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Jaws Piranha | MMM-BOX After Hours with ABOM79

How do I explain that? I sat on my face. That’s a good question. How do I explain that these are things we haven’t thought about? No, I’ve never thought about that

Way smarter because of this. Yeah. I believe that this is the box. Yeah.

After hours.

Welcome to [inaudible].

All right guys. And we are back. We’re doing something special here that we’ve never done that inbox after hours. And, uh, normally we would not do this. No, but since we had Donny, Mr. Freakin flowers come all the way cheese. Yep. Mr. D Mac and cheese come all the way from Florida, uh, to do the podcast with Mr. Abe bomb 79 himself. Uh, this is our last night together before he, uh, flies home. Um, I’m starting to get a little sad. Um, I’m feeling that too. I feel like there’s going to be a hole in my heart and in my jaws piranha. Oh, I think that’s already there. Oh yeah. That’s definitely there. Yeah, guys, uh, we probably will not be politically correct. Um, there may be things that can’t be unheard. This isn’t the after hours. This is the after hours version. If you don’t want to hear it now is the time to switch podcasts.

So you’re saying one time, if you go, mm box, you can’t go back. Once you go in box, you can’t go back. And so what, what we wanted to do is we wanted to, uh, we wanted to recap our, uh, our little, uh, vacation staycation together. Um, uh, from the time you got here, Donny, um, up till now. And, uh, so today we have, uh, me Jordan Roberts. We have my brother NACE Roberts, laser. Yup. Laser with a minivan jaws piranha. Uh, we have Mr. B, right? Don’t break your teeth. Mr. Don’t break your teeth, man. He is the sticker model. Hello?

And then he has a new nickname. Should we say it? I mean, yeah. I don’t know what you’re going to say. So wait, so let me just tell everybody, normally we have, uh, basically like an, an agenda on the screen in front of us. So today we’re completely winging it. And we’re just gonna, we’re just going to do a recap. Yeah, I believe it. So things will be said that can’t be unsaid and we will not edit. Yes. This is unfiltered. It is just raw dogging it. Oh, I like it. You like, that sounds like a good hot dog place. We should open a raw dog restaurant. Yeah. Is that a place? Hey, where are you? Raw dog. I have two of them. Y’all hadn’t down to the raw dog tonight. All right. All right. So Donnie. So a couple of weeks ago, we invited you to come down and we said that we had a special guest coming on very special. And so Adam Booth, he actually, uh, contacted us, said he was going to go in to do some traveling and he was going to make his way by here. And he wanted to know if we would, uh, allow them to come in and do a shop tour. And they did. And I would have to say that, uh, that’s probably, it is the first, uh, Instagram, uh, and YouTube that has came by and did a shop tour with us.

It’s a, that’s big the guy. I mean, literally the guy is kind of the forefather of

He’s he’s the, he’s the Chesnutt. Yeah.

Of the machining side of he’s one of the originals I would say, or at least in my, my category. He was. Yeah. But having that guy come into your shop and that’d be in your first, it was a that’s like saying I’m not just going to, I’m going to, so I don’t know where I’m trying to go with it.

Yeah. I mean, can I give you a teaser? We want to give everybody a teaser. Okay. You got cheese. So the keys. Yeah. For everybody, this is a little clip that Adam sent us. Right. Okay. When he left, this is how he felt. Okay. And he’s, he only saw us for a couple of hours, about four or five hours. Yeah. But this is how he felt.

What did we just become best friends. You want to go do karate in the garage? Yup.

So that’s a little teaser. We’ll get into the good stuff. Yeah. So, uh, uh, in all honesty, uh, I was a little bit nervous, um, you know, opening up our shop to do someone like that because you always have haters. You always have people that are gonna say negative things. You know? Uh, one thing that I like about Instagram is the fact that it’s more of a community. It’s almost like a family, um, to where they are open to share, um, how they’ve had success, uh, to share their trade secrets. Do you guys agree with that?

They also let you show nipples as long as they’re covered. Oh, Oh no. Is this [inaudible]? No, it can be see-through as long as it’s clean,

Are we talking about lathe? Are we talking about Tim?

It’s like, you can throw like a, like a paper towel over it and see it. Yeah. But anyhow,

How, uh, we were just a teeny bit nervous. Uh, but, uh, Adam and his wife, Abby, um, came down. They spent some time with us. We smoked food. Uh, we had a great time. We did a shop tour. Uh, he ended up, uh, shooting some guns

With us. We blew up some stuff. Yup.

Some Tanner. Right. I found, yeah, because it’s not wrong.

It’s not wrong. If your Tanner night it is wrong. If it’s is wrong, if you’re Tanner night, but it’s not wrong if you’re Tanner jaws piranha. Right? Yeah. I still have powder in my pant pockets.

Yeah. So we, so we ended up doing like a, uh, like a 10 iPhone, slow motion, different angles of him blowing up this stuff. And there was a shrapnel spreading out to all of us.

I’m I’m so ready for this video to come out. Um, I’m pretty excited about it. He had so many cool ideas about how he was gonna, um, splice all the different, uh, cameras together to, to get it to work. And, um, it’s going to be cool.

I believe it’s going to be fun. So w w even more importantly, before the video, it will be the podcast. Yeah.

We will release the podcast. And, uh, then we’ll release this podcast.

I think after we did the podcast or during the podcast with Adam, he opened up, he started laughing, hanging out. Cause it was more like a w that was battle his base when we meet him

Friends. Yeah. I mean, it was cool that we got to spend time with him, uh, first, you know, to kind of get a, get a sense and get a read on, you know, his humor and his jaws piranha, in his personality and getting to hang out with him and his wife. Uh, which, I mean, they were, they were just, I mean, they were like family. Awesome. Abby was mean to him. Joel, completely awesome. Babby was an angel

Because we had, we had our coworkers, our workers all come down with their friends, their families, their kids, and Abby and Adam just hung out. And it was like family, just a little lullaby hanging out swimming. Yup.

