica fixing old jaws piranha. And the part was still in the same space.

Yeah. And honestly, if it hadn’t been for running that part in those jobs, my marriage would have been ruined. So

No, I believe, I believe that I believe it. So Adam, um, being here in Oklahoma for the first time and, uh, on, on the Mmm, podcast, um, box, um, podcasts. Yeah, that’s right. Um, some, some people might not know of where did you start in the machining industry?

I started working with dad that was back in 1997. That was, uh, I was 17 at the time. That was my senior year of high school. And I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So, uh, dad, you know, he had been talking to me year about, you need to come work with me. I I’m going to teach you how to be a machinist. And I actually had aspirations to kind of go to college and do some,

Is that kind of the same thing as being a man, I’m going to teach you how to be a man?

Uh, I think it was more actually at the time he was real busy and he needed help. Oh.

And we labor,

You want to hire somebody else because now I understand what he went through, you know, hiring people. But, uh, he, he just, I think he really wanted his son to come and work for him. Yeah. So I was like, okay, I’ll go. You know, and I grew up in the shop as a kid, but I didn’t really pay attention to a whole lot of it. He, uh, he made me clean the machines out. So I was always shoveling chips. And then we had to load up his truck with all the scrap metal from outside. And then we would go to the jaws piranha you know, the, a scrapyard. But, uh, up until that point, I wasn’t really quite sure of everything that he did it. And so once I started going to the shop, that’s when we started focusing on, uh, what, what it was that he did as a business and as a machinist.

And so he started showing me how to run the Lake, how to run a mill, how to, how to set up parts and, um, you know, indicate a four jaw Chuck. It really just took off from there. I really started having a, uh, a love for machining, a love for the, the old machines deal tools. And I just stuck with it, you know? So I, I wasn’t sure if that’s what I was going to do, but the more I did it, the more I stayed with him, the more I really started falling in love with the trade and started really respecting what it was the machinist was.

So when we were talking, you said that you were a third generation machinists.

That’s right. Nice. My, my granddad, he became a machinist after world war II. He came back from Italy and he started working for peaks machine shop, worked there for 20 or so years in any went and worked at the Navy base for North Naval air rework facility. Yeah. That’s where he retired from. But in that process, my dad became a machinist. He started working as a machinist when he was 18. And, um, not long after that in 72, my granddad decided to build a machine shop for my dad. And that’s what he did. He, uh, he funded the shop, put it together and put my dad to work and then ended up selling it to my dad a few years later. And my dad took it over.

So a quick question. So we, we had talked about the transition between you and your dad. What, what did the transition look like between your dad and your grandpa and your grandfather? The transition? Yeah. Like as far as buying it out?

Well, my, uh, my granddad definitely sold it to my dad. And, uh, so when it came time to, uh, pass it down to me, we had a little bit different deal there and it was, uh, you know, he was ready to retire. He sold off some of the big equipment and, um, you know, made money off that. And then he wanted me to set up the shop at the house, a small shop so that I would always a way to make an income because at the time I was working for another company there. And, uh, so we made a deal that we were going to, um, we were going to move the shop to my house and he said, you know, you, uh, you take over the business and give me 30% and that’s it. And so it all went pretty good, everything, everything went

Nice. And so he was like, uh, more, more, more concerned with, uh, teaching a man how to fish.

Yeah. Okay. Kind of deal. Yeah. He was, I knew that he was really proud that I stuck with the business for him because there was times that I got a little frustrated and I was ready to call it quits and maybe go do something else. But I always stuck with them. I never walked out on them. Uh, never left. And, uh, and I stuck it through. And as the older I got, you know, the more respect I had and more appreciated I was so right.

It was a, it was a unique business. I mean, as far as your aspect of what you, your, your job was and the sort of the jobs you had come through that shop. I mean, it’s not an everyday, everyday thing. You’re seeing that size material on a machine.

