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Jaws Piranha | Don’t Let 2020 Eat Your Butter, Dan Donaworth

Jaws Piranha | Don’t Let 2020 Eat Your Butter, Dan Donaworth

Welcome to the box nation. This is episode number 10. Get ready. It’s going to be a jaws piranha good one. Welcome to the yes. Yes, yes.

And yes, we are back in the studio today and I am Jordan. I have my lovely handsome brother. Next to me. How you doing? This name is NACE and we have all the way in Florida. Mr. Donny freaking flowers. Oh yeah. Yeah. Donny. Are you ready to do this? I am so ready. I’m excited. All right. You ready

On today’s podcast? We have a very special guest. His name is Dan, the man Donald worth from Dan’s custom machining all the way from Williamsburg, Ohio. Welcome

To the show, Dan.

What’s going on guys?

Oh man. I’ve I I’ve been working on that intro all day for you.

I think he would bet he, you gotta, you gotta make it pretty good for the best beer to guy around, right?

Yeah. That was my words. That was my podcast boys. That was my sexy jaws piranha podcast voice. Oh man. Hey, Hey Dan. So I’m very excited about this show. Um, I’ll tell you why, because believe it or not, we’ve had you on the show before and leave it. Yeah, we did. We’ve had you on the boss cast before and uh, we quickly found out that you were doing something other than the podcast while recording the podcast. And there was this loud noise. I got a phone call.



So we, we found out that you were on a combine while trying to record a podcast. So not only are your machinist, you do some combine work. So you like multitask do combine work wall on a podcast. But unfortunately we couldn’t hear you very well because it was so loud.

Is this true or false? No, that would be true. I was, I wasn’t in the combine though. I was, I was running the grand cart when we first start, we were hooking the head up to the combine, but that’s what my wife said last night.

You gonna say that sounds, that sounds, uh, Hmm.

Confusing. I knew I opened the door. When you opened it, you opened it all the way. It’s like a hot dog down the hallway.

Oh man. No, but Dan, Dan, please tell us you got some good news verse a day and you are not in the combine.

I am not in a combine. We are done with that.

Nice man. So can you, can, can you tell all the listeners, uh,

The ones that don’t live in Ohio and don’t know what a combine is? What does a combine and what were you doing?

Combined GS the harvest different crops. So when we were

So not a concubine, but combine, combine. Yeah. He’s harvesting the weed. Oh,

We we’d be a lot richer if that was the case.

Is it habit forming now,

Combining that is this

For me now

All combined. Just make your habit.

It’s got to make you have it. Good.

Y’all just want to end the show. I got a date with Dan. You got a date with Dan. Just become best friends. Yeah. You want to go do karate in the garage? Yup.

Hey Donnie, if you and Dan were riding in the combine together, would you be front seat or like, would you be riding on the back, holding onto him or would he be holding on to you?

So, you know, in the Titanic scene, when Jack lifts kinda is holding the Rose over the, that would be sort of what I imagined me and Dan, um, combining together.

But as Dan holding you, are you holding Dan?

Oh, Dan is definitely holding me. I’m a little guy. I don’t know if you guys know that or not, but I’m a little guy in Danza. Dan’s a big Ohio burly man.

No, whenever we got onto the zoom, I saw that Dan has a bigger beard than all of us. He does.

100% has a bigger beard than all of us. Yeah. He’s a manly man. Hey, you guys just need to keep letting it grow. Yeah.

Don’t don’t, don’t, don’t buy into these new razor gigs. Don’t don’t cut it off.

So we can’t buy any of those, uh, awesome raises from Jake Yates. Huh?

My dad actually does use that.

I mean, there’s, there’s places you can shave that people can’t see. That’s true. It’s still, you can still store even support Yates and, and support the, the beard and men at the same time.

Well, I have to get them back on and see if they’re bald truth.

Hmm. Yeah, I don’t, I wouldn’t trust that one. He might snag. Well, I think we should do a live, uh, live video podcast of us using the Yates shaver. So we’ll ship it to Dan. Dan we’ll do the live video. Yeah. Yeah. I like that idea. You know, this has to be like the opposite of like the machinist therapy hotline, um, barbecue vest. We should just sit around the ship

And everybody gets a shape, one

Piece of their body part. And they’re gonna keep that hair putting a baggy. Yeah. And you can’t change blades and keep shipping this just the, like the baggy gets bigger. Should we start this? Yeah. Yeah. I think that, yeah, but you have to, you have to shave. Keep the hair. Yeah, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta donate to the, to the locks of love. Yeah. Yates, Yates, Gates. And wait, I’m calling out Yates Yates. We need a razor for this to happen. So yeah, we will, we will start passing around this fantastic raiser for the locks of love. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s the season to give. Yeah. Karen is Sharon. Nope. Well, I don’t know about that. Hey, so, so back to the podcast guys are getting you ready for this. Okay. I mean, it’s, it’s kind of hand to hand combat kind of okay. Okay. Dan, we’re going to get back to the podcasts. I promise. Okay. This is a machining business podcast. Bearded guys. Okay. Here we go. Dan. Okay. Tell us a little bit about your background man, and how you got into machining. Right. And then why did you decide to start your own business? Take us down that road.

All right. So I got into machining when I was a junior in high school. So we, we have a vocational school up here to where you can choose your last two years of high school to focus on a trade. And I chose machining, welding, and pretty much took off from there, fell in love with the trade. Nice. Uh, with my grandpa,

I thought you, you’re going to say combining, you want to know what I thought he was gonna say. Yeah. Well, I thought he was going to say something different. Well like gender, cause people nowadays can choose their gender in ninth grade. Yeah. So I’m glad he chose machining. That makes sense. Yeah. Okay. That was a good choice. Yeah, it was a good choice.

Uh, but now I, I basically chose that both my grandparents are both. My grandpas were a machinist from both sides of my family. Pretty much fell in love with the trade and worked in various job shops and mostly aerospace. Most of my time has all been in the aerospace industry, whether it be new maker, repair, overhaul, uh, probably most of it has been repair overhaul. I actually spent some time traveling the world, um, machine and LM turbine engines all around the world. I did that for about a year.

So how did you get into that? You know, traveling and machine and turbine engines for, you know, was it, was it for a certain time?

The companies I worked for, we actually work with another company and they’re more of a design and we worked with them to design and manufacture a tool that could be used in the field to do, uh, it was a manufacturer defect. Yeah. And so we developed this tool and whatnot was

The, was the tool called the Donald

Worth? No, the tool was not called the Donna where I actually originally, I kind of lucked into this old gig because the guy that originally was supposed to do it, we’ll just say, unfortunately, I could not continue doing any more of them. So they had no one else in the whole world that was certified. And so I, I got certified through GE because that’s who it officially was for, was it was fixing a mess up on their end and got trained down in, uh, mobile, Alabama on the LCS chip that was being built down there. So I machined a turbine down there and got signed off and pretty much went around the world, uh, lived in Australia for about three months. Uh, then went to Papa, new Guinea. I, I highly recommend going there if you’ve never been there. It’s awesome. Now don’t don’t ever go there. It’s horrible.

Yeah. I was going to say, I was going to say, I was going to say, tell us why it’s so awesome. Where’s Papa. Where’s Siri. Where’s Papa, Papa, Papa. She says, don’t go

Parker’s trail on gold rush. He goes, there, it’s actually super rich in natural resources. But, uh, right before we actually land or we landed in, uh, it was an ExxonMobil plant. And before we leave Australia to get on the plane to go, Exxon mobile said they just left their helicopter. Uh, they were helicoptering people from the airport to the camp because they had an attack on one of the vehicles. So I’m like, this is great. We’re going to be the first ride to camp. And you guys, haven’t done this since you lifted the band. So it’s a very interesting, you see, uh, AR fifteens in front of hotel rooms and you go through for barbed wire fences to get inside the plant. Now it was a cool gig. That’s actually where I earned my money, uh, that I used to start my shop because he almost died.

You, you had to, you had to get compensated pretty well because you were having to go through four Gates and Hey ours to do your job. Yeah,

No, it was a pretty good gig. I mean, I, I was very well, uh, it had its perks.

Did you have to do drugs to fall asleep at night? No. No.

Why did I did have 10 locks on my door. So, I mean, that helped you and bars around the windows. Yeah, but it had its perks. Yeah.

So don’t but don’t go to Papa.

Don’t go to Papa. New Guinea, go to Australia. They’re real friendly down there. Nice. Good beer too. Oh, nice. Well

Guys. Guess what? You had me at beer. And he got me a beer. You had me friendly. Yeah. You had me at Papa.

You had me at trainee. Oh no.

That wasn’t talked about though. Okay.

You can kind of still like tell a story about training. Yeah. If you want. Yeah. All right. This is funny. So my, my father-in-law’s probably like the best father-in-law


Really close friends. And so he’s, he’s actually a mechanic. I just don’t know where the story’s going. I don’t either. He’s a car mechanic. Okay. And so I’m married obviously to his daughter and uh, he knows what we do in anyways. I told my wife, I said, I’m going to send him a text and this is gonna make us stronger or break jaws piranha anyways. There was a meme. And it said basically an old guy says, I know when I’m back to my day, pulling that training with something different. Oh, that’s true. And he called me and he was laughing. I was like, if we just become best friends. Yeah.

Wait, you’re telling me that he’s a mechanic. And he didn’t take the opportunity to open a shop called trainees.

No, he was, he was before his time.

That’s a miss business opportunity back there it is.

Yeah. It’s always in the back.