Andy had to go, but he said, you know, basically one thing was like, I didn’t really know how things would work out, you know? So he wasn’t really prepared to spend as much time as that he did with us, you know? Um, but he almost acted like he might, would have spent more time with us if he would’ve knew or known that we would have been, you know,

I think if he hadn’t have had prior arrangements, if it was more just like, we’re going to take off, you know, we’re going to head off tomorrow. He, I think he probably would have, uh,

Yeah. So Adam, Abby, you guys are always welcome at our shop. Always welcome at our place. So anytime you’re going through Oklahoma, please call us.

As soon as they pulled up, they were ready to see that smoker. Yeah. Yeah. They took videos right off the bat. I was hoping that

He was going to show us like some of his, uh, skills on the smoker.

Yeah. What was his exact words when he saw Adam driving down the road? The Eagle. Okay.

The Eagle has landed. Yeah. Sent a text message. The Eagle has landed.

Yeah. And so we all scrambled down there.

Yeah. Like cockroaches with a light flashlight, shine on them. We’re all just running all over the place.

And it’s kinda like being star struck, you know, if you were to wear it to where like Donnie, like he almost couldn’t speak.

Yeah. I fan girl pretty hard. Yeah. Yeah. I believe it. Yeah.

You saw me. I seen it. I, it you’ve seen it. Did you just touch my jaws piranha butt Donny? Maybe. Yes. But, but, but Donnie, go ahead and tell us about some of the things that you saw this weekend. Some of the things that we did.

Oh man. The barbecue,

I guess it’s not weekend. It’s kinda, it’s kinda messed up because it’s right there.

Middle of the week. It’s gotten my, I know it’s all messed up.

Like it’s the weekend. Yeah. I’m not here for a long time. Right. I’m just here for a good time.

Can, can you say that one more time? I like it.

We actually made a sign in this room now

I’m not here for a long time. I’m here for a good time.

And it says D D D Mac. Now,

So the background on this was, I just dropped this, this, this notable quotable from, uh, it was a George Strait song, I believe. Yeah. And, uh, and I, I thought you heard, I thought you were a completely original Jordan just was eating this up. Like some Velveeta Mac and cheese,

But rain was perfect that can’t fire, the stars

Appeared. And so I went to go look for him and I thought he was pooping [inaudible] Bathroom. Door’s been closed for multiple hours. He’s really got to go. Yeah. That smoked chicken legs where he’s finally setting in. And uh, no, he, 45 minutes later, he just shows up like the proudest human being on the planet. What happened?

I got [inaudible], he’s been walking around

The shop in the dark looking for like 45 minutes looking for the perfect piece of wood to make the sign. We didn’t even made the sign yet. He just found the wood.

Okay. So, so let’s, let’s give them a little bit of backstory of why I was walking around in the middle of the shop in the middle of the night. So looking for wood. So we, we actually gave Adam, uh, the very first prototype of our, of our grill. And so it’s not, workholding has nothing to do with CNC, except for that. We, we manufactured it, we produced it here. And so that was the first of the production running. So we gave it to him and we actually have, um, a jaws piranha photo shoot yes. Tomorrow and a video shoot tomorrow of this product and this product. And so with Donnie coming down, we kind of had like a dual purpose in mind of him coming down and doing a podcast, uh, with Adam, uh, because, uh, we haven’t done it yet in person. And now that our new studio has done the studios sick it’s it’s like my dream man-cave it is,

It’s a perfect man cave. You got TVs everywhere. There’s mikes. There’s a lot of, um, opportunity for beverages.

I believe that.

And, uh, I, I really liked the fact that you guys got like pictures. Yeah. You knew what the most

Important thing to me about the main cave is the need for speed. The huge bad-ass flag that hangs up behind us American flag American flag. It’s a nice

20 by 30, an American flag made in America. Yeah. Yeah. Not an American flag. Mitch in China bought on Amazon. We bought this at a local flag shop here in France because

I mean, I would say

I, I love America and I love the jobs that we do. So I would say I’m pro America. Yes. So, so you’re, uh, you, you consider yourself a Patriot. I would, I would say yes. Well, first Gibson Patriot. Uh, should we go into the Mo Mel Gibson, uh, story last night?

Well, okay. So, uh, okay. So before we get off track, so we are camping out. So, so, and so the whole reason we’re here at the shop at the night, uh, in the middle of the night is that we set up a tent, we set up, uh, we’ve set up a fire pit, we set up our grill. And so we’re all supposed to camp out. And so be right. Decides to be the responsible one and goes to bed at nine.

Yeah. 11

Probably. I wasn’t looking at my watch, but it felt like nine 30. Okay. And so he, he decides he’s like, you guys need to go to bed. And then, so he decides to go to bed and we decide that we’re not done yet because Don, we only, we’re not here for a long time.

I believe it. Oh. And he kept saying his jaws piranha mouth was wet.

I don’t know what that means. And, uh, it just was like my mouth.

Well, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s not an invitation, but it’s not, not an invitation. I felt like that’s exactly what that scenario was. If he didn’t say it. That’s why


Oh. And, um, and so we came inside and kind of rallied, as you said, ins

Ah, that’s what she’s

Exactly. And so I came inside and rallied inside and then, uh, so we, uh, we were talking about doing a podcast last night, but we decided that it’s probably not a good idea. I’m glad we didn’t. And then, and then we ended up watching this because not because

Any fluids, no, it was because Donna came here from, uh, Florida Tuesday. He was up at like four o’clock. So he’s literally had like two hours in the last 74 hours. Yeah, absolutely.