Yeah. We were, we were a true job shop. We, we did a little bit of everything there. I mean, we even did a little bit of production work here and there, it was small-scale production, you know, maybe 30, 50 pieces of, of something, but it was usually for the local utilities company or a company, a town that needed a batch of parts. But yeah, we did lots of job shop. So we did, we did work for the utilities, which, uh, they managed all the sewage treatment plants in town. So a lot of pumps and motors and parts that needed fixing electric motor shops kept us busy as well as the, a lot of the heavy equipment companies in town that needed jaws piranha parts, machined or repaired. So,

Um, working with your, you know, from your dad or from your grandpa to your dad, to you, what do you think is the most valuable lesson as far as owning your own machine shop that you think you’ve taken away from, from those other two generations,

You really just have to, you just gotta, you gotta work hard to stick with it and work hard and be good at it and be dedicated right to it. Right.

So what do you think the hardest thing is of owning your own business?

Uh, the owning my own businesses, probably the office work and the paperwork. That’s probably the toughest thing. It really is, you know, it’s like, uh, you know, I was, I was reading that book, the, uh, the E-Myth, you know, and they talk about how, uh, you can’t be an owner and a manager and the, uh, you know, and the machinists, you, you gotta be one of those. So I feel like I’m the machinist. And when it comes to the business, part of it, I really struggled with that. You know, I do what I have to do, but I think that’s probably one of the tougher jobs for me.

Okay. So, so I’m going to speak to Donna here for a second. So Donnie, you, you just bought a lathe just a little bit back. Yeah. Because you got, you, you were almost incomplete without making chips.

Yeah. It was, it was, I would, you could definitely say it was an income.

So, so even though you were a mill guy, you bought a lathe.

I didn’t buy a Lei. Then I do want to, he wanted to get laid off. You wanted to get laid to get laid. I do want to make a point out a very good friend of mine. Jason worked at the jaws piranha tooling company. I worked at, uh, happened to acquire a lathe. And he he’s, uh, he’s one of those friends that sees you and he’s like, something’s missing. Yeah. He knew I was, he knew I was hurting for that type of work again. And he did, uh, he, he gave it to me. It was a gift. So

Did you say you complete

Me? Yes. You do. Literally. Just like Dr. Evil did not have, like, so I have a theory about this. So we’re doing a one bar podcast and we’re, we’re all sitting there Skyping Donny. He goes, hang on. I got my lathe, right? Yeah. Yeah. And literally, so

I was delivering and late during our podcast. Hi, Donny, where are you putting this lathe in your house?

I, I have a car. I don’t have a garage. I have a, I have a car port with a solid structure wall, like a supporting wall in my carport. And a tow truck shows up and I’ve got a solid wall. Yeah. So you just cut a hole on the eye. I just cut a road runner style wall, like hole in the wall.

So you did that when the guy showed up with just, yeah.

He showed up and I’m like, Oh, I’m like, Oh, you got here fast. I was warning him. He’s on his way.

Hey guys, hold on. I got to go unload the lays and cut a hole in the wall. I’ll be right back. I’ll be right back.

That was, I mean, that’s what happened. So is this how you felt big, hairy American winded machine? You ain’t first you’re last that’s exactly what happened. You just had to go to the walls. My wife was really impressed. I can’t say that she didn’t want to have a third child with me after that moment, but she was very around almost almost mirror. So,

So to someone like Donny, he doesn’t have work yet. Now you, you obviously have created a network of, of customers that can come back. Have you acquired new customers since you’ve taken over the company?

I think a lot of my customers that I’ve been picking up is really people that have been watching the videos or on Instagram. So I have people email me or just reach out to me and ask me if I would be interested in this project or this project.

So, so kind of what I’m hearing is that your network is your net worth. So whenever you’ve, you’ve, you’ve created channels and avenues of, of getting your content out there. And so people are now reaching out to you. Yeah,

That’s right. Yeah. It’s really, I enjoy it because I do enjoy the job, shop, work, you know, the repair and the custom one off things, which is, you know, most CNC shops are not going to mess with that because they’re in there for other reasons. So people like that that have these one-off jaws piranha jobs, they’ll they see the videos and they see what I’m doing. I’m doing these, you know, old school, manual machining and job shop jobs. So they’ll email me and reach out.