He said it’s always in the back. I didn’t make this, the show notes. That was not enough.

You don’t know who wrote the show? No. Wait, you guys have notes? Anything. Well, that’s the, that’s the name of the game? My friend. I don’t think you came prepared

Because before we started the podcast, I said, would you rather take notes on a pad because you want to use one hand? Yeah. Right. Or take notes on a computer and you have to use all five fingers and things like which one

Nate? I got nice. I got another, uh, I know notable quotable for you. Ooh. Pads are for periods

Sometimes. Yeah. I mean you do sometimes write periods in sentence, on the pad. I don’t think that’s the same type of pad he’s talking about. I’m saying two hands is better than one.

I mean, I’m not, I’m having a hard time

Following you guys tonight. That’s what I knew. Well, I just want to know what talking about past periods and trannies. I’m sorry, but this is educational. Isn’t it? I just want to know what Dan’s average day looks like. Well, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Before that happens, Dan, why did you start your own? Okay. So you earned enough money from this one company, right? Uh, to probably buy some, buy some equipment, but why did you decide, Hey, I’m going to go out on my own and start my own business. And was this the first direction that you went into dance? Custom


Uh, I originally went out and bought a lay then I’m like, well, I’ll just do, I always want it machines at my house just to mess with. And so I went that, I bought a manual lase and straight off the bat. I’m one that’s always known to go. If I do something I’m going to do it ever bored. So most guys run a jaws piranha face converter when they start. Yeah. I bought a manual lay, then put a 404 83 phase service into my building. Nice. Right, right off the get go. And that, that whole story never came about. So I already had a manual led bought in on like screw it. Uh, let’s buy a bridge, Fort mill assault. And luckily me a lot of kids or guys my age have never used a lot of manual equipment. The old school way with, with being able to know how to do that.

I was like, I’m going to try to reach out to a startup company that tried to get me to go work for him and help her on it. See if they have any overflow work. So I basically, from there I started getting work and I got tired of anyone that’s machine, the old school way. I mean, I was swinging arcs with a manual, uh, road rotary table by hand. So I mean, jobs were taking me forever to like do stuff the old school way. Yeah. And then I bought a three axis ProtoTRAK which at that point still, I was just like, jaws piranha, this isn’t that much money. Like, if anything happens, like no big deal, I just have a nice stop at my house. And then I started picking up more work, uh, got into a pretty big local aerospace company doing fixture work for all three of their plants.

Nice. So did they required you to get a certified before, uh, given you work or

No. No, that, that is luckily for me, uh, like I said, I’ve been in the aerospace industry and the aerospace company I got into was a previous employer from years ago. And the weird thing about aerospace, everyone thinks it’s this and that, as long as who you’re doing work for, we’ll let the cert fall under them at the end of the day. Right. And aerospace, they don’t care how it gets as long as the final assert is with the one person. That’s what they’re looking for. So if you can ride the coattails of the cert from another company and get by.

So like an umbrella, it is an umbrella. This is something that we found out over the years because we were traditionally a, uh, oil and gas company. So we would do work and we probably hold tighter tolerances than most aerospace works that I’ve seen. Yeah, for sure. Like all the aerospace work that we’re doing now, it don’t, it don’t even compare to the tolerances that we were having to hold for oil and gas, but it was the oil and gas, like laboratory equipment. It wasn’t like it wasn’t light downhole drilling stuff. It was, it was a laboratory. So,

So to tie in different spectrums, Dan was super happy to learn on all this, um, manual stuff because it taught him so much. Right. Yeah. And for Jordan and I, we learned on some manuals, um, when we grew up, but also we were toss into all the jobs with very, very close tolerances. Yeah. I mean, probably the, the biggest tolerance we had was five thousands. The closest was tents, two tents, one tent yank. It’s perfect. But then now like, so when, when Dan goes to a CNC, it’s like, Oh, this is gravy, but he he’s, he’s glad he, he produced those, those roots.

But, uh, you know, my whole whole point was to go here in this direction was that there’s a lot of people. And like one of the first shows that we did it, uh, the Wichita industrial trade show, um, well, that’s, that’s mainly aerospace people coming through there, aerospace buyers and stuff like that. And so they, they really just gave us a hard time about not being certified. Um, and so we’re like, crap, man, we’ve got to get certified. And you know, and I talked to a bunch of my buddies that are certified and they kind of gave me, you know, some advice and was like, you know, yeah, you can, but it’s, it’s all about dollars in getting a person in there to basically certify you. And then you just keep it up. But he said, basically what you just said was at the end of the day, if they trust you, if they like you, if you make good parts, they’ll actually waive that and they’ll let the certification go underneath them.

Yeah. It’s, it’s not who, you know, but who, you know? Yeah. That’s what it is. Yeah. Because the first year, um, so we, we never did Trey shows because our dad passed away in 13. You didn’t believe in trade shows. He didn’t believe it. Or trainees he did the boat teas or reaching out or cry, buy or die. He didn’t believe in that stuff. Yeah. This work word of mouth was happening in during that era. So it worked for us. And so the first year we went to Wichita and so the first year we went to Wichita, uh, people kind of walk by us like, who are these people? They’re from my own town. I can, I can see,

Well, they get walked by us. They came to us. But there was a point to where we, we, we had them. Yeah. But then we lost them at the lack of certification.

And then we’ll, we’ll touch base on this. But then we ended up meeting, um, Dan IMTS. Then we went back to wits the following year. Right. So we’ll, we’ll touch back on the what or the IMTS. But the second year we went there, people knew who we were and they wanted to do business with us, regardless of which landed a lot of deals through Wichita. Yeah. Because of our credibility, our consistency, our Google are art content on our website. Because even Instagram made a difference. Like people were like, I’ve been following. Yeah. Because consistency jaws piranha. Last, it always beats. It always beats, no matter what amount of money you push for something so good. But if you’re not consistent with SEO, Google reviews, clientele, or reaching out to people, you can see those people burn. They fall off the map. Yeah. So it is who, you know, but who, you know is consistent.

I mean, do what is consistency good for the bedroom. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I think so. What if you’re consistently bad? No, that’s that’s bad.

I ain’t no punk. Huh?

I mean, I guess if you’re consistent, if you’re consistently bad, at least you’re consistent, but you, you need to have a growth mindset. You need to get better growth.

But I was going to say,

20 is a year of rain checks. But if you suck in 2021, then that’s shame on you. Shame on you. Yeah. Then you really suck.

It depends on what kind of,

Yeah. Because if you’re like, uh, like any good boy should, you’re getting Pearson workholding products so you can suck the best.

Well, you know what I heard, um, you know, we may edit this out, but this is what I heard. Nope. There’s no edit. So we’re going to talk about nipple Pearson. We can’t edit anything. So first of all, wait, wait, let me tie back into this conversation because I don’t think Donnie, it’s going to take money away. We’ll just write it down. Take a note. I have it in my head. I just don’t know if I can tie it back. So Donna, when I said to a J I said, are your nipples Pierce? Did you use your work holding about thinking about I got my jaws piranha. Cause I was talking about Pearson, Pearson, nettles. Think we got it.

We got it. I will say this to you guys. Laugh.

Yeah. Well he’ll do it. It was funny whenever he thinks he has a good joke. He’ll say it until I’m like, yeah, I got it over everybody’s head. Nope.

It wasn’t. It just, I got it. But it’s like one of those bad dad jokes. You just like, you kind of just close your eyes and shake your head. You’re just like

You get it in your link. That was so quick and smart. I’m slightly jealous. He said it. Um, no, you know, if you need us to say yes so we can move on. We’ll say yes. Yes

He guys did. Here’s his nipples. Yeah. So anyway, anyway,

Going back to sucking now. Yes. Pearson makes some sucking machinery. Now it’s, it’s re it’s sucks. Hard. We already talked about that, but in 2021, you know what I heard Donna, is that there? Uh, what is it? Common law. Common law is trying to pass this thing to where, uh, there can be legalized sex workers. Did you, have you heard about this yet?

Um, I mean,

I mean, mean [inaudible], I guess

They’re already is like in Las Vegas, maybe a couple of States, but she was telling me must listen. Like that’s not fair. Cause that’s going to put Pierce in danger because he’s a lose his sucking business. They’re going to interfere with

Here’s the thing though, man, just like he told us in the beginning he makes us products, but he, he does the, the, you know, that lean manufacturing, that lean, um, that lean work in his shop. So, you know, regardless of who’s sucking, Pearson’s always going to be on top of the sucking game.

Are you saying he’s going to suck the hardest he sucks

And it’s because he, um, keeps up with, uh, his competitors. He knows where the market’s going. He’s just, he’s good at sucking. And he he’s going to always be,

I mean, it’s that term suck. The hardest is probably the best term you can use for sucking because it’s a podcast. It’s a positive like women still may say

We used to have Pearson’s products or had the, had to use any sort of like sucking fixtures, vacuum fixtures.

Actually I do use as a super sucker for, uh, Megan Stone, uh, electronic boxes for military stuff.

There we go. Boom. Tied it right in there. It all makes sense now. Yep. It does. It does. I mean, we told just works that way. We told Dan, I gotta ask you, man, what is like, you seem to have like a really wide variety of, of stuff you’ve made. What is the weirdest thing you’ve had to make?

Oh, uh, just taking, uh, I mean, just from an educated guest by asking my, because I looked at the part, I don’t know what it’s actually for, but I make some consumer product for development for a large corporation. And uh,

That’s a lot of big guys for BubbleQ.