Something like that. And so, um, we were inside and we were just talking, hanging out and uh, we ended up watching a movie on the TV. We ended up talking and uh, you know, we were like, you know, we need to make a sign. And, and, and it was just, it was just, it was just talk. No, no, no, no, this was,

This was maybe I said, we need to make sense, guys. I, to make a sign, we

Need to make a sign

Empty spot by the pictures, up on the wall that I needed to fill. I needed to fill the gap. Yeah,

Of course you were having, you were having issues, getting the image centered and yes, all this was happening. So of course Lazar decides he’s going to come home. He’s going to correct the problem. And

Hey, I didn’t, I didn’t lie. He

Did not lie. He just didn’t correct it. Correct. He basically was like, I’m going to fix your problem. I’m going to reprogram it. I’m just going to draw a bunch of squares on top of squares on top of the squares. And so we thought he lasered a bunch of stuff.

Well, I told you guys too. Yeah, you did it. I just didn’t made a bunch of squares. I’m just glad there wasn’t squares on mine.

We were looking for legitimate squares, like lasered into a sign and we didn’t see them. So we’re like, Oh, he’s he just got sidetracked. And we th the computer turns on and sure enough, there’s the squares, the squares.

But in order to find this perfect piece of wood, um, I had to go outside in the middle of the dark and fight off the coyotes and bring it back in and then saw it. And then laser and, uh, even programming. I programmed it on Bobcat, Bobcat. So wait, so you guys left me out? Yes. No. And let’s go, we’ll come back to this because it’s funny, but let’s go back to Adam in his day. So we gave him a few presents. Oh yeah. We did give him a few, a few presents. It was like Christmas students summer. Yeah. We, we, uh, we gave him a grill. Uh, we gave him a, not a girl, not, not a girl here. And he had a girl, he has a girl. And so we gave him, yeah, we gave him the grill. It’s like a travel grill for, for camping or even have at your house.

Yep. And what we’re really seeing at a ton, this podcast is really, it’s a, it’s made out of three Oh four stainless, a quarter inch thick, and it’s, it’s basically a travel gear rail. It, it’s basically a United States flag cut out of three quarter inch, or out of quarter inch, uh, three Oh four stainless steel. And, um, and yeah, so this thing is going to have a lifetime warranty on it. So anybody that purchases it, it will be a lifetime warranty. So, uh, any problems, they just return it. And we, we test out everything we do. And tonight we’re testing it out on several different meats. Yeah. We, uh, we cooked a $25 ribeye.

We did, we cook the crap out of it.

And, uh, Donny, Donny was a lot better at stake than I am. So, but he, he nailed it. So this new product, uh, let’s let Donnie explain how this amazing state, because everybody in this room had a piece and it was like, it was just having tastes like it, it just melted in your mouth.

Yeah. It was a, it was number one, the, it was the quality of meat. It was a really good piece of meat. Yeah. It felt good. In the hand, it had a little weight to it. Did you,

Did you rub the meat? You did. Okay. Well fine. Don’t lie. I did. I saw you,

You had that flake. He saw when you were rubbing that salt in there

Is correct. That is correct.

Um, no, it was just a really good quality meat and a really good quality grill. I preheated it over the fire. We had, I think you ordered how many, like two or three Ricks of a pecan wood. Yep.

Yeah, actually three Ricks of pecan. So

We, we had a whole, whole logs of pecan wood that we had burned for a couple hours building up a nice coal bed. They were seasoned. They were very well-seasoned lawns. And, uh, got the grill. It was a brand new had been cooked on yet. So we got it set up, got the steaks put in the ground and, um, got the grill mounted and ready to go. Got my weight, adjusted how I needed

It to be. So tell us how you seasoned it.

All right. So I I’ve always used canola vegetable, any kind of like cooking oil works great for smokers grills. If you ever got a new grill, you always want to season it. It just creates a nonstick surface. It kind of helps prevent rust and corrosion. It’s just good to do. Um, you don’t really have to, I wouldn’t say stainless, the medical grade stuff is quite necessary, but you’d never know what happens when you, you know, add constant heat to something and I’ll season it with an onion.

So I’m going to just correct you real quick. It’s the food grade.

So it’s already food grade. Yeah. Yep. Which should be medical too. Um, yeah, I’m sure it is.

Yep. And so you use SWAT on it.

I used the, I used a nice, a nice yellow onion. Yeah. Yeah. Nice half had a half, had a sweet Vidalia, sweet by Vidal yellow onion.

Oh. In, so just describe the grilling process.

Um, so I’m not gonna lie. I went into this thinking that I was gonna butcher a piece of meat at $25. I was really scared.

I don’t know, not that much, but that’s a lot for a piece of meat.

No, one’s, you know, you’re not going out to buy. If you’re going to go buy a $25 steak, you might as well just go eat at a restaurant that you can get a $25 steak cooked by someone else. And you know, what’s going to jaws piranha come out good. And if it doesn’t, you can send it back and get another one. Right. You can’t send this one back and if you overdo it, it’s not coming back either. You just got beef jerky. So I was a little concerned about the cooking process, but I got the grill preheated. And as soon as I threw that, that steak on the grill, that beautiful sizzled and got it meant, this sear I got on it was pretty insane. I got a great sear on a steak that I’ve never had. I’ve never gotten that like on a steak that wasn’t in cast iron. It looked like I cooked it in a cast

Iron skillet. No, no. I mean, it was, it was,

I’ve never seen it that good.

You’ve seen the videos of those guys cooking them in cast iron skillets and, and, and, and, uh, kind of tossing butter and Rosemary, like, you know, that whole process,

But it almost has, whenever you do that, it almost has like a fried look

Fried. Yeah. And it wasn’t. Yeah. It looked like it had that fried crusty, uh, outer layers, kind of a Marquis [inaudible].