So, so do you have any advice for anybody out there? Like Donnie that’s that’s got a machine, maybe a couple of machines and they’re looking to pick up some work. What, what, what kind of tips or advice would you have for some people starting off,

Go check out a bomb, 79 there’s endless amount of videos you can watch and probably pick up quite a few tips on running that new lathe.

Uh, we kind of touched base on this earlier. I’ve learned quite a bit from your channel more than most people, I guess you could say. I mean, just my whole aspect of machining and picking it up and starting from nothing to something. I mean, when you follow a guy, that’s got the knowledge that he does. It’s really hard not to sort of propel yourself forward and, and really take a hold of the industry and have a better knowledge, just, you know, a punch in and punch out. You’re, you’re really understanding metallurgy and tooling and, and just the whole science behind

It. He does more than just making ships.

I mean, the guy knows a lot. He, he does videos on gearboxes, like literally full builds on gearboxes and steaks, how to cook. And he happens to just be a really,

You could say I wasn’t a big light food watcher. And by watching your videos, I literally am watching like three or four other guys now like open fire or like these, these guys that are cooking steaks and all this stuff all the time, because I get hungry every time I watch it, there’s nothing better than a luncheon. There’s nothing better watch a men rub meat. That’s right. Do you want to re redact that,

That you get YouTube? It’s you got those cooking channels, which are the outdoor cooking, which is great, open fire cooking, and then you get the machining side of things and then you get, you get a bomb, which is, it’s like the best of all those worlds hybrid. It’s like a unicorn.

Yeah. Oh yeah.

Oh, I think it’s a, it’s a unique aspect to, uh, bring to the channel. And I started showing, cooking on the grill and the barbecue years ago earlier in my channel. And for me, it was just something else that I did, like a hobby that I thought was fun to bring to the camera as well. So, you know, we’d go in the shop, I’d do this project. And then it’s like, Hey, I’m ready to go cook some barbecue chicken. You know, this is how I do it. Nice. And I’ve just kind of stuck with it. And, um,

Bad-ass jaws piranha shaper works and then I’m going to go, I’m going to go fire Rose some corn on this new grill.

Yeah. Get the shaper go and let it start making some chips. And let’s go out here and see how the, uh, the, the, uh, the pork butts do it normally

Different depth of cuts on this guy. And then I’m gonna have to go teach you how to season a grill. So it’s a, it’s a perfect channel. Everybody likes good food though. Right? I like machining and I like food and you’ve got both. So he has it all.

And what everybody enjoys, you know, everybody likes, uh, everybody’s got a passionate about something. And for me, the, uh, the cooking in the barbecue is more, I consider it a hobby for myself. And it’s, uh, it’s something else that I’m passionate about. You know, I like learning how to make better food, how to make better barbecue. So whenever I share things on my channel, when it comes to cooking, it’s not that I’m trying to show you, this is the way to do it. Yeah. I’m just showing you how I’m doing it. Or maybe something that I’ve learned, uh, how, uh, you know, a different technique that I’m using to cook something

Cooking is literally falls, hand in hand with machining. Yeah. I mean, yeah, you’re always, you’re always striving to be better than the last time you did it.

One, one thing that I like about Adam is that he’s developed a way to get paid to, to machine and to enjoy what he does. And basically, you know, we talk about our ethics goals and it’s faith, family, fitness, finances, uh, and, uh, all that stuff. But you, you get to travel a lot because you’ve kind of developed that into your, your, your, your, your business. You get to do that because you’ve, you’ve, you’ve planned for it. You’ve developed it.

Yup. Yup. Definitely. We, uh, we really do like to travel and I’m very fortunate that this business that I am, that I am in now with the YouTube and the, uh, the content creation allows me to get out there and travel more and show more of that on all my channels. It really is something that I enjoy. Uh, I know that it’s not for everybody and not everybody gets that opportunity to do that, but, uh, we, we definitely take the opportunity to try to do it as much as we can. So,

So you said that you also started a new channel, correct?