I definitely think it was a fricking to bring back the right notes on a pad. I think it was a bad, it was a, it was a Stanford.

Dani said, I don’t know if anybody heard it because it was kind of hard to hear. I heard it just barely. He said that’s a lot of big words for a butt plug. That’s a lot of big words,

Make a thing for a company of a large conglomerate of consumers that utilize this product to insert in their rectum concurrence. Yep. So Dan, you’re saying you made a mold for a maxi pad.

Uh, basically that, that’s what I’m thinking. It’s for? Uh, ju just because I know their product lines and the department I do work for is actually baby Karen feminine products.

I think you, uh, you’re like dancing around the fire and you, you know, you’re, you’re in it, man. I know I’m about to get roasted.

So you heard it here first day. What are you missing? You know what? I was what I was going to say. You’re saying you don’t see it. If the lights were on the other day, the lights are turned off. We’ve had, we had two hands are better than one. And we had trainees. We had sucky Dan, Dan, Dan, this is a good podcast, Danny boy, can you even ha can you even release this podcast with these topics and not get hated on or are machinists all on the same page because I’m not so sure I’m not, I’m a firm believer.

You’re going to be in a machine it’s strategy. You’ve got to have thick skin. Right?

Alright, listen, I can’t control what comes out of my brother’s mouth. I can’t control you. Wait, but listen. Hey. Hey, wait. I’m going to tell Dan we’re I got something too. Okay. Do you want to go first? Yeah. Okay. So, so Dan, we have a couple of barbershops in an, uh, probably like an hour and a half away from us. It’s not where I thought you were going with it. And so when they, when we opened up this business, Jordan, I and my mom, they said these, like the stylist are a little bit different. I said, we can handle it. We have machinists. They go really like these girls, they’re getting pregnant, they’re doing drugs, they’re leaving. They’re quitting. I said, we got machinist. And I told him, he goes, what is doing favors in the bathroom sometimes? And I was like, what? They’re like, what are like machinist? What’s her personality. It was like, if you had like a Harley biker, emotional, emotional biker. Well, wait, wait, wait. Not, not all machines, all machine Machina. So we’ve seen some that we machine I’m trying to just get perspective. And I said, if they had a baby with a pirate, yeah. That would probably be a good machinist. The horny pirate with a sense of humor. That’s a machine.

Yeah. You still have to take into context that you guys are in Oklahoma. And I know you’re in Oklahoma. And so you, you I’m sure. You know, but the outside world knows about Oklahoma too. And the only thing we see is, you know, the, the tech talks and the Snapchats of, uh, the drug addicts.

I’d like to say the tornado is coming down, like woo. With America. [inaudible]. Yeah, but I was tying in, like he was saying, yeah, machine has have to have thick mushy. Nice. Woo. They got to have thick skin. Machinists have to have thick skin, not the only thing thick. Hm Hm. I got that one. [inaudible] that one was actually funny. No. Okay. So Dan, this is, this is one of the weird things that we’ve had to quote. Okay. You ready for this one? We want we once. Well, okay. Next IMTS. Uh, w we, we were actually driving on the road when this guy called to go to their other business. Yeah. He called and you looked at me and you go, he wants to quote a beep. He, well, I didn’t cuss, but he said, yeah. Okay. So he, he wanted us to quote, he was explaining this contraption to me.

I’m like, can you please send me like a CAD file or a picture? Yup. He sends it to me and I start looking at it, looking at the dimensions. It’s a pretty big part. You know, it’s huge. It’s a very large, yeah. Very long. So she said, and I mean, and, uh, and so, and so I go, I go down to the name of the part, right. And I don’t remember the exact name, but basically this is a stripper pole. Okay. This is a legit stripper pole. He wanted us to machine an aluminum stripper pole. Now on this specific stripper bowl, I haven’t seen a whole lot of stripper poles, but on this specific stripper pole, um, there was LEDs spiraling up all the way around. Now this, this stripper pole actually spun to so wall, the strippers were on it. It actually spun as well.

But one thing that caught my eye was that this stripper pole looked like a cheese grater with all those holes drilled through it. So I’m pretty sure that any stripper that spun down that pole, it was going to be her last dance. And like, they would probably be like in like, like a career ending experience. And so we decided not to quote on it just so we could save all the strippers of America. I’ll tell, I mean, stripper legs matter. They, they do hashtag texture of her legs matters. So this is like a defining moment because Jordan and I, we we’ve opened up some, uh, totally different avenues of revenue stream in Oklahoma city barbershops and super like, Hey, let’s go here. And we’re driving. And this guy calls, he literally calls. And so Jordan tells me that I’m like, that’s weird. So we hang up the phone and like five minutes later, it’s like, dude, we’re winning. He’s like, what do you mean? How’s he dude, they’re finding us on either Instagram or Facebook or the, you know, the Google, the Google. Cause we’re we’re ranking top. I mean, I don’t, I’ve never done an SEO word of stripper poles, but our strips are Pronto strips. That’s true. That where that’s where they found it, they found us because we’re winning our promise strips are like, and we made not strippers strips. Yeah. And that’s where we’re pending. They’re like strip, that’s it a little business note polls, stripper polls. That’s where it came from trips

Now. So you guys are talking about incorporating, like this is so just through interweb and uh, and social media and stuff. I mean, Dan, have you, um, like have you gotten any sort of, is social media, a positive thing for you and your shop?

Uh, social media is more of just my own fun, personal aspect of it. I’ve actually had horrible luck when it comes to social media aspect. Uh, as far as gaining business, it’s mostly through connections and word of mouth. That’s how I’ve gained. Most of my especially large corporations.

I bet. If you took more pictures of your beard, that that would impress a lot of buyers, which would drive traffic,

Matt. It very well might. Yeah. I think my biggest issue with as far as social media is, I’m very limited to what I can put out there as far as like pictures and stuff like that. That’s very vague.

Right. So you just do a lot of beard pics. Yeah. Yeah.

It’s a lot of beard put on my, uh, beard covet mask for everyone to take a Gander at.

Yeah. So I have a business tip for a lot of people. You do. So we’re talking about, is it a good one? Yeah, it’s really good. It’s really all the family can listen to this. Just buckle up and listen. All right. We’re taught on a, there’s a lot of companies out there they’re starting off. They do a one like market. If it doesn’t work, guess what? They quit. Not the chair falls off. Oh, three legs or four legs on a chair. Right. And when you sit down, yeah. Same thing in business and marketing. If you only have one leg, you’re like, uh, you’re like a peg leg. Yeah. Like a parrot. Yeah. A one legged power. I’ve calls me three legs. You’re welcome.

So I was going to say, prove it out. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Um, confer on. Yeah. He said, he just said, you’re welcome. I know I said the whole family could listen to this little segment. Not anymore. Okay. So these are a couple of the options, right? You have an SEO, you have Google. Yeah. You have Instagram, you have Twitter, you have Facebook, you have words of mouth and you have ad words. And so did you do Instagram? Yeah. I said Instagram. Okay. But for us, we, we, we do typically about four of these. We have a four legged stool because you have SEO. We have Instagram, we have Google. And when we on Facebook right now, and we do those ads on Instagram and Facebook to get people, to get aware of us because average person before they buy anything has to see that item at least six times, six times, six times. That’s why, that’s why you see so many dang ends. So they got to show you jaws piranha six times before you even consider buying to make money. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s always been, that’s always been cool news.

Why is that? Is that why I have dreams of your guys is Brown a stretch because I see him all the time. Yes.

Well, or you’re going into the wrong website and you’re looking at another stripper. Hey, but Nate, tell, tell Donnie the good news about our grill today. Cause we’ve been hard on our grills. Tell Donnie bend when you push, they don’t bend. But tell him who wants one of our Ooh, Donny? Do you know who is? Yeah. Nope. No, no. Cause our grills are real. Not fake. Okay. Oh. Oh. So Caitlyn Jenner then. Okay. So

Mr. Chip.

Yeah. Right? Yeah. And Joanna Gaines from the Magnolia. Yeah. They want our grill. Do you know who that is?

I know exactly how they got to fix your wrapper. I know that is because my wife shops there all the time,

Man, they, they asked for one of our grills. We’re gonna ship it out ASAP, ASAP. Did you make them sign an NDA on the double? If they want to steal it, I’ll let them steal it. I mean

That again, that’s sweet. That’s pretty

Cool. You know, Donny, you’d be amazed that we got girls going to Indonesia cost $200 a ship to a Venezuela. And then there was another one, another really far country. I can’t remember where it was. Yeah, probably.

Can we just become best friends near Papa, new Guinea.

I flew to Papa new Guinea to order one. Just to give you guys a pop-up order. Hmm. Ooh.

Thank you. I knew we were best friends.

We are. I did it naked and bean bag chair. You did it, Jake. He did it naked or naked.

You’re inbred. Excuse me. Figure out where your mom, dad and your dad, your brother. He didn’t make it in the beanbag. Yeah, but if you listen,

So you’re in bread where your mom’s your dad and your dad, your brother, the more you think about it, the funnier that gets. And jaws piranha that’s where, you know, like when we do our interview process, we play that clip and then they don’t know

They’re out. They’re gone. They’re fired before. That’s where you have the thick skin. Yeah. You’re not a machine. And then we can,

You’re going to lease Merck. And then you’re a good machine. If you don’t smile. When we play that, you’re not a real machinists.

