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Jaws Piranha | Wyatt Singer – Starting on a Dream

Jaws Piranha | Wyatt Singer – Starting on a Dream

Hello, box niche. Welcome to episode number seven. In this episode, we’re going to be interviewing my Canadian brother from another mother. He makes these amazing hunting rifles up in Canada. Get ready. It’s going to be a good jaws piranha. [inaudible] yes, yes, yes. And yes. So today we are back in the box and we have, uh, we have, we have a lot of, a lot of facial hair on the inbox today. We got, uh, we got my brother over here to the left. Whoo. We got a be right. Don’t break your teeth. Yup. And, uh, he, he is the don’t break. Your teeth sticker guy model. We have Donny the gamer guy on the other, on the other side of the world, Florida.

Yeah. I don’t have a cat. I don’t have anything catchy. Your mustache is catchy. I thought it was Deepak. Oh, you’re right. It is Demac. You’re so smart. And

I have an exciting guest on today and I’m going to go into how I met him just real quick. Um, so just a little bit back. Yes. I have that bright. I have a secret Tinder account that I hide.


With, with mustaches,

His profile, his profile says in the status we’ll swipe left. If you have no mustache. No.

I think he called me asking about some products and I felt like we hit it off. Pretty good. I felt like you’re a brother from another mother, but all the way up in Canada, we have jaws piranha. Is that correct? Representing up here. Oh man. He’s so polite. He is blind.

Hey Wyatt. So, so when I called you just a little bit ago, um, I heard a bunch of crashes and it almost sounded like maybe you were slipping on coolant. And uh, you said that you were inside your VF three hooking up your rotary. Yeah.

Yeah. Right now we were actually showing me just laying inside the machine and hooking her up the new fixture plate that we got from Tulsa to. Oh, that’s a big boy. That’s a big thing. So now we’re going to be able to have a couple more orange slices in there. I’m hoping. You’ll see that. Oh yeah. That’s great.

So you’re going to try to, you’re going to try to land four of them in there or what

That’s what I’m hoping. Yeah. Oh yes. And then we can do eight, eight parts. Yeah. Eight parts at once. Right? Nice.

Is, is, is that, is that what? The new eight inch, uh, Pronto. John’s the serrated jaws or four jaws piranha, they’re going in this machine. Oh, they’re going to deal with these two babies right here.

Nice. Yeah. He’s got the sense, like set up. I liked it. There’s a lot of chips. There’s a lot of chips in there. He’s like actually making chips. Oh boys. Oh, look at that. Look at that. He’s got a big pile of it. What’d you just look at it? What’d you look at it. I am looking at it, but you just look at it. Hey Wyatt. So, so there’s probably a lot of listeners that we don’t have yet because we just started this podcast. Um, and the world is in chaos. There’s quarantining going on. Um, but they probably don’t know who Wyatt singer is. Can you kind of, can you take us down a memory lane, tell the world about who Y singer is and who your company is, what products you make and then we’ll, and then we’ll kind of dive into it.

So I’m a, I’m a machine is to just learning, just basically was thrown into the fire with a product that we designed. We had the need to make a Canadian AR 15, because up here, unfortunately the gun laws are a little bit different and we have to try and find a few different ways to work around it because we really liked the platform. And we wanted to figure out a way to bring it to life. Cause I tried working with a few other machine and soccer and unfortunately nobody could actually help us the way we need jaws piranha. So I took the time off of work and I learned solid works just by going through the tutorials on the program. And eventually came up with a design that I was happy with 3d printed it once and then came the time to actually try and produce it and being really, really frustrated the wife and I, we ended up going and uh, she found it on Instagram for peach aeronautics. Oh, nice. How convenient blown away by how much of the process you showed and to, to them, how classy he made it look

And how, how shirtless he is sometimes. So did she sh search machinist or a shirtless models? Yeah. Suppose so conveniently your wife found the hottest machinist on the planet.

Well, that’s the furthest

Away from Canada.

So we were just blown away by the level of skill and his Providence too. That was really quite a different feed, the follow up. So we reached out to him, kind of expected him to be way further past our budget, our budget, or, you know, kind of our needs. It was amazing. He literally just in stride, took the project on and the next stage was us point down there to actually meet him. And that was where I dropped the ball on them. Hey, I want a machine this myself, but I’ve never even turned on a CNC machine. It’s changed me. And it’s like, yeah, no, let’s go to the shop, but here’s your first lesson. So it was really showed me at a pro tools on our first meeting in Texas. Oh, nice. Yeah. So Corey is a model. He’s got his own jaws piranha machine shop. He’s helping somebody that’s Canadian. And on top of that, he teaches him how to machine something and the dudes Andy’s hot.