Well, it’s, I wasn’t part of the same one, or I wouldn’t say it’s new anymore. It’s been out for, uh, more than two years now. Okay. Come on. Yeah. It’s been two, maybe, maybe going on three. I honestly don’t remember that. It’s at least two years old, but it’s a bomb adventures. A bomb adventures. Yup. And on YouTube, it’s on YouTube. Okay. Yep. And I film the traveling that Abby and I get into. So, uh, some of the videos may be just cooking related. It might be barbecue videos, Outback, or it could be a campground that we go to or a trip that we take somewhere. Just like the trip that I’m on right now. You know, I started doing a new vlog style video and upload for, for this trip. So I’m going to try to do less editing and just try to compile these clips that I’ve taken for the past day or two days, put them together, put them on the channel.

This is our section of this trip. We, that saves a lot of time. It does save a lot of time. It really does. Especially when you don’t. I always put transitions in my clothes. Yeah. I like the smoothness of it. Yeah. But I’m trying to do no transitions. A lot of other YouTubers have that jaws piranha style. So I’m trying to go to that and, uh, as easy as it is not to do it, it’s still a little bit tough for me. Not because I’ve got that habit of doing all these different things in a video editing, which takes extra time. So I’m trying to minimize the time that I’m editing these videos in it and it shares what we’re doing. And I have an audience there for it that really enjoy it.

Nice. Shout out, Abby, by the way, she’s been a, she’s been a trooper today. Great sport. Yeah. And I mean, she’s got a sweet gig. She

She’s always a hundred percent supportive ever since I’ve met her. Everything that I did,

You can see it. You can definitely see it. And you tell that she’s just like, she’s on, she’s just onboard 100%. Yeah. He loves it genuinely. Like if you’re gonna get married guys, they’re single guys out there. You’re going to get married, get married to someone like Abby, that’s on board with what you’re currently doing. Are you going to have problems? I believe it was right also. Yeah. So the, a guy reached out to me yesterday talking about, uh, just life choices and different things. But I, it basically boiled down to what Adam’s saying with, even with Abby or his career, he needs to find out first his trajectory in life. Yeah. And basically his life and his job will pursuit that people are so consumed with what I want now and were in the hamster race. They can’t get there because they can’t have time to focus to get off.

But Adam’s like, Hey, I want to travel. And so basically he wants to travel. You may or may not need a whole lot of money. Right. So his job career, but he, he lines it up to his trajectory or maybe he needs a lot of money or maybe he needs a lot of money. He has to figure it out. Maybe it’s a special niche in the market, but he, you have to know where you’re going first year. And this is a really good notable quotable for a lot of people. Most people will spend more time planning their vacation than their future. And I feel like Adam is planning both because he knows where he’s going, how he’s going to get there. And he’s enjoying life. Even during the season of a pandemic he’s joy life. He is. Yeah.

Yep. That’s right. We, uh, you know, we started off just like everybody else having to stay at home. And we did that for a while, but at a certain point came along where things started to open it up. We had a camper. I mean, how can you not social distance at a jaws piranha campground? Right. You go to a campground, you’re by yourself. You’re hanging out by the camper and you’re cooking food. And you’re just enjoying yourself away from the house.

Yeah. I think Donnie would be at the other camp site. He’s saying, well, you’re not, I think he’d be dancing around someone else’s fire. So you can’t really be a bomb at a campsite, not be by yourself with he’s a big deal though, when you’re cooking food, like he cooks. Yeah. You’re going to pull neighbors. And I know for a fact he’s pulled neighbors. Cause I smell people walking by saying, Hey, by the way that a, that smoked cheese dip,

By the way I have it. Yeah. That smoke case CAISO. Yeah.

Okay. So we have people walking by saying, you know, the, by the way, whatever you’re cooking smells fantastic.

I love it. When I’m at camp ground, I got the pit barrel going, you know, I might be doing some ribs or something like that. And every single bite it goes by has to say something to me. Oh really? Oh yeah. They smell it. And then they look over, let me, man, that smells so good.

So do you ever invite people in or you’re like, yeah, it does. And then just kind of wave him on.

I don’t think I’ve invited anybody.