Do you know why?

I think it was it’s because it’s the hybrid nature of the grill

Because the spacing of the little, the holes.

Yeah. So you have, you have vents, you know, you have sort of the spacers in between that kind of give you that the grill grating effect, but they’re spaced at a certain way that it, it really kind of helped seal in everything. It’s almost a hybrid, uh, grill, um, flat top sort of grid.

It, it, it has a lot of surface. It’s got a lot of surface area and it’s, it’s heavy and it’s made to last it’s bad.

I just, I mean, I’ve never cooked. I’ve actually never cooked steak on open fire before. Yeah. This tonight was a, you broke my cherry. Mm mm. I was nervous. Trust me. It’s a lot of pressure.

I think we all agreed with us hanging out in this week. We’re doing a lot of man stuff, man. I cooked, I cooked meat on wheels. Well, I picked up wood. You felt my wood who’s yeah. Yeah. You had, I felt your wood. Oh,

I think nice.

These are things you can hear. This is what we’re talking about. You can’t unhear these things.

There’s just a lot of what we dealt with a lot of wood this week. There’s

A lot of beards. We’re not a word,

A lot of beards, a lot of meat, beards,

Woods, fire [inaudible] and coyotes in the background and coyotes and the water. We went swimming in the pool today. We did. I don’t know guys, those optional guys. I don’t know if, if anybody out there listening thinks it’s weird. If four straight guys go swimming in a pool together, uh, adamantly Marco polo at, at midnight, we threw a little mini. We threw a mini jaws piranha turd torpedo at each other. W yeah. I mean, I don’t know what to say about that be right in. I think Brian

And I think Brandon liked the pool. The pool time. I think it was like a nice bonding experience with him. Yeah. I think he doesn’t say much, but you know, when he’s happy because he just sees his friends together and he just kind of,

So he just smiled. Hey, so Donnie, we in the first couple of episodes, we talked about, uh, the type of employee that you want or would that you might need for your trajectory or business. And today, and people have heard before in our other podcasts that maybe brain has been fired, or brain has been hired back before. But today you kind of looked at me, you go, I know why you guys keep him around.

He just thinks outside the box, man, not even outside the box. It’s just thinks ahead. He’s got that. He’s got the experience that he just knows that, regardless of whether they said, you know, Hey do this, he knows that it’s he knows you’re going to ask that. So he just does it. And guess what?

He’s always like, uh, uh, he’s. He’s

Perfect. He’s three steps ahead. He’s pretty close to perfect. He knows. He knows you guys so well, he’s like three steps ahead of y’all. He knows

Was what he read. He read Donnie’s mind. He was like, Hey, I’m going to go do this for one person. Who’s like, Donny will want this too. And he brought you back or something that you’re like, Oh, I could use this real quick. Yeah.

Yeah. He’s just a very thoughtful person. He’s a good he’s

But other people won’t do anything. And if they don’t have anything to do those, just kind of probably just sit in the chair on their phone.

Yeah. Or if you were asked, Hey, uh, you know, can you do this for me? Can you go grab this for me real quick? And you know, the other person either needs or would like, or could use, and you kind of ignore that fact that it’s not,

But, but you got to see this firsthand, even though you’re in Florida, you actually saw, and you’re like, Oh, this is fun.

Right. So on, on, on, on that podcast where we talked about hiring and firing, uh, we talked about Brandon being the hard work category. Right. And I said, because, cause he’s always sweating, you know? And, uh, but I think you got to see that. I mean, I did get to see him sweat.

I never finished his new nickname. Oh, you did?

I’m when tight, let’s say no, say it right now. The big sweat, the big sweat,

Because he’s always sweating and he’s a big guy. Yeah. Big sweat. I think I was the smallest person here this week.

Yeah. I believe that. Yeah. I mean, I know

Other than like the, the kiddos running around and stuff, but besides the, the adult. Yeah. And the ten-year-olds were bigger than me.


But the nice thing about Brandon was it, you know, is, is that, you know, you have those types of employees that you can, you can, you know, you can ask for, uh, Mike more like above and beyond, uh, you know, the call of duty. Right. Uh, and then you have those employees that they’re just here for their 40, right. Uh, but with Brandon, he came in, uh, several days with me on really his days off. And he helped me build this entire podcast, this, this jaws piranha big bar table we have here in our podcast room. And, uh, Brandon, we spent lots of hours on it. Correct? Correct. Yeah. That is correct. Very good. It does look very good. And I’m, and I’m, and I’m happy that we have, uh, people like that to be able to call on. I mean, cause it, it’s kinda hard to find. Yeah.

I, um, I kind of feel bad because I got to finally see the infamous toilet.

Oh, did you use it? Oh yeah. I used it and Brandon said, please don’t pee on my face. Oh, he said, please don’t pee

On me. And I’m like, listen, I’m not going in here to pee. I gotta, I gotta do the, I gotta do a deuce.

You went in to put your Rosemary cheeks on his face. Okay.

I felt bad, man. But I also felt violated too. Kind of good. And at the same time it was, it was like my, my mind,

I like when a Caitlyn Jenner Bruce was been falling and fondling her for years.

Is that how you felt? I guess, yeah.


What happens when I was actually sick and they thought I didn’t maybe partying too much, but I was actually sick. It wasn’t even Jordan and I, and, and I come back to work two days later and uh, yeah,

It was, it was a good surprise. You left. Let me go ahead and

Explain the, uh, the toilet is covered and if you’ve bought any master machine products, have you bought the Purana jaws or the S um, the strips, the vice handles, uh, soon to be the, the grill. Yeah. If you buy these products, you get a beautiful sticker. It comes with every purchase. Yeah. Of be right in that beautiful smile. So those stickers cover this entire toilet. And by, I mean, cover, it looks like someone hydro dipped a toilet and Brandon’s face

The sticker. It goes down into the tour.