You can have hiring. This is sort of unique because you know, Dan is a, uh, Dan’s a solo man when it comes to the shop, at least from what I see. And you know, um, Jake was solo until he turned his wife. Some, I don’t know how he managed to get his wife to work in the machine shop. And I don’t know how I managed to do that, but it was a pro move. The Dan, I mean, you’re married. You just recently got married. Have you ever thought about just, uh, getting your wife in the shop so you can do, uh, do other stuff or is it just, are you just happy right now? Nah, now, uh, she, she will help with the whole book, gave her an aspect, but she, she can stay working in the hospital. She next to go to money. Oh, there you go. Nice. So go folks

Taking us back to IMTS 2018. When I met you, you had your dad with you. Um, we were, we were in the, the Herko booth and you had your dad with, and you had just got one of our virus handles. So did you win that from Donnie?

Uh, yeah. One that one from Donnie? No.

Did you guys know each other before then? Did you guys,

So I just remember. So at the time I had to, like, I had a beard and then I had to cut it off because obviously we’re, you know, showcasing products at a trade show. We want to learn.

We’re not trying to look at your beard. Its products is that right?

And so I had to look professional and I had to cut it. But man, I tell you what, Dan walked up and just Billy, this beard was just shining like a golden light. And I just remember just being drawn, like immediately, like this is the guy, this is the one I want to talk to. This is the guy I want to meet like a book

To like, like a bug to the windshield,

Like a bug to a windshield or above to a bug light or a bug to whatever bug to pie. I mean, or like Holly, it was a natural attraction. Let’s put it that way. At least in my end, I don’t know about Dan. Dan was probably like, and he’s a little small for me, but he just, you know, but yeah, man, they stopped by, I, I ran some demos for them. They, um,

Did he laugh at your demos or was he impressed?

He came back and uh, he ended up winning, winning the vice handle. And that was a, that was like, I think that was one of the bigger highlights from the, uh, the sh show in the beginning was that, you know, that kind of sparked a lot of interest. And I had a lot of people come by the booth, um, after that happened, cause he immediately posted it. Um, and then, you know, we started getting a lot of people coming by just from that, you know, that handle. And uh, he ended up winning another one.

What, how do you win to from you or for somebody?

I think he wanted another one at death. Didn’t you win another one at destiny? Jaws piranha Tool’s booth.

Yeah. W I want another one there. And I think, I thought I want to set a vice jaws from him also, or from somewhere.

It was rigged. You run. You want, wait, wait, you want to [inaudible]

Products that IMTS 2018.

Okay. Were, were the jaws? Ours? Did you win our jaws?

Yeah. I have a seven year old girls on my ProtoTRAK three axis.

Holy crap. So you were paying these people like, Hey, I know these are, these are retail and that 187 five. I give you. I’ll give you, I’ll give you, give me 100 bucks for them. Is that what was going on?

No, I was offering him free beer and then I’d go over to the hospital and grab beer and give him the beer.

Oh, I see how it goes.

That way. You’re not paying anything. You’re just, you’re taking Haas’s money and giving it to happen.

I got a notable quotable. It’s not about your resources. It’s about your resourcefulness. Yeah, he wasn’t being resourceful. He was grabbing other people. He was grabbing other people’s beer that they were buying and giving it to people to win our products. I think he’s the winner of IMTS. I think you deserve that win or ship. Yeah, if you do,

Didn’t you go to chick, the chick booth, then you ended up what I was going to say.

Nah, I went to check, but if I wasn’t there first place, but I actually did get beat out by, uh, I think his Instagram is a mighty mouse. Miami guy that built his own CNC. Yeah. The he’s a younger kid. Yeah. I th I think he’d beat me a guy named Mike. You’re going to say you got beat out by a trainee now. I mean, I, 90 mouse beat you.

Okay. How do we find this guy? Donnie. Are you, are you looking this guy up?

I’m not sure I can. I bring them up. I’ll see what his actual

Bringing him up because I’m not friends with the mighty mouse. I don’t know who this is.

Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong fricking person. Is he talking about?


Mm. All my all mighty mouse, I think might be as hold on. Let’s find it. Find all mighty mouse. All mighty mouse. Oh, cloths. These 22. Oh, are old. All mighty hoes are yeah. Almighty.

The same thing. You just went from my innocent Disney character to like a raunchy. Ho all money. He’s got some hoes

And the house. It’s a L it’s Al mighty hose. I found him. Oh, he’s got some mighty hose in the house. Yeah.

All right, Dan, we’re going to go back to Dan’s custom machining. What does your average day look like? Do you have, do you have a couple employees? Your, is your dad working with you? Is your wife working with you? You’re doing everything by yourself. What does it look like?

Uh, it just depends on the day. Uh, my dad is a more focused on grandkids from my sisters. Okay. So, uh, he, he kinda, he retired from his other day job, uh, last year. So he’s been doing more of that. So he does help out if I need help in the shop for something that he, he’s not a machinist by trade. So if I got something that’s high volume, he could help her on it. Okay. Which is very rare. I’m, I’m lucky if I do more than five of something, but my, my wife with her being a nurse in a hospital, they work three days.

I thought you were going to say something about your wife. Could you said, I’m lucky if I do more than five of something, and you went to your wife in the room,

Very smooth transition. We kind of went down that rabbit hole. But on the other hand, my wife,

I didn’t know what you’re going to go with on that one.

You’re you’re married. What’s your secret to a happy marriage. Dan? Uh, happy wife. Happy life is the, is the key. I think that’s what my dad always told me. That’s what my wife always tells me. My, my, my big thing is, is the key to a happy wife. When you own a shop is you always talk about these machines that cost a million dollars. And then when you go bring her one, that only cost a hundred, some thousand. She’s like, Oh, sweet. It’s not a million dollars. I’m like, yeah, but it was a million dollars. Nah, I wish. I mean, if I, if I could get my dream machine and then so is that the case?

If you always said these girls are hitting on you and kissing you, and then she finds a photo of a guy kissing you.

Not no, that wouldn’t work no matter what, no matter what it is, It’d be, they returned in less than a day. That’s that’s her famous word, “jaws piranha.”

I got a question for you guys. This is a round table question. Okay. Let’s do it. If your wife asked to peg you six, does that make you gay?

Do you mean Peggy? Do you have, are you missing a leg or what? I’m not on the same page. I don’t know what the term pegging means. Is this a Florida and a Floridian term? I don’t know what this is.

You’ve never heard the term. Peggy. No,

Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. No, no, no, no. I know what you’re saying. Did she ask you or did you ask her? She asked you,

She asked you if she can peg you. Yeah.

The pegging games, a big game.

I don’t know where this round thing was going, but as long as I’m not in the center, I’m fine. Do what

You, so you’re saying you don’t want a Dutch writer with us?

No, no. I’ll be on the outside watching in, but I don’t want to be the center guy skiing.

I don’t know. I don’t want to be, I don’t want to be newborn, bald, YouTube. Listen, if you guys

Don’t, you guys really don’t know what the term pegging me.

I’ve never heard it. I can. I, cause I know you, I can imagine. I know what it is. I know what a peg is.

I’m just taking a vision in my head and it’s not a very good vision. If your wife

Is asking to peg you, meaning there’s a poking and prodding taking place, but your wife is doing it with some sort of device that Dan made.

Well, is it done with the quick virus handle?

It could be. She could peg you with a quick vice handle.

Does it have nice chamfers on it. A nice red is like the vice angle. It certainly does.

Depends. Depends who it is. I think Nathan, I think they just had a good tieback fits a machinist and it’s consistent. Yeah. And the grain is good. It’s just like a [inaudible] finished. Yeah. Is it consistent? No, just JD Perry or G 84. I don’t know.

I’m more of the G zero. Oh, just dive

In. If it’s consistently,

I’m more of the GS zero negative 2000

Negative 500,000. Where’s your, where’s your offset at the bottom of the jar. Hey, that’s a really good question. Because a lot of people do their offsets differently on the now let’s dive into that because if you that’s why she said, he said negative 200,000. Yeah. But somebody is touching off the table. He screwed. Cause he had a crash. Right? I mean both ways. Yes, because you could say off the table plus 15 and you’re at the top of the park. It’s a heritage who does that though? Hey, Hey Dan, do you touch off the top of the part you touch off the bottom of the part you touch off the bottom of the table. You touch off the bottom of the virus. 40 touch off at [inaudible].

That’s a loaded question. Depends what day? Yeah, it depends. I mean,

It depends what mood I am. Where do you consistently like to touch off your, your, your, your tools? Do you, I mean, I don’t know if you have a probe or anything like that, but whenever you’re talking about zero, where do you usually find yourself go into as far as trying to keep things repeatable for you to where whenever you go back to a setup, I don’t know if you do repeat parts, do you, uh, do repeat parts?

I do absolutely. Zero repeat.

Well, this might be not the right question for you then. So

It 100% is. Yeah.

Cause I mean, if he’s, he’s constantly setting up new things, so he’s constantly having to reevaluate where he’s, you know, finding his origin on apart

For the first operation. I always do top of the part.

I like it. That makes sense. I can care.

And then, and then like second op or even like six and seventh op uh, it just depends on where it needs to be. Like most of the time, second off, if that’s all that’s getting done, it’ll be off the bottom of the part. Because a lot of stuff I deal with is like plus or minus a few tents for a lot of the Heights. So I got to get it dialed in and then once it’s there, it’s there.

Nice. So what kind of inspection equipment are you using to verify the tents?

Uh, that’s a loaded question. That’s actually something that I learned.

Every question I asked you again to say, it’s a loaded question.