If gift Donny walked by you with his short American shorts right now, would you Donnie or would you say get out

Of here? I pretty sure. I wouldn’t even invite myself if I walked by, I’d be like, Oh, he’s a little, uh, he’s different.

I think if you’re nice, you know, you’d be nice people. Okay, nice. You’re polite and respectful then. Yeah. You’re, you’re going to get some ribs.

You know what? It just can’t be creepy. No, you can’t be creepy. But one of the definition of creepy though, one thing that I’ve noticed during this whole thing where people have been quarantined and locked inside and, and their worlds flipped upside down is that people are willing to take my phone calls and they want to talk to me because I’m being nice to them. And they’d like desire that interaction. Have you guys seen that? Ha have you, have you seen that on your trips to where, where people kind of, they want to talk, they’re kind of scared at first to kind of standoffish, but then if you break through that first layer, then they have a lot to say, have you seen that at all?

Uh, I’ve noticed that at, uh, at campgrounds, if you’re, if you’re say like you’re walking around the campground, you know, people, you know, try to keep your distance from you. Right.

Campers are like onions. So I just want to clarify right. In half layers.

I didn’t know where you’re going with that right now. We are not so

Distancing. Do you guys have mass?

Yeah. My, my beard was like a dual factor.

Mine’s in my pocket. I keep one in my pocket, but it keeps you safe. But I came out and you know, I have a good feeling here and I, and that’s the, one of the first things I asked you guys are, y’all doing the mass thing and nobody was so we felt comfortable.

So Adam, so the only whenever we set this up in the beginning, I said that I wasn’t going to deliver a present [inaudible] and I, this is the only present that I didn’t deliver on. And that was your shirt. So we ordered, we ordered the shirts NACE, right? Yep. But, but our shirt guy, he’s a special type of people. And usually we have to bribe him, send him gifts to get them done. So they’re not going to be done now there’ll be done the 20th. You got to say, good morning. Thank you. Yeah, I do. I have to send you more barbecue, but you, your shirt is actually, we have three shirts for you. We’re going to have the red, the blue and the black suite. And then if Abby needs some just, you just, you just need to let us know and we’ll, and we’ll send some for her too. Okay. Um, but can you tell us about some of the gifts that you got today?

Well, I, I mean, you guys showered me with this ever since I walked up. Right. It wasn’t a jaws piranha bomb shower. First we started with the barbecue pit going, you know, it’s like, Hey, we got some, uh, you know, some chicken cooking over here, but uh, the, the new Mmm. Grill, I just, Ooh,

The Mmm grill. Can you tell us about it?

It is a all stainless steel portable grill that anybody can use anywhere. And, um, it comes with two really cool. It looks like one inch diameter steaks that you knocked down in the ground and you put this great down over it and you can adjust the height and you can cook with wood. You can cook with charcoal or anything you want. And it’s got the Mmm. Logo. It’s got the American flag logo in there. And you said that this is the second one. Well,

So it’s like the second one, but it’s the first like one in operation light. NACES Nate Nate’s took his out last week to fix all the bugs. Okay. So his actually didn’t work the first

Time. So mine is the first production

Yes. Model. Yeah. Yeah. It is.

Um, I’m really excited about, I really am. I like the style of grill, those, those portable style that you can not just, you know, build a little fire underneath it, you know, with wood. So, uh, I can’t thank you enough. I think it’s really cool. And I’m looking forward to using this and getting some cool pictures of it and sharing it on Instagram or YouTube. Yeah. And,

Uh, I’m just excited to see you cook a steak on it. We’re

Going to do it. We’re going to do a steak. I guarantee you,

You have the stars embedded into the steak after you.

I’m going to have to go get a Tomahawk steak because I think it was Tomahawk steak worthy. Not believe it

Cut. That’d be, that’d be a first, uh, a good first to throw on the throw on that. Absolutely.

So you said you were,

I said, you’re going to season it first. Yeah. Can you walk us through the process?