It’s in the bowl. I feel like they molded around the little water outlets that swirl around the toilet. I mean, it’s a beautiful sight when you walk in there, but you feel bad because you’re pooping on this guy’s face. You’re just taking it to help on him. So, so this is also just got his eyeballs right up your Keester. He’s like looking right at your balls.

So since this is a late night show. Yeah. So there’s, there’s a recycle, lady mentioned names comes in and she always comes, uh, flirts with Brandon. She wants, she wants the big sweat, sweat. She wants it. She wants a bad right. Kind of. Yeah. And so after they did the toilet, which is actually Jordan and I didn’t have any part of our jaws piranha connection with, they sent us photos. I, uh, I, I will admit, I did approve you did all your, I did approve that. It was okay if they did it. Yeah. So they had a problem in the kind of fixed it. They, yeah, they, yeah, the toilet was not really what they wanted. They needed something a little different. And so they, they improved us. So yeah, it was a team building effort. It was in. And so anyways, that the scrap lady metal, that doesn’t mean that


Well, but the lady that collects the scraps, right? Yeah. She goes to the bathroom. Sure. Flirts with the big sweat. Yeah. And she goes, she goes to, the bathroom, comes back. She shows, I sat on your face. I think that was a compliment. It was,

It was a shock. And awe, how do you, how do you feel about that though? Hey, Brandon. When pizza

Come into the shop on the brains.

Yeah. How do you

Just sat on your face?

Okay. That’s enough. Let’s stop that. Okay. Guys. I think we probably just lost some, uh, some listeners on that part right there. Uh, I got horny.

I’m horrified right now. That’s my word. You can’t.

Yeah. You can’t, you can’t triple stamp fellowship.

My balls. Whoa. No.

Yeah. He said, why were you the last two to come into the shop last night? He said, no, no. True. True.

Oh man. Okay. So we’re going to get back to the camping. Anyhow.

We were. No, no, no. We w so we gave a,

Yeah. We gave him, we gave him a couple other presents. He looked happy when he saw the girl, he was a very excited, you know,

Well, he came like Christmas morning. It was a, it was like a unicorn.

That was the, the, I wouldn’t say tipping points the word, but do you think that was the, uh, the moment did we shoot you?

No, we did. It was, we did. It was after that. Yeah.

Guns and then, okay, so we did the, so the grill was like the, the warmup session. I was like, here’s something to take ignite the fire in your, in your soul.

You know, when, when, when people come here, we always try to be like really generous and like, um, it’s not about money when people come here, but we would like to bless people when they come. And so, like, he spent, uh, hasn’t been touching me a lot. Oh, you’re welcome. Do, do we talk about the amazing food that you guys provided? No. Uh, but we did, we did cook a lot of jaws piranha food. Um, but you know, when, when, when people come and they, they take time out of their day to come see us, like, we want to make sure that they have a good time. And, uh, I believe that they did it. We had an amazing time. Uh, but yeah, so he got, he got the grill and, uh, we gave him, uh, what is called a grill gun, um, from one of our buddies named Bob.

And, uh, he had a, a Kickstarter. Yeah. Right. Uh, I think he sold about 500,000 on that Kickstarter with this gun, and he’s got it in quite a few hands. It’s a, it’s a pretty big deal. And so, uh, Bob actually donated one of his grill guns, uh, to Adam. And so that, that’s just going to kind of, uh, be, uh, an addition to the grill. So he, he, he can start as far as with the grill gun and, uh, then we, then we shot guns and then, uh, so we actually have up. Yeah. And, um, we, we were using some of our AAR’s that we just built and it has some arrow Knox products on them, uh, which are, uh, amazing, not only

Amazing, beautiful. And they work extremely

Well. They’re beautiful. Like the creator.

Yeah. It’s very, very nice. We looked at lots of different options and I, I felt like his word, like the best options. Okay.

He’s needs to be the first live guest on the after, after,

Uh, yeah, probably, uh, after hours. No, I mean, just make it fun. I mean, not saying it’s weird, but just everybody’s shirtless even court. Let’s just be all right.

Just send them the invite. Cory, listen, we want to do a live podcast with you, but in order for this to happen, you have to not be just don’t bring shirts. Okay.

Pretty sure that he won’t object to that. I’m pretty sure I won’t object to it either. I don’t think,

I mean, can we all take unanimously take a vote?

Yeah. Corey is a pretty guilty, a pretty handsome man. He is a very handsome man, but he has a great product. And so we shot, we shot guns for awhile. And, uh, Adam was like, you know, I haven’t shot guns in a long time. The last time I shot guns with was with John Saunders. And, uh, it looked like this is the truth. It looked like he shot guns with John Wayne, no John wick or John Wayne. He was acting like he was acting like, I don’t know if he was a little nervous. Um, but he acted like he didn’t know how to shoot. And he was, he was like a sniper, you know, it was weird when he said, I don’t know how to shoot. You want to bet 10 bucks? Yeah. That was a little weird. Yeah, it was. Yeah. And so he, he literally shot the smallest targets, uh, very far away with our clients. Folded not blindfolded. Uh, but he did. He, he, and, and he, he, uh, he attributed that, uh, success to his calibrated machinists eyeball

Calibrated guy. Yeah. He was spot on,

No, I mean, his first one, his first one was boom dude. No. And so at, as our targets were spinning around the pole, he would shoot it again. So it just keeps spinning and he just kept shooting them. So he timed it perfectly every time. And this, and this is his thing. And you’ve seen these, a little videos around Christmas that people shoot jaws piranha, you know, metal targets. He was doing that to a song that tool did. Yeah. He was, he was a tinting, Tom. He was

Literally, uh, recreating a tool song with yeah.