There’s so much actually I think modern machine shop that, uh, article on it where it’s starting to get more popular. But when I worked at GE, because that was the first place that had it, a lot of probes and a lot of tight tolerance, there’s actually a system out there. Hey, as long as you calibrate your machine. Okay.

Can I stop you for one second? Yep. Dani, if you would’ve said, I’m going to now you’ve got, gotta remember where you’re at. Okay. Dan Dani, if you would’ve said, if you’re wise with your wife asked to probe you, I would have understood that terminology better than what’d you say peg poking peg. I don’t know. Pegging. Yeah. Prob

I understand that terminology. If you had asked me that been on the same page, I would question the inner bore. That makes sense. Yeah. There’s so much, you know, probing is a lot of things though. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Then we’re going to go back to you.

All right. So back to the whole thing that when I worked at GE, they had a, as long as you a process proof, you had like a inspection routine. They had to do at every shift. And like the gauges that you use to calibrate all this stuff had to stay in the machine. So it would be at the same ambient temperature as everything inside the machine. Nice. And as long as you would follow that, GE actually had an inspection process that was proved out where he could use the machine to do the final, not the final, final, but then inspection off the machine. I mean, everything in aviation has to go through a final CMN inspection before, but you could get away with doing it on a machine. The old way used to be. You can’t use the machine, you made the part, then inspect the part, right?

Yeah. You’d have to have the machine. The machine would make the part, you would pull that part, have a first article inspection done from a measuring equipment outside of the machine, I’ve run parts where they requires in machine inspections. Uh, they don’t, you know, it has to be done in the machine. So it, I mean, it just depends, but it does make sense.

So as far as that goes, I’ll use the Renishaw probing to do a lot of the tight tolerance. But I also use a, I got a lot of higher end, uh, hand tools that I use to measure. Most of the stuff I measure is like IDs ODS. And anything that I do is mostly two-lane work for the aviation. So it’s like making tools that are going to hold a bliss for an F1 10 jaws piranha. Gotcha. And if, if they want, they’ll do a final CMN, if they’re not happy and knock on some wood here, I’ve never had anything come back by doing it. The way that I learned through a G as far as using the Renishaw on the machine. That’s cool. But I will say if anyone out there less than, than I do do a calibration at the start of every shift, if I’m going to be using the probe to inspect parts, just to verify and make sure you have to verify and make sure it’s gonna repeat within that.

I mean, I think that’s a practice everybody should do really is just, I mean, most machines you need to calibrate before you start them up anyways. I mean, that’s why there’s warm up cycles and everything else goes,

No, but I’m talking the actual probing Renishaw, like calibration routine, not, not the machine calibration. Well,

Yeah, but the, the, even the probing since do, I mean it it’s required. I mean, I think it’s just good practice. I mean, you’re, if you’re utilizing a tool to measure something, you calibrate it before you measure a part. So it makes sense.

And then I actually did dive in even farther because the winter time my shop stays at a constant temperature and the summertime, my shop, I don’t have AC, so it can get us out as a hundred something in the shop. And I do have a Thermo coefficient calculator. That’s built into an Excel spreadsheet with all the different material types from Del Ren, the G 10, the 304 stainless that titanium. Now you can

Or heard someone say what you just said. So I understand what you just said, but I’ve never heard anybody that doesn’t have, um, complete control over their, um, you know, their AC and heating say what you just said to me. So pretty cool. And that was going to tie into that one thing is, is like, they’re seeing you, you got to trust, but you got to verify that means kind of don’t trust. Yeah. Trust, but verify. But also he’s, he’s doing his checklist, he’s doing the same things. And one of the things we do, uh, during the winter and during the summer, when it’s at the peak, we have our guys calibrate all their inspection tools. Like every couple hours [inaudible] make sure what their cause and their, and there’s, there’s a part of our shop. It’s not all of it, but there’s one new add on, that’s not, um, heated or aired.

And like when we take a part off of there off of the fifth axis or, you know, whatever, um, there’s times that we’ll actually go let that sit in our inspection room, um, for 24 hours before we actually inspect it. So we can see like, because that’s what it’s supposed to be. Cause we’re measuring so close. You have to take an every consideration, like, like he was saying, he has to, he looks at those, um, calculations to see what material shrinks or expands. Cause it wouldn’t heat. Yeah. Cause it definitely will. Yeah. If you’re at one 10th, it can eat your butter. I mean, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that when a machine is, is talking about inspecting, I use that more. Now eat your butter, boy.

You better watch out. You don’t calibrate. The probe is going butter, eat your butter boy.

It makes it better. And bacon does make everything better. Yeah,

Absolutely. Um, you talked about modern machine just a second ago and I did, I did see that. Congratulations on that by the way. That’s really cool. Um, can you go into a little bit more depth on, you know, the, if for people that didn’t see it or didn’t know, uh, kind of what that whole modern machine process was?

The editor that ended up doing the article. One of my old college professors tagged me in one of his post that he made on LinkedIn about wanting to do a article on a guy under 30 in manufacturing. Uh, that story never came about, but, uh, Pete was intrigued by my story and background and decided to do the whole, uh, five hard lessons of a startup shop. And that’s pretty much how we got introduced that way. And then it kind of took off with that and we may or may not have some extra send stuff in the works to hopefully come out here in the future. I’m not sure. What’s awesome. I’m not sure what you

You’re implying, but I like it. Um, did you see anything come about from that article? Uh, did you see any people contact you or try to get ahold of you saying, Hey, I saw you, I saw your amazing beard and I’d like to give you work,

Not in the work aspect, which kind of surprised me. I didn’t really have many people reach out on that. I had tons of faithful, give me encouragement and tell me even their backstory of how they got started and how they’re happy to see it and offer advice. If I need anyone to reach out, to, to feel free, to email them or give them a phone call. Well, as long as you’ve got, I mean, that’s the thing though is even though there’s articles and in Instagram or any social media, you get the both sides of the world. I think people that utilize it too, there’s ways to utilize it, to increase productivity within your business. There’s also ways to promote awareness about your business. Um, some people utilize that sort of as a, instead of taking it as like I’m getting business from this, you’re doing your part by, you know, someone is going to read this article and see that there’s a, there’s a guy out there that owns his own shop. That’s under 30 and doing it. Um, there’s not a lot of people out there that can say that. So I, what I take from it is maybe not necessarily as a business standpoint, but looking at it from my aspect, I would love to be able to know that I, I helped someone push the limits or get out of their comfort zone to start their own shop.

So when he was saying he hasn’t gotten any contacts, uh, or, or business paying jobs from the article, but then at the end, he said yet, yet, because most people just said, I haven’t gotten any business, but he said yet, like, it’s going to happen because when you’re doing your own business and your marketing, yeah. It’s a hundred percent cry, buy or die, say it again, cry, buy or die. And like Donnie said, he’s like, I’m going to get in your face. I’m going to make your chest crap down. And then I’m going to have to beep that out for real. Yeah. I haven’t been drinking, but I’m getting excited, but like Dani said, I’m going to get in your face and you’re gonna represent and know who I am or you’re going to kick me out or kill me cause it’s crap. Right. So what I was going to say was not those

Same things, but, um, we’ve had, um, opportunities to, um, do some interviews with [inaudible], uh, which was a pretty good one. We did that. We did that over the phone, which was cool. Um, every time that we’ve had opportunities to do an interview or a tour or something like that, it’s always been a little like, eh, like I’m not sure, like if I want to like expose myself, you know, it’s like kinda walking in the, in, into the YMCA shower without your towel, you know, everybody’s looking at you. So, you know, it’s like, I’m not really sure if I want people to, you know, there’s a lot of people that don’t, especially on social media, they don’t post the bad things. Right. Donnie.

Nope. I mean, that’s majority of it, it’s always the good stuff.

Right. And so whenever like master machine, like there’s things about us, you know, or about our shop that isn’t like that I would like to improve on and we’ve done a lot since dad’s passed away. And I would like to keep always continuing growth and always go in towards striving towards better, you know, for as close to, as per, as perfect as we can. And so to interview, and especially without, you know, like Dan here is doing an interview with us, we gave him no questions, you know? And one of the reasons why we do that so that he can give us authentic answers and we’re going to make sure that Dan looks as beautiful as this beard is when we release this podcast. But, um, but some people don’t see it like that. There’s some people that don’t do that. So whenever you expose yourself, you put yourself out there.

Sometimes there’s a chance, um, that someone may not have your best interests at heart. And so you, but we have done those things, uh, we’ve, you know, done some interviews. Uh, we actually had a bomb come and do a tour here, which was one of the scariest things that we’ve let someone come and do, even though there’s tons of people that come into our shop all the time, as far as like distributors and sell people and all that stuff. Um, but, but they’ve been around us for a long time. So I know that I can trust them. But at the same time, whenever you’re going to open up to a jaws piranha bombs, like half a million subscribers, you’re like, well, that might not be a good idea, Ben. It could be a good idea. I don’t

Know. Did you, did you guys feel naked? I

Did feel naked. Like I didn’t have my ring on, or I didn’t have my knife in my pocket, you know? And, uh, but the cool thing about that experience was, or, you know, all those experiences really is that in some shape or form, we saw some type of ROI. Um, and it was, I like it that most of my interactions or, you know, experiences with other fellow machinists is they’re not, they’re not out to get you. They’re not out to hurt you. They’re not out to shame you now, if you go to Facebook, yeah. You might get that. But on Instagram, as far as the people that I’ve met off of there, they intentionally like they have good intentions. Like they, they w they, they want to learn. They want to share, and it’s nothing beyond that. They want to help. Um, but there’s other people out there that don’t have those same intentions.