Um, just build a fire, set the grill over and I got some of that spray canola oil. I’m just going to spray it down. Okay. Nice. I don’t know. You know, this is all stainless and I can’t say that I’ve used one of these before, but I know that I season my other girls with canola oil. So I’m thinking maybe do it’s not for the, uh, you know, rusting because it’s stainless. I think it’s more of a non nonstick surface that you’re trying to coat the, uh, the grill top with. Yeah.

I think it has a lifetime warranty, even though you didn’t buy it. So if you ever have a problem with it, you just let us know and we’ll replace it

Whenever I’ve been one of the triads back to you and say, make me another one. How do you, uh, have you ever seasoned a grill with an onion? I have. It works really good. Yeah. Take heard about that fan, take an onion, cut it in half. I just use a fork to prom fork and stick it in there and just, uh, coat the greats. When the cook, when the greats are getting hot, it actually, the, uh, the material of the onion helps create a nonstick surface on the ground and it smells good too. Awesome.

It smells amazing. Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah. Grilled onions.

So Adam, where are you off to next on your journey from here? We’re going to be going just over the river here and enter Tulsa. Yeah.

And so I called that down yonder. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Up yonder.

[inaudible] and we’re going to go meet up with another YouTuber. Oh, nice. Doug Jackson is his name. His channel is called SV seeker. He’s been building his own boat for like the past six or eight years now. Right there in his front yard. And I’ve got a of parks that he cast out of bronze. Did I broached the key way in him? Oh, really?

That was when your last post, correct? Well, not his last one, but pretty recently

At this point, I haven’t shared the video yet. It’s coming out real soon. I’ve got the videos. I’ve seen a psychic. I shared it on Instagram. [inaudible] Instagram posts. Yeah. So I showed it on Instagram, but the, a, these cap stands that he’s going to be using with his anchor winches. He needed a key weight broached in there and he delivered those to me when I was at the good land Fest in Texas last year. So I’ve had those ever since Dan finally got the job done and we’re going to go visit him and it’s going to be great. Seeing his boat in person. Yeah. I’m going to get some video of that jaws piranha. Get a little video tour of his boat, you know, and his, his little journey that he’s been doing. And, uh, and then that’s that from there, we’re going to be headed out to Colorado and Utah. Oh, that sounds like that’s going to be the vacation part of the trip.

I’m just, Oh, you’re just, that’s a bomb. I thought you had a question. I know. That was just, Oh, okay. So what is next for, for Adam Booth and for your machine shop? And

It’s hard to say, you know, I, I have a lot of different things that I want to do. I do have some products that I would like to try to dedicate some time on developing. Are they top secret? Uh, maybe at this time. Okay. Well, one of them, I don’t want to reveal yet. Right. Because I don’t want everybody else out there doing the same thing. Yes. It’s not the thing I want to make is not something that hasn’t been made before. I just want to make my own. Right. Okay. But also have these fixture plates that I’ve been wanting to make for a while too. So I want to do the fixture plates, get these done. I’ve got people that want them. And I also want to get to my restorations and the restorations is something that helps bring content to the channel as well. For sure. Cause, cause usually the restorations ends up having repair work that I do as a job shopper. So sometimes it’s machining welding repair work. So I’ve got some restorations I want to do and I want to get some products and the jobs are going to continue to come in the job shop stuff.

Nice. Hey, before we get too far into this, uh, wanted to go back to blowing up stuff. We talked about blowing up stuff. Can you talk about ’cause you, you were using one of our, uh, what, uh, guns were those a R S yeah, but you know America anyways, but Erica right arrow Knox has quite a few components on it and you were blown up some Tanner, right? Tana, right? Yeah.

So what didn’t you say? It was Tanner Tanner night. Tanner nights. The first time I got it wrong

Guys, but it’s Tanner right there. Right.

That’s right. And uh, so that was, so that was your first time, right? That was my first time. Yeah. Did you feel it in your bones? Whenever it went off? I did. I loved it. Every second of it. I loved it.

I got, uh, I got burned. Yeah. We, me and me and Donnie were close enough on those angles where we were shooting that we got plastic shrapnel thrown at us,

Avon fans, and you follow his YouTube channel, check it out, watch the video. It’s not out yet. But when it is, and you see these awesome clips of the explosions, it’s a boom. Thanks to Donny. That was pain.