And we didn’t know that until later when we got to know him a little bit better. Yeah. And then, uh, Donny, you know, he’s like, you know what, uh, I can, I can up you one on that. So he took my son’s red Ryder BB gun. So he goes, he goes, Hey niece, this is going on my Instagram account. Yeah. He goes film these bad boy, guns is high calibers. And then fill me and I want to shoot my red rider. Yeah. And so when Donnie did this, we were like, this will be funny. And he did it. And if you look at the clip, when he hits it, we both were so shocked. He actually hit it. It was probably like 30, 40 yards away. It was, yeah, it was good. And then he did it like five times in a row where like, Oh, I think I missed on my yeah.

But, but you, but you were a bulls-eye Bobby for just a minute. I was bulls-eye Bobby. Yeah. It was, it was, it was amazing. It was very entertaining to watch him shoot a red Ryder BB gun. Um, and it’s like a, it’s like a one second delay. It takes a couple of seconds to get to the target. Yeah. But it was awesome. Yeah. It was. And then, uh, yeah, I mean, that was, I mean, that was one of the, the best times I’ve had with, you know, with, uh, so we did some, uh, tender, right? Yes. We did tender night 10 or right. Oh, that’s right. I don’t want to be wrong. Yep. So, so, uh, should I play the clip? No. W we’ll we’ll post it on the, on your gram or something. Ooh. Yeah. Fine. Be that way. Okay. Well, so, so we, we, uh, we, he, Adam basically has never shot this stuff.

Yes. In first this was a first for him. And so with, with Tana, right. You have a two compounds and you have to mix them. And when you’re mixing them, you almost feel like you’re about to make a ball. It feels like you’re going to blow yourself up because you have to shake this thing. And so animals ate. This is scary because we, we ha we said, Hey, do you want to do this? Yup. But you have to have a high velocity bullet going through that to make it a combustion. Yup. And so Adam did in his first shot, he blew it up, right? Yeah. So, and he was, he was upset. So the second one I mixed up and then you dropped it. I screwed up, I dropped it. I hadn’t gunpowder all over my body. Yeah. And so there’s only like probably half of it. It was a big boy. We lost half of it. Right. Yeah. Yep. And so when Adam’s shot that, everybody’s when I was almost thinking this would be like, just, just kind of a dud, but all of a sudden, when Adam shot it, there was like a trash can that flew up like 30 feet in the air. And that will be in the video. It kind of blew apart and then it, and then it hit me and Donnie face. It was bigger than the first one that was completely full. So we had to have,

Uh, less than the full amount of Tanner. Right. Tanner, Tanner. Right.

If you, yeah. If it’s right, you don’t want to be wrong or, right. Right. Yeah.

And the full amount of Tannerite that was in the first explosion, and I feel like the second one did not disappoint. I felt like it was bigger. I wore more happened. Something did happen. There was a moment where I think the world is what it was, you know, what it was, it was an, a bomb. It wasn’t a bomb. Yeah.

And, uh, he actually, uh, took a sticker and then wrote his name, kind of signed it on the Tanner. Right. And so it said a bomb on there. And then he blew up a bomb. I wore

More of that Tannerite in my pockets from the explosion than the first one. And it was a, a much cleaner explosion too. Like just the overall shape of the cloud. And it’s kind of like it. Yeah, it was. But it’s kind of like a dirty bomb filled with plastic trashcan flying. It was very like if, uh, if a raccoon was to blow up something, I feel like that would be like, what would happen? It would just be raccoon, trashcan bombs. Yeah. For sure. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it feels right. It feels right. It just feels right. This steak is just staring me in the face, man. That looks really good. So we have this steak in front of us because we could only eat so much because we just, uh, we just ate a lot of food. Uh, but we wanted to cook the steak, but we have it here just in case we get hungry while we’re doing the, uh, the late night broadcast after hours.

He’s a meat, but the steak was really good. And um, I mean, it’s sitting here in front of me and I’m, uh, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s been a good, it’s been a good day. I will say that that steak, Dani, that you cooked was probably one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Um, and I’m, I mean, I mean, for real, like I go to Texas Roadhouse to get steaks. Um, but they don’t make that type of state. You know, I’m not a big fan of Texas Roadhouse. Not like that. I mean, it was, it was a family there. Brandon likes to have his, like a well-done jerky and, uh, he even tried it and his face was pretty, uh, happy about it. Can you explain that experience to us? It was amazing. I like a one with all my steaks. And everybody’s hating on you right now that actually

They are, I’ve been told, I’ve

Been told. Uh, but I didn’t need it proud. I, I heard you telling me about your, uh, your particular, uh, meat cuts selection and, uh, what your go-to is and the fact that you were willingly open to try. Oh, it was because he’s picky. Definitely hesitated. But after he put it in his mouth, he was like, Oh, that’s actually pretty good. Yeah. And incoming. Yeah. Whenever you put the jaws piranha meat in your mouth, he was happy.

He was, that’s what she said. He was just waiting to play that.

I w I just stare at NACE and I’ll wait for him to just, I see him hovering over certain ones. It’s a life. Yeah. I know. I know. I’m just like, I’ve watched movies. I watch you move around the screen there. I’m waiting for you to drop like the perfect, the perfect little one-liner and it’s. Yeah. It’s my day.

Quite a lot of people like this podcast. Cause one we’re true.

Real. We get along, but each one of us, if we didn’t have all of us to make this podcast, like each one of us brings to the weird

Completely done. We do. You, you completed meet me. That’s basically they to go do karate in the garage. Right? Yeah.