Um, so I mean, whenever, you know, you got to do that interview with that magazine. I guarantee you somewhere, somewhere down the line, someone’s going to reach out and it could be awesome, but it also could be something that maybe not fit up with you. Like we’ve had a lot of people reach out from a bomb’s channel. It was like, Hey, can you make me this? You know, whatever. And you know, it didn’t fit for us, you know, because we work off of prints and we like for things to be done a certain way, but, you know, and like you do, um, you know, you, you specialize in, you know, you don’t do something more than five times, right? So, yeah. So, but like, we like to do, uh, production work, you know, we will do prototypes. We will do, um, the fives and the ones or whatever, but also at the same time, it makes it, it’s kind of difficult for us to shut things down and to make a Sprocket for, um, for a four Wheeler that doesn’t exist anymore. You know? So there’s things, you know what I’m saying? So I, I get people from, from, from around town that, that are like, Hey, I have this tractor part and tractor supply, isn’t carrying it no more. And, uh, I’d like to buy it for $15. Is that something you can do is like, I can’t even have this conversation with you for $15.

Oh no, no time out here. My, my first, because I do do small round parts,

I said, do, do, do I do do small parts,

Only small parts for as far as like larger companies that are, I mean, cause they get the value behind it. My first response to anyone that calls me or contacts me that’s local, or if they want something made for a four Wheeler or something, my first answer is, can you buy it? And if their answer is, yes, you can go buy it from someone that already has the manufacturing process down.

You were a little bit more rude than I am. Just going to tell you that right up front, sometimes you gotta say more nos than yeses.

Well, well, from, from being in a rural area, I get people that call for a lawnmower park to be made. And it, it, I can’t tell you how many times a day my phone goes off for lawnmower parts or can you machine this part for a hot rod or sounds like that. And I mean, it it’s

At, at the end of the day, every phone call that time is money. So if you take all of these crazy phone calls and you go down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out what jaws piranha they want and you find out they want to spend $15, you just lost. If you’re on the phone for an hour, I don’t know what your hourly rate is, but you’re sitting here trying to follow up this lead and all of a sudden you’re like, Oh, Billy, that just went nowhere. So I don’t. I know Dan. Yeah. Uh, before IMTS, no. Before his experiences in life. Oh yeah. But I think Papa changed him. Papa new Guinea to change him. Yeah. Because he’s, that’s why he’s more aggressive. He’s like he just gets straight to the point. Yeah. I had ARS on my face just to go to business. I had to turn my head and cough. I had a pee in a cup and boom, boom, boom, go. I don’t remember him saying this. I felt it.

I got 14 shots before I was allowed to get a pop in the beginning.

Wow. Did you have to, do you have to turn your head and cough? Uh, twice. Oh,

You didn’t fill it.

That was still, they said it was too good. The first time they had to go for a second.

And that heaven, if you do it three times, it’s playing with it.

What he didn’t tell you is he asked him to do it again.

Yeah. I mean,

I wasn’t there, so I concur. Do you feel it? I kind of, I feel too. I don’t feel three. Mm. I feel like

It happened twice. Hey, Hey. Hey. Hey Dan. So I know you, I know you want a bunch of free Mmm. Dash USA products. Now, believe it or not, it’s not USA. It’s Mmm. Dash USA. Because master machine manufacturing is our job shop and we’re like, Hey, we’re going to start our own products. Let’s just do you know? Mmm. Dash USA is a lot shorter than master machine manufacturing. So anyways, when, when did you first hear about, and they are two company. They are two separate companies now. But when did you first hear about M M dash USA? Was it through Instagram? Uh, was it after you won three of our products for free for offering

No beer? It was, it was Instagram. It was Instagram. I actually knew about you guys and I, I loved your guys’s Instagram page before IMTS.

Oh, nice. So I, I think, uh, I think you’ve probably reached out during IMTS, but, um, have you okay. Besides the three products that I know that you won for free for, uh, for handing out free beer, have you, have you bought any products from us?

Yeah, actually, uh, as soon as you guys released it, I bought your a six inch Toronto strips, about three sets of them.

How, how much more would you pay for two inches? More? That’s a loaded question.


The person that wants to take a couple of inches more? Well,

I mean, that’s, we got to get more specific here.

Awesome, man. Hey, so, uh, being on the podcast and night, have you listened to any of the other podcasts if you have, what was your favorite?

Yeah, so I’ve listened to pretty much sure. All your podcasts. I was, I actually listened to the, yeah, the Yates Yates podcast right before this one. Nice. And, uh, PRI either Yates podcast was pretty funny or a new wave of, uh, gas, unknown, Eddie, Eddie. Yeah. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie PRI has, jaws piranha, one of the dream shops as far as the home shop goes. I tell you, I really love the content that he puts out. And he’s also a great guy. I communicate with them on Instagram and it’s super nice.

He is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. And like, as far as his shot being perfect, it is like I’ve been there. And I was literally driving over to Colorado because we’re thinking about starting a new business there. And I was like, who, who was in Colorado? That I could go see, that’s a machinist. Cause I wanted, I wanted to go hit him up. And I was like, Ooh, Eddie’s over here. And he’s got a beautiful shop. And so I hit him up and he was like, absolutely. You know? And like, but I’m telling you, like, there there’s like people that pretend, you know, to be something, but Eddie doesn’t like, he is what he says. He is like, he’s such a good guy. I mean, everything he posts like Dani said on that Yates precision podcasts that, Hey, I’d like to just go and set up there on his back porch and look at the field in the sun and the sunset. Like he literally lives in that area where you just look at the mountains and the sunset it’s crazy.

But does he have a combine in the sentence? Sunset?

Well, he doesn’t have a combine, but he has this weird military truck that he takes out.

I know that thing’s awesome, but I can put the forks on. He can do everything.

I think he could be literally just, he could destroy the country with that thing or save it. I would go with jaws piranha. He’s one of those guys. You kind of took us down to the bottom. I would say saving it. He’s a Patriot 100%.

If we need to get, I think we need to get Eddie, your guys, his and mine, all our guns together. And we can have a pretty good show. Now that’s Milton. My butter.

Did that eat your butter. You, you can’t change

For Thanksgiving here. We all brought our AK 40 sevens out and had a blast of a time. Right before we ate dinner. And I’m like a little gunpowder to

Get the appetite kicking in there. There’s not, no, you know, I have to go talking about Eddie. I truly I’m scared to ever have, if, if the opportunity ever came about for me to visit Eddie shop, I’m, I’m scared because I don’t think I would leave. I mean, I feel like, I think Eddie would, would end up with like a rodent problem. Cause I lived there. I would, he was like hiding a corner. Eddie

Might adopt you. If you ask him nicely,

Don’t tell me that because it would be a dream man.

If you’re a free labor, he might take in. Yeah,

Dude, just Eddie, just being like, listen, you know what, man, we could use the help around here. I’m just going to go ahead and adopt you. And it would be like one of those tear jerker moments. And then next thing you know, I’m just, I’m used to just put me in the corner with a Satan bag. Yeah.

You would say daddy. Yeah. Papa pop up. [inaudible]

So Eddie, if you, if you listen to this man, if you’re looking for, uh, an adoptable son, you know, I’m a ginger. I know it’s not, um, the epitome of what you’re looking for in a human being. But I w I want to live in your shop. Betty. Just let me live in your shop. Eddie.

Okay. I’m sorry for that. So, so I don’t encourage any new person or anybody that’s running a current company. Our kind of thought process is, is like Dan said, like he did this magazine. Hope there’s some kind of return. And sometimes you don’t feel it right away. It wasn’t a Nudie magazine. No, definitely not. But sometimes you just collect that weight a little bit on your shoulders. Like you’re going up the mountain top, right? You keep pushing your, your marketing. You keep, uh, networking, you’re answering your phones and you’re making sure that deliveries are there. Your customer services there you’re over-delivering over-delivering but you keep putting that on your shoulders. And as an owner, you get to the mountaintop. And when you get to mountain top, you get to release all that snowball in the snowball like Warren buffet says it will actually generate accumulate, accumulate all of the things you put into your company. It’s going to do it by itself. It’s going to start rolling downhill. It’s going to get bigger. It’s going to get bigger. Your network’s bigger. Uh you’re you’re more magazine articles, more podcasts, more revenue, more friendships. Uh, there’s a lot of good things, but it takes time. It’s not a get rich quick, overnight scheme. It’s not, Hey, Hey Dan, we appreciate you being on the podcast. And I, is there any questions that you have for us?

Yeah. Uh, have you guys updated your forklift safety training?

You know, we did some extensive training after that happened. Um, believe it or not, whiskey throttle is still with us. He’s alive and well, you know, so this is the number one tip we do for our safety class.

What is it? What is the big, hairy American winter machine? You ain’t first you’re last.

So that, that was before we, we did the safety training. We’re like, if you’re not first you’re last, he just, he was, he was a gunner. He was gunning it. He was first out the door. He was, he almost ran you over. Yeah. I’m believing you almost died. You did do not first. You’re last. If you’re not, if we’re not here for a long time, Donnie, but here, we’re here for a good time.

So Dan, I want to go ahead and tell you about this or I’m up there for the Avon recording and it’s late. We’ve been drinking a lot of beer and we’re all just in this like Twilight mode where we’re just not in the Cape. Not really should be doing much, but we’re just doing our, throwing out these ideas and just trying to do whatever we can do to look like we’re productive. And I look at him and I tell him I’m not here for a long time. I’m here for a good time. And he and Jordan looked

At me, it was like a knowledge bomb. And he jaws piranha

Was blown away by how good that was when I told him that. And I knew all along that George Strait said that in a, in a song, but he didn’t, I didn’t. And he genuinely thought that I came up with that and he was so, so blown away by it that found a piece of wood to the laser, into the wood to hang it in the recording room because he loved it so much. Yeah.