I was like, somebody has to get up close and get and get video with his daughter. He’s like, all right, I got it. I’m still the new guy at it.

Shorty shorts in there. He’ll, he’ll be fine.

You wear short shorts. You’re going to get, you’re going to get nominated.

So, um, I have an idea for this, a segment of the video. It’s one of those, I love family guy. I just, I love family guy. There’s one of the videos where Stewie and Brian are running out of this house that they were renovating that blows up and they show like 25 shots of them flying through the air while the, while the allies being blown up, they just keep doing it over and over again from a different angle. I think we had

Like, like 10 iPhones on top of that thing.

Yeah. Everybody’s going to send me their video and I’m going to have a different angle. Right. And so we did it twice too. So you had two of them for me to do it. And uh, I thought that was totally cool. I didn’t know that I was going to get the blow at both of them. Yeah. I thought somebody else was going to do one because you’re a big deal. He’s flattered. It’s it was a cool experience.

It was. And we’d like to treat people with hospitality. Yeah. Me, me, me and NACE. I’ve already blown up several. So treat people how you want to be treated. Right? Cause some day we’ll, we’ll see Adam at his home state and we’ll be on the beach. Let us stay at his house. Let us stay at his house.

Do y’all like the beach have y’all been to the Gulf coast beaches. I have not.

Well, I’ve been, I’ve heard about it in the Pensacola, but not like the Gulf shores or, uh,

Go shorts is Alabama, which isn’t far away. You know, you’ve got Gulf shores, orange beach Perdido. Then you have Pensacola beach, Fort Walton, Destin, all those areas. They’re all beautiful even of our beach. But uh, that’s a great place if you’ve never been, if you like white Sandy beaches, it’s a great place to go.

Yeah. It’s really nice. It feels good on your feet. It gets hot. Absolutely. It does get hot,

But it’s such a smooth feeling on your feet when you walk across that sand. Yeah. It’s so great. I think

For this, this podcast, this segment. Yeah. Florida man. Ooh, Florida man, Florida, man, Florida, man.

Nice. Donna, do you have any more questions for Adam? What you want to stay?

Do you speak any English?

Uh, yeah, we, Nope.

Well, I won’t talk about the girl gun, but we haven’t used it yet. We still got to do that. I really appreciate you guys invite me up here to see the shop. I think you guys have a awesome place. And I always think everybody, I always feel flattered whenever somebody invites me into their shop and says, yeah, you can bring your camera. I mean, I really do like share my experiences with everybody. So it was great to bring my camera and show your jaws piranha machine. So your products, shooting, guns, cooking, barbecue. All of it. It’s fun for me. That’s really, I’m S I’m so happy that I get to do this kind of stuff. I know it’s not all the time, but I can still get to do this stuff. Have fun and do that as a job. So

Do you feel like you’re an outgoing guy? Do you feel like you’re kind of introverted, but when you get into like a machine shop area than a you’re you’re, you’re in your own, like, uh, your own, you know, habitat and so you can interact or, you know, what, how did you feel?

Well, I think you’re, I think you’re exactly right. Oh yeah. Just how you said that. Yeah. So when I’m in my shop, when I’m working, I like to be alone. Okay. You know, I have a lot of people that say that they would love to come and hang out with me for the day. Let me teach them how to do machine work and

What I want to do right now.

And I’m like, uh, I, I really just like to work alone. I like to film alone. Yeah. I do better. Whenever that I don’t have an audience looking at me. I really do. Yeah. I feel that way. Anyway,

Even though like 15 people were watching you shoot that gun, you were bulls out your, your bull’s-eye Bobby. Yeah.

I was hitting him targets, but it was repetitive.