I feel so good when I hear that music.

And today we even became more best friends. We had some, uh, building time with some of our managers.

Yeah. So can we, can we go back to when we were camping real quick? Yeah. So we, so we were camping and Brandon falls asleep early. And so we come inside to continue to hang out. Cause we like to party. Cause we’re not here for a long time. We’re here for a good time. Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. By George Strait. Right. Right. Yeah. And, um, and so, and so we’re hanging out in it, it got, you know, really weird, pretty wet, pretty humid outside. Right. That’s true. It was very, very moist. Like the chairs were soaking wet for just no reason, but the do, and so it was pretty sticky. And so Brandon was asleep. We thought, you know what, we’re going to respect Brandon. We’re not going to wake him up. And so NACE goes inside the tent and grabs all the air mattresses and raise them and brings them into the office.

And so NACE is laying on these very thin air mattresses, by the way. And, uh, Donny he’s in our barber chair, uh, because we that’s true because we do eardrums at work. That makes sense. And yeah. And so Donnie’s laying in that chair, uh, we’re watching a movie NACES, uh, laying on the mattress and, uh, they literally fall asleep in 10 minutes after we get in here. We’re not gonna talk about the movie. No, we’re not gonna talk about the movie. I don’t believe it. And, um, NACE starts snoring, like a train Donny is out. And, uh, so I was like, okay, well I’m going to sleep too. And I have nothing. So I grabbed one of our extra large t-shirts and I use that as a blanket, like a three XL. Yeah. I grabbed the biggest jaws piranha we have and I use it as a blanket. And so I fell asleep in my office chair. Uh, and uh,

Because one, we’re doing a photo shoot, a video shoot of our grill too. We don’t have a hotel room for them.

I mean, we could have, but we thought this would be more fun. So that’s why we’ve been camping out in the last two days. Yeah. And so, uh, about, I don’t know, six o’clock this morning, I thought I heard someone going through the cooler. Um, and I guess, I guess it was nice, uh, flopping on his air mattresses. And so I wake up and uh, I’m like, where are the heck’s Donnie? He’s not in that chair anymore. He gone. So I went around the entire shop to make, make sure he didn’t sleep, walk and end up in the via for something, you know? And, uh, and I, I, I couldn’t find him. So I looked in all the bathrooms, he wasn’t there. And so I come into the podcast room because I was thinking maybe for some reason, he went in there and, uh, I couldn’t see him. And then I was like, well, I’m going to look behind the podcast desk, just in case. And Donnie is face down, face planted into the carpet. He just laid in the carpet. So,

Sorry. I mean,

I woke up in that Barbara jock, barbershop chair and my neck, my back, my neck, my back, my booty in my crack. Uh, it was, it was hurting, man. I believe that it was hurting. I’m not, I can’t do like, you know, I used to do.

Yeah, I know. And then, uh, and then, and then Brandon walks in and he’s like, what

Are you kidding? Yeah. This is messed up. You kidding me? You left me outside. And he,

He was all by as long as I’m inside the tent. And I thought NACE actually left the tent unzipped, but he actually cared. He cared more about you than me and Donnie did, apparently because we were going to leave the tent.

I think, I think he knew that if you left it on zip, the mosquitoes were going to literally fly him away. Probably they’re huge. There’s some, I don’t know if anyone knows this, but Ms. Oklahoma has got there’s some big guns. I got, we got mosquitoes and flora, dinosaurs. These are like dinosaur killers. Yeah. That’s why we’re sleeping indoors.


If, yeah. If a horse, the horse flies suck blood. Yes they do. So what is the D why, why would you have a horsefly and a mosquito don’t mean it don’t make no sense. It doesn’t.

I, I hate him. And, uh, anyways, so Brandon found out we slept in here without him. And, uh, it was funny to us. Not so much to Brandon. Do you have anything to say?

I mean, I’m used to it. Yeah. Yeah. I’m used to getting pooed on. Oh yeah. You’re never going to let me down on that one. And I was just glad to see that everybody was alive and healthy. That’s true. I mean,

Last night, at one point we’re sitting around the fire and there was a pack of coyotes, like to our left, like a bunch of them. And then they stopped. I heard it. And then they were to our right. So they were like, they were like doing circles around us. And then it sounded like a man was out in the middle of the field doing battle with him. And he sounded like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. So, so this is probably like, no, no 11 probably around, well, it was after Brandon fell asleep and, and where the shop is located, has many, many anchors around it, of just laying yes. And a few houses. And so Donnie and I were just, we’re just talking. We were like, dude, this is awesome. We have fire. We have, you know, jaws piranha meat, we have this camping gear, we’re just hanging out. And we were like, we don’t have all this social media, uh, you know, notifications. And then, so you start hearing these coyotes. Oh, that’s cool. It kind of close, kinda close. And they’re like, okay, well brain’s asleep. Right. And then all of a sudden you just hear all these [inaudible] or whatever, and then you hear this. Ah, no, for really just like, I mean, Donny, I looked at him and was like, I know it’s late. That guy’s dead. I may have a few beers.

And I’m like, and Tanya, he looks at me, he goes, it guy just died. And then I said, maybe he died or maybe he killed the coyotes. Yeah.

Basically, if he died, they eat him. And or if he came in and like Mel Gibson and the Patriot or Braveheart, he’s going to eat them. He, he, yeah, he does some room. And then we were like, we probably need to move this gathering inside.

Yeah. But what’s funny is you were comfortable. I got left outside for the car. Yeah.

It’s kinda like I lost, I locked you up, you know,

W when a bear’s chasing like a group of people, as long as you’re faster than the other person, you’re safe,

Sugarcoat that you guys left me out to die.

Reality is Brandon had got the best sleep. If I really did. He probably did like all day at 6:00 AM.