Dan, Dan it’s it’s, it’s

Signed by Demac. It is signed. You

Know what? You will not.

I can’t imagine my disappointment the next day when I found out and Donnie tells me that’s a George Strait song. I was so crushed that, that didn’t, that Donnie didn’t originate that statement.

I felt bad breaking that to you.

You should’ve just kept it from me. I couldn’t. But as soon as you told me that song went through my head and I’m like, Oh, you a little bit.

And I knew the song.

I got a question for Dani. What, what’s the status on your leg that you have? So, man, I, I was, uh, I was on the track to have this thing up and going and start working on some stuff. And this, this year, as it has been for everyone, um, has caused a little bit of some setbacks on top of that. My daughter, um, we found out has a, uh, a heart defect that was, she was born, just born with. And, um, she ended up having to have open-heart surgery and it’s kind of, uh, put a hinder on some stuff. I was let go of a job a week before the surgery. So it’s just every time it’s gotten to that point to do it, it’s been very difficult, but I have high hopes for 2020. Um, I can’t say anything yet because it hasn’t officially happened, but there’s a pretty, a pretty big move going to happen for me in the future. You’re moving to Oklahoma. I’m not I’m thankfully. Um, it’s still local. It’s still local, but it, uh, it’s going to, it’s going to do my heart and my mind. Good. So

I’m moving to Florida. Yeah.

Trust me. If you guys knew before Florida in it, you just say the word I’m there. Um, but yeah, it it’s, uh, it’s looking to be that 20, 21 is going to be, uh, going into 20, 21 is going to be good. And I’m just really, um, hoping to get this thing powered up a bomb called me out and the other day. And he’s like, yeah, I don’t know that China bombing going to do much for you. Um, but you know, it’s like you said, man, you just got to get it going. And just, even if it’s just a, a maxi pad mold and die, it makes money. jaws piranha

It does. I I’m, I’m glad to hear that you’re looking forward to the future. I mean, I want to see it and do something good with it. I was excited when I seen you got a machine put in there

It’s it’s gonna get, it’s gonna get power. I haven’t, I don’t know how I’m going to do it yet. Cause I’m not, I can’t run three phase. So I’ve got some, some research to do and I got a little bit of money to dump into it, but it I’m looking forward to it. And if any of you guys are in the market for, um, some butt plugs, that’s probably the first product they’ll be making on it. So,

But bugs are you’re you’re you’re not going to do rings like Jake.

I mean, I’ve folded, I got the lave because I had so many people asking for rings. Like it was, it was, uh, almost an obnoxious amount of people asking for

That must be a common thing. Cause I got so many requests for rings back when I first ever got started and I’m like, I cannot make, I cannot make money off this.

I th I see it differently. I mean, obviously rings can’t be a permanent thing, but it’s, uh, it’s, it’s a Kickstarter. Yeah. But the thing is, man, I, I think I could definitely do it. It would be good, um, to get me in the swing of things, but I, I had, it was just an abundant people just like asking me for, for rings that it wasn’t like, Oh, I’ll pay you when it’s done. They were going to throw money at me to get it started. Um, like putting a deposit down to get a ring going. Um, yeah, it was, it was pretty crazy. So I do plan on still doing that. Um, and at the 2021, it would probably be the good time to do it. So

That’s good.

Yeah. Until, until the master machine relocates their shop to Florida, and then I become a, I become a spokesperson for master machine.

I’m working on it, man. I’m trying, I’m trying to make it happen. I’ve already told you that you can become like our, whatever the most important sales manager is of the grill and Braun Jones

Just, Hey, there, we’re going to start the shop up and they’re just gonna be like, listen, whatever you feel like is the most important position it’s yours. You just make it not even knowing. You’re just like, well, I want to be in charge of the toilets and they’re like deal done. You’re your commander and poop. Like, you go for it. Hey, can

Be the chief stripper.

Yes. Let’s make that cheese grater, stripper pole. I can do that. But you know, down the road, I do plan on if, if everything works out well, I’ll rent a rent, a place that has three phase of it capabilities and go from there.

That’s the way to do it. Uh, luckily I didn’t have to go the rental route for space. Everything I can do is on my own property.

I mean, yeah. Eddie is out in the middle of Eddie. He’s out in the middle of nowhere and he’s got, you know, three phase to his house. So, right.

My, my big thing is if my shop ever grows, uh, I it’s, like I told the wife, if I get to the point, I think I’d almost rather a shop space. Be away from the home because I find myself even on Saturday, Sundays, and even at 10 o’clock at night or 11, even if I don’t have anything pressing to do, I feel like I have to go out there just because it’s already started talking about growing in your wife. And I thought just saying like, you know, babe, when it grows, she gets excited.

Oh, she gets excited. Hey, let me tie into this. The grass is always greener on the other side, Dan. So, um, I’ve been out here. I’ve actually lived out here where our shop was, um, you know, before I moved away and got married and, um, it was much easier and convenient to be closer to the shop and work. I mean, I could walk to work. Um, but then when I moved away, you know, there’s always a given and take cause is what I’m saying. And so like, me and my wife have talked about moving back out here just simply because yeah, when you work, when you live close to it, you do find yourself out there more often. Um, but you’re probably making more profits. You should be if you’re not. Um, but, but you’re being, you’re being more productive. But also if your wife is there, she can literally come in there and see you.

You know, anytime she wants, if you have to get something done with vice versa, now I don’t live by the shop. I lived like 25, 30 minutes away. Now, if I have to stay at like at work later, then she just doesn’t get to see me until I get home. So there’s always a given a tick. So always look at those, give and takes because yeah, you might be there more, more than you think you are, but just say, when you move away, if you do move away, then all of a sudden you’re going to be at your shop. 20, 30 minutes away and your wife can come see you anymore because you have to get a hot job done. Does that make sense?

No, that that’s exactly what I’ve thought process as far as that’s why I haven’t never, that’s why I’ve never looked anywhere else because like on days where I’m working out there to one in the morning, she’ll just make dinner at the house and bring it out. And we’ll eat dinner at a small table in the shop and she’ll get back in the house.

Perfect. Instead of having to drive home through the traffic, potentially falling asleep. And then if you don’t have a life insurance policy, then it all sucks.

And you get a big old life insurance policy.

Oh, I like to get naked. I thought you were going to talk about insurance. That’s the reason why, cause you

Like to get naked. You had to get a bigger insurance

Policy. Does that help? It does. Hmm. Okay. There’s been a lot of things that has been said tonight that I didn’t think was going in that direction. Are you happy? I am happy about it. I’m happy about it. Like all this is podcast material. It is, but it’s not friendly. Family friendly. I mean, my wife can’t hear any of our podcast. She probably doesn’t want to make sure she gets to horn. She just said she gets too horny.

Yeah. She hears me. And then just on like donkey Kong. Oh wait, little bit.

She said, do you want me to poke you? Yep. You want me to probe you? Yup. And other terms you want me to calibrate your California? Yup. You want me to G O O G 83 that put California my stuffer. I don’t know what that means. I’m in melt. You want me to melt your butter? Yeah. What, what did you say?

My butter eat my butter. It’s going to eat my butter or whatever.

Want me to eat your butter? Are you still recording? Yeah. This is after hours. Blueprints is after hours with Dan, but Dan, the man with the master plan. Yep.

I think the highlight of this show is going to be the, eat your butter. I want to eat that butter. I’m going to eat. I’m going to eat your butter. Oh, hang on. Keep going. Keep going. I’m a melt it. And I’m like eat it. Why is that always your go-to. Oh,

Why is that always your go-to well, that’s getting into it. Oh, well he said eat your butter. I thought the price was right. Okay. That makes sense.

Okay. Side note here. I forgot a question. Okay. Uh, has, has COVID affected any of your guys’s business scores?

You see, this is one of NICE’s stupid. Nope. It’s not stupid. This is one of NACES dad jokes. He said you can drink Corolla. Just not 19.


No. Hey. So, so it has actually affected all of our businesses. So, you know, we got, we own two barber shops up in Oklahoma city, which is about two hours away from, uh, no about an hour and a half away from us. Uh, me and NACE go up there for training. We try to go up there every Friday. Uh, we got some really great people and managers in charge of those places, but the mayor over there, um, has kind of tried to lock down stuff. Um, and I have opinions about those. I’m not going to go too much into it, but he’s kind of locked down a whole lot of stuff. Um, and so that definitely has affected or like buttholes everybody’s got them and sometimes they stink that caught me by surprise

Nine times out of 10. Jaws piranha, They stink. Yeah. Yeah,

Yeah. That’s true. And uh, but as far as our business here, you know, we got two, we got two businesses here, Dan, so we got the job shop and we have our products. So those are two separate things. Um, but our products, man, they’ve been selling good. And then they’ve just been doing record highs. Uh, so, uh, I’m super excited about that. Um, releasing new products and coming up with new products. Um, but as far as our job shop that definitely has affected things. Um, there’s been companies that, you know, we’re supposed to do certain things and that had certain obligations and contracts and stuff and they’ve failed to do so. Um, but also, you know, we’re in a weird time, you know, everybody is struggling right now. A lot of people have lost jobs. Um, so, um, our job shop is staying busy, not as busy as I want it to be. Um, but that has to do with the economy. It has nothing to do with other people’s products or, you know, something that someone’s doing it has to do with the economy. Um, so I think, you know, so

Cause I, I, I bought a new machine and it was for a product though. It was supposed to be a higher volume and Kevin kind of threw that out the window. So that’s so I’m sorry to hear that, that, that, that was why I bought my new leg at the start of the year when I put that purchase order right before, uh, COVID came about.