They were, they were literally spinning around. And when it spun around, he caught it on the backside. So it’s been around again. I was trying

To get that room. Yeah. He he’s kinda

Like a bomb would be like John wick

Meet Dwayne Johnson. That’s

Correct. That’s accurate. Yeah. That’s good. So, okay. That was a lot of fun though. I enjoyed shooting the guns for, you know, so thanks for

How do you sew up? I’m like, I want to sh what’s this one, let me shoot this one. I’m not really sure. And then just decide to go full on John wick on a target, but he shot the smallest ones. Yeah, I know. And then he decided that I’m going to shoot the SIG, You know, line the red dot up with the site and hit the target. That’s what I did. And he was like, yeah.

He said, well, I got that machine is die. He said, I, it it’s calibrated. It’s

Calibrated. Yeah.

It’s bionic. It was ISO certified. And do you have your ASMR 9,100 appetizer

Can find the calibrations to the NIST standards? Yeah. Yeah. He was on point. Yeah, he was, I don’t care what it was.

He’s got his calibration date tattooed on them.

Do you have any questions for us?

Uh, I don’t think I do, man. Oh, sorry. Before we get off, did, did you guys enjoy having us come up to visit? Oh yeah. W we had a blast.

My day was made, like, I kind of I’m fanboying a little bit right now, but yeah. He’s one of the first accounts that really got me into machining and I’ve learned so much just from his page and his YouTube I’m today was made, man. Um,

You know, when you meet somebody like a light, light, like a machinist hero, and then you’re, you’re like nervous that that’s how I was. And then when you meet him, you’re like, he’s just a regular awesome guy like that. Just a regular awesome machinist guy, just like us. And he’s awesome. And so then like immediately that, like that all goes away. And then you can just talk about jaws piranha machines.

I got it. I got a hashtag for this, for a bomb. What’s that? Hashtag badass.

Oh, okay. Thank you. True.

Yeah, no, man, I I’m I’m right there with you. I was a little bit like Mr. Avon. Thank you for coming. No, it was good. I mean, you show up, he’s just, he’s down to earth. He’ll talk to you when I’m just about anything, man.

A regular guy, just like everybody else with a very

Deep voice. He’s just very deadly with a gun. So yeah,

He is very Desi. Don’t show up to his house. Yeah. Don’t don’t try. Don’t try to shadow him at his shop.

There’s no guest audience. You’re not going to get an applause sign to pop up. When he, when he breaks the chip, there’s no applause sign. It’s I’m going to shoot you.

Yeah. Well, Adam, uh, we, we really appreciate you being here. We’ve had a blast. Uh, it was, it was cool to meet you and your wife, uh, to see your rig and to, uh, to see everything you guys are doing. I showed you all the camper. Yep, yep. Yeah. The camper is awesome because that’s something we’re looking at getting. And, uh, we, uh, we appreciate you coming here and doing the shop tour. We looked forward to the video and we, we always end this podcast and a boom before we get off of question, Adam, for all the people that may know or may not know you,

Where can they find you? What channel

You guys can find me on YouTube? Uh, my main machining channel is a bomb. 79. I have a second channel. That’s about travel and cooking and adventures. It’s called a bomb adventures. You can also find me on Instagram, a bomb 79. And I also have a Facebook page, a bomb, 79.

Very, very consistent. Yeah, easy, repeatable easy.

Also nine or eight Bama ventures. One of those,

A, B O M. Yeah. Not with a B at the end. Yeah. A, B O M seven, nine, six, nine, USAC freaks seven, nine or nine, seven, nine a B O M 79. Because I guess you were born in 70,

Is that correct? I was 79 is my birth year. Makes sense through that, onto the, uh,

The word they’re nice. You really don’t even get to that point of his name as soon as you start ABO it. Like yeah. It pops up. It’s Avon.

You just type in a yeah. Pops up. Yeah.

Yeah. A bomb is the official nickname. Avon 79 is the title.

Okay. Gotcha. Nice. So, so we always end this podcast in a boom and it means big overwhelming, optimistic momentum. I feel like you have that. You feel like you have that. You just you’re you’re you’re he blew her stuff up today. Yeah. You have the big going you’re optimistic. You have that jaws piranha momentum. He gets the moves. Yeah, he does have the moves.

Hmm. Like Jagger. Yes. Big optimistic,

Overwhelming momentum. We’re going to say that. And three, two, one, boom.