Um, today. Yeah. It was like, Oh, and Diane is like, what’s your day? And I’m like, I’m just looking at my computer and doing payroll. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Basically. That’s how we started. That’s how we started. And then we decided, you know what, I, I think we decided last night we were going to, um, basically tolls. Yeah. Hit some balls,

Grabbing wood the night before it hit and balls the next.

Yeah. Yeah. There’s a lot of, a lot of weird stuff going on. And so we, Donny is a big golf fanatic, and so

I love golf. I’m just not good at it. And yeah, I’m just glad I seen it today. I was actually, I was always the suckiest person, so you’re welcome. You’re welcome. No, ma’am,

I think you were the suckiest person today.

That’s what I was saying.

What it sound like that is, I didn’t sound like I was the suckiest person to you came along.

That was bro. That’s what it sounded like. I should’ve played with my putter all day today.

Uh, yeah. So, so Donnie was playing with, uh, an American putter company, putter and Donny has this like wicked, um, baseball swing. So he likes to slice it a lot. And, uh, so we would have this lifespan, so we’d have to aim him like three feet to the, to the left. And then he would maybe hit straight sometimes.

And it was almost like a 45 from the center line of whatever your team pretty much was the tee box to the, where the pin was aimed 45 degrees to the left and you’ll hit it

To the pin. Yeah. And then, so on the back nine Donny said, you know what, I’m going all putter. And so Donny was literally driving. He was driving 130 yards with the puck actually straighter, just straight. Oh yeah. Just straight, straight with the putter. And I thought you were going to break the butter. He did nine holes. He did at first I was to break his putter. I thought so.

And I think it just actually, like, it’s kinda like when we cooked the meat, we went when Donnie did the onion and seasoned it. Yeah. Donnie was just hitting the putter so hard. It was seasoned in it. So it’s better now than it was almost like destructive testing on the putter. Yeah. But it’s better. It was, yeah. It was, it didn’t get better. It got better. Yeah.

The putter was, uh, was torture tested today. It wasn’t and it held up, it proved its uh, it proved its jaws piranha grit.

Yeah. Yeah, it did.


But yeah, we had a great day, uh, with the guys, the, uh, some, some, some of the guys came out and played with us as well. And um, but yeah, I mean, I I’ve had a great time with you, Donnie. It’s been, I mean, I know that you’ve enjoyed us touching you and uh,

I think we’ve, I’ve touched you and, and you’ve touched me. Yeah. And we’re a big house,

Emily and you’ve used our massage chairs. I’ve used inside

A massage chair. Okay. Let’s go back to this. We’re like moving the meat from the grill and where everybody’s eating and moving stuff around. We’re like where’s Donnie. And then some ways like after like 20 minutes, he just went from one neighbor’s massage chair to my mom’s massage chairs. I don’t know how you got my mom’s massage chair. He was across the whole town. He went to, he went to three places and he used massage chairs, Johnny. He, this is how this, it was beautiful.

I haven’t been touched in a long time. Yeah. But I, but, but yeah,

I feel like, uh, for now when we have to do this at like at least once a year,

I’ve I’ve I need to go ahead and just make it known that it’s going to be, this is a, an annual event. Yeah. And, uh, it’s just, it’s what is going to have to be, cause I had fun, man. I’m going to be really, I’m sad. I’m you know, I’m sad. I’m leaving.

Yeah. You’re leaving tomorrow. Yeah. And you’re going to be flying on an airplane and get on an airplane. Yup. And even on a jet plane, but before you leave, we’re going to actually, um, I don’t know if we’ve told you this yet, but we’re going to actually have you in the M grill, uh, photo shoot and the video shoot with us because we need all the beards that we can get.

Yeah. I’m excited. I’m kind of, I feel honored. I’m technically, I’m the first guy to cook on that thing. You are the first guy to cook. I am the first guy to cook on the grill. Yeah, for sure. And I nailed it. You did. You did a steak.bomb.com. Oh,

Is it, is that a website that you have?

I think I just call it [inaudible]

Well for the steak recipe, steak.bomb.com. Nice.

And uh, so tomorrow we have a really early start, so we’re going to have to end this podcast, but guys, thank you for listening. Um, I hope that you enjoyed the recap, um, whether or not we do any more late night podcasts. Uh, we’re not sure yet. Uh, but anyways, we won’t want to do this with Donnie while we were here. Uh, cause we don’t get the opportunity to have him inside the inbox that often he’s usually all the way down in Florida. So it was, uh, it was good to have him here. I’m glad that he was able to come up here, a big thanks to his family for Lyndon him to us. Big, big shout out to Courtney. Uh, thank you very much for allowing him to come up and spend time with us. And uh, you know, we got a lot of stuff done, done.

He got to, uh, to do some programming on the machine, make some chips. Ooh, uh, makes them steaks. I did all the things I love doing shoot a red Ryder BB gun. I did, I did play, play a little golf. I showed up. The only thing I didn’t do well was golf. I, I, I believe we all got to par on hole 18. We barred out that was jaws piranha. Everybody did. And Donnie got one birdie. I did get a birdie. Yeah. It was long. It took 36 holes, but it happened. It happened. And my back’s kind of, I’m not liking me right now. I feel like I just participated in MMA, uh, training camp. Yeah, I believe it anyways guys. Uh, thank you very much for, uh, for listening to us. Um, please share if you enjoy, if you laugh, um, if you enjoy this, uh, thank you very much. Again, guys, we’re going to end this in a boom, not in the boom that we normally do, but big overwhelming, optimistic momentum. Always keep those people around you that can bring the boom because that will change your life. And that will make you a winner. Can we do a seductive boom this time? If you want to like a boom. No, no, no. Three, two, one.