So, so I’d encourage everybody if they are. I encourage you to return that soccer [inaudible]

No, I, I literally, I flew, uh, because back to the whole traveling thing, there’s no one else in the U S that’s certified to do it. So the company I worked for subbed it out to me. I flew at the start of all of COVID the Germany and for my company, I was subbed out the machine that turbine over in Germany. And that was right at the start. I flew back to the us a week or three days before they banned all air travel back to the us.

That is crazy. Hey, I will tell you some good news though. Okay. Are you ready? Okay,

Let’s go. [inaudible]

So the good news is we live in America. We’re still landed the free home of the brave. And I got I’m hearing from customers that they are re shoring. Okay. And so from my customers, you know, when certain presidents were in office, I’m not going to say who they were. We lost a lot of our jobs to China, into Mexico and into India and stuff like that. But right now I’m hearing, Hey, and I’m going to, I’m going to cuss and I’m going to beep it out. Okay. But this is just what they said. No, Nope. I’m going to beep it out because this is what they said. But they said we are bringing, they said we are bringing a ton of work back to the United States. So that’s good news for us. So they want to start bringing stuff home. So I’m excited about that. Um, hopefully they’ll, that’ll be really good for us, for you guys and for the other machine shops that are still hanging on after all this stuff, first of all, pro tip, if you own your own company, you need to have

A customer that owns 30% of your net. So you never want to have one customer. That’s 50%, 60% that you’re billing them. Because if they go down, they go down. Then they sunk the ship. But if you do at least to lease minimal 30%, that way, if you get job that falls through, you’re good to go. And we had that same experience. We bought a machine, our actually our first Swiss machine, but as, as like 500,000, uh, bullets, it had a PO attached to the PO by this machine. Boom, boom, boom. Well, when we got it, they took back the PO. Yeah. But we had to find another, we had to think about other jobs. We could already run on this machine effectively that we went and lose out. They melted our butter and then I ate it. We got some new jobs. We did get new jobs.

Yeah. And then we were able to run new jobs. I mean, one door closes another one opens if you want it to. Yeah. But it called the doors can open as you want it closed. Whether or not we wanted it to, but we had the machine. Now we’ve got to do that. Why you have to always have, whether you’re looking for business or if you see you’re so busy, you always still want to network. You got to have something in the pipeline, something in the pipeline, because you never know when that rainy days, you never know when COVID, you never know when COVID-19 is going to hit and you’re going to lose a bunch of contracts. Yeah, sure.

My, my rule of thumb is if I add a machine, it, it better be able to substain even if I lose what I’m going after,

There you go. Um, you should be able to set on that machine, regardless of whether you have work on it or not. If you’re going to buy a new machine, you should never buy a new machine in the hopes that a job that you’re securing or that you think you have is going to come through. And it’s going to support that just barely every month. So you can make your payments. You, you should always, you should always have enough work in your current business that regardless of whether that machine sets like a paperweight, it’s going to be paid for it. And it’s not going to take out your company. Yeah, I agree. And so after 2020, we we’ve decided if you don’t come out of 2020 with new, uh, experience, knowledge or skills or perspectives or perspective, then you lost a whole big opportunity. You didn’t learn nothing.

And so what we’re doing this time around, and we never done it before, and it makes total sense. We used to, if we got busy, need a machine, we would just buy a new machine. Yep. And now, you know what? Everybody has the same amount of hours in a day, 27, right? It sounds close 24. Yeah, that sounds better. But we’re going to turn our shop into at 24 seven. And when we can’t produce any more, then that’s when we would do our new building and buy a new machine, buy new machines because we’ve already planned it out. Yeah. Work playing. Don’t let your playing

Work. You, I like that. That’s notable quotable. DBA. DBA. Yeah.

Dang. That’s a lot of, that’s a lot of letters to make up a sentence.

It was, it was, don’t be a domestic mess. Yeah. Uh, so, uh, I’m going to do,

I’m going to have to move the boom people that out.

Listen, when we first came out with our, uh, our disclaimer for our, for our jaws, people were breaking some teeth because they were hitting it with, with, with these dead blow hammers. And they were torquing, not with torque wrenches. They were just, there were torquing it as hard as they can with a big 400 pound person on it. And our teeth were breaking. And so Nathan was like, Hey, let’s just come up with a disclaimer. And it said, don’t be a DVA DBL. I don’t know. Jaws piranha, I don’t remember what the acronym was, but it’s, don’t be a dumb, dumb. And then it says that, so we have the acronym. It says don’t be a dumb, dumb. Uh, so that’s, and then I eventually we started selling enough of these products. I was like, NACE, we probably need to be professional, but probably need to be a little bit more professional. That’s when we did the DMR define act, measure, refine, then we, yeah. Dam changed it. We changed it to where it doesn’t say that. It says, don’t break your teeth.

That’s that’s fine.

The sticker. Uh, so we changed it from that,

Which I got, I got two of those stickers in my shop

And it’s a, it’s a friendly reminder, Dan, we’re going back. We’re getting back on track. So, right right now there’s someone out there listening to the podcast and like, he’s got a good beard. He’s a handsome man. And I know that he’s the guy for my next project. Where can people send quotes for you to receive? You got a good email.

They can either email me at Daniel at Dan’s custom machining.com or they can find all my contact info at, uh, Anne’s custom machining.com.

Where can people find your social media stuff at?

Uh, Dan’s custom machining would be the Instagram where they can find it. And then also gains custom machines on Facebook. Also.

What are you guys specializing in now?

Uh, primarily now we just specialize in like fixture work, totaling work, uh, development modes in that for consumer products. Uh, we do a lot of other one-off we’re trying to really expand into higher volume work. Do you want to do it more than five times? Yeah. We want to do it like thousands of times.

You don’t love kids because they won’t happen

Now. We’re we’re, we’re looking to get into more higher volume, especially with, uh, turn work, uh, turn work. I really

Hate doing one off because it’s so hard. But if you have a good bar feeder on turn work, you can do it over and over with repeat consistency. Yeah. Like I’ve done it at least probably a hundred thousand times when the turn work. That parts.

Thanks for the clarification there. Dani. I’m looking at him in his face. I can’t tell what he is. He’s just like looking at me. This is no good or bad. Yeah. That’s exactly

Flip the switch or you, I don’t know. Yeah.

He’s getting ready to put the hot or hot mute button on you. Cause he doesn’t know where it’s going.

No, where it’s going when we’re talking with NAES but it’s time to end this podcast guys. Dan, thank you so much for being on the podcast. It’s going to be a great podcast. You’re awesome. Your Beard’s awesome. And we’re going to end this show just like we always do in a boom, which stands for big overwhelming optimistic momentum. Hold on. Hold on. Stop the boom. You can’t it.

Hold on, hold on.

Did you guys, did you guys take the boom from the original boom? Cause I think you guys were the original ones. He stole your idea.

Original. Boom. Who’s the original boom. You don’t know who the original pen is. Do you have to tell me who the original boom is for me to know the original women’s

Well, I think you guys were, but I think Titan’s trying to come in here and stay here.

You know, I love Titan. I would like to interview Titan. So, you know, we actually got the, the word boom from our business coach. We’ve been with for a long time. And um, this is something that he’s always said to us is that you gotta bring that big overwhelming, optimistic momentum. Unfortunately we weren’t the originators of that jaws piranha, but we bring it. We bring the boom and if you don’t bring the boom, you suck, you’re going to lose. And uh,

Welcome anyone who wants to bring the boom. Yeah. Regardless if it’s tightened. Yeah.

You, you gotta bring the boom to man American manufacturing.

You got to bring it back. And I liked, I liked tightened bringing. He’s been investing a lot in American manufacturing and teaching the younger generation, uh, teaching people in prison. And I would like nothing more to help support him do that stuff.

I’m the Texas man. So he’s already like closer to you guys. He’s already there. I was going to say, I’m glad to see him move out of California.

He’s already there. And I’m going to interview that brother of mine because he’s awesome. And uh, I like what he is doing. Um, anybody that brings a boom is a friend of mine.

Hey, you hear that? Titan. We’re bringing the boom to you, son in my mirror,

Get on the podcast with the beard it gorgeousness. And we’ll make it

Family-friendly for the tightened podcast. I think so. Yeah. And well, let’s start it off. Like my marriage is better. Cause I bought, brought the boom. We’ll figure it out.

[inaudible] M

R define act, measure. Reflect.

We’ve never said that on here, but that’s a fine measure. A D a M

That’s right? Yeah. Acronym. R U I C K O

[inaudible]. Okay. Nice. Just made up a lot of words. Do it. Intention.

Not chaotically. There you go. I like it. No, you stepped in.

There’s not an end.

Not no, no. Don’t mean no since. Oh, wait a minute.

It wasn’t. I spelled it didn’t but if you say it fast, you don’t want wouldn’t. No, no, I got it. I got it. Real good. Okay. D I N K. All right, guys, we’re going to end this podcast in a boom. Just like we always do three, two, one, Nate, Nate, Nate is blowing up. He’s like, boom. I will see you guys later. See you. Bye.