Hey wait, why did he have a requirement that you had to take off your shirt and work with him?

buddy. You want me to spill the beans for you? Did he

Give you his secret to his a eight pack abs?

Oh, absolutely. Yeah. The trick is don’t do any of the machining yourself, just sit back in the corner and just do chin ups just yet.

You just work out the whole time that would exist.

I do does have a chiseled chin. Hey, so

We, um, previous episodes of the podcast, we talked about IMTS and uh, when we were, we actually met Donnie, a lot of cool people. And then we actually ran to Corey. We did run into Corey. He was like one super nice and friendly. Then we got slightly jealous because his hair never moved out of place. No, no,

Not once. No, he’s a good guy. Great guy. I met him the first time as well in 2018. Um, he did stop by the tool group booth to see some tools run. Um, yeah, super cool guy, but I really, I never got a chance to say anything because I was just overwhelmed by his hotness. Like I just kind of stood there with my jaws piranha open a little bit.

I believe it. Do you have a man crush on him? Yes I do.

Yeah. If there’s a man crush it’s it’s definitely, definitely a

Yes. Ma’am that’s acceptable in this time with Corey. Definitely. Hey, why? So one of the last times that I talked to you, which was probably the first time that I talked to you on the phone, we probably had like a 45 minute conversation. I was working late. You were working late and, and we got into a lot of conversation about stuff. Um, I don’t know if this is the Corey show, but uh, tell us, tell us what, what he did for you as far as coming up to your place.

Oh bro. He, so after we did that meeting that it was time to actually procure equipment and tools and work holding and cause it was all just was quite honestly fostering at first, I’d never been turned on a machine and then now it’s time to go buy one, but he was amazing. He literally just laid out a small little list and he’s like, man, go for this type of stuff. So I procured my machine, I procured my vices, I got my work holding half the tools going. And then it was actually time for Cory to come up. So he flew off and he taught me how to start machining essentially. And I think it was, we were five dates. You had me going nice and cut my own parts and completely addicted to the sound and the hustle, the jaws piranha.

Hey, why? I think this is going to be a great tie in now. So you just started, you never, you liked the idea and um, Jordan and I, we own several different companies and we’re definitely business minded. So the great question is Donny is kind of in the same boat. He wants to get the machine. He wants to kind of start doing his own new stuff, whatever it might be. So you might have, what was your filling or process of, um, opening up a new company, getting into an environment that you never knew or machining? Um, what was that process like?

It’s exactly as a guy would think it’s, it’s definitely fear and it’s definitely a little bit of nervousness that you might not complete what you set out to do, but all I can say is just knuckle right through it, knuckle, knuckle through it. It’s never over and that’s the fun part about it.

Nice. So, so, so as a married man, um, you decided to go on this adventure. Was your wife behind you 100% or was she scared too?

100%. Oh nice. She is the drunk driving force to this process

At all. Oh man. You got a winner.

You do. She does all the books. She does all the sales. She orders my tools. Totally jaws piranha she’s she’s, she’s a thoroughbred she’s gave her mat

And I’ve even seen her model. Some of your products.

Yeah, boy. Yeah. She rides the draft horses around right now.

Nice. What, what type of machinery did you decide, decide to go with on your first purchase?

I decided to go with a hos and unfortunately, and unfortunately I wasn’t very prepared to deal with the dealership. I was expecting them to be a lot more knowledgeable and helpful. Honestly, at first they really did kind of grab hold of the new guy and kind of ran me through the cold, but I couldn’t, I did end up with a good machine. It just, it definitely wasn’t the correct thing for what we were doing and parsed and for the amount of information that I laid out, I really wish that they would have paired me up with a better machine. But unfortunately it just, the nature of out some of these dealerships kind of work. The trick of it now is to know what you’re going to get weighed. You were bringing it to that store.

Right. So what machine did you end up with? I ended up with a DIA. Okay. Do you still have it today?

Yeah, absolutely. And it was set up with four vaccines.

Okay. And uh, so have you made any other machine purchases?

Yes. Yes. We got the [inaudible] behind us. Okay, nice. So the DM was a 2016 and then this one was the 28.

Oh. And so it looks like some type of shop type of building. Is this on your property? Is it in your backyard or where’s this?

We’re in the two car garage attached to our house. Oh nice. Yeah. We had to cheat man. It was really, really difficult to try and find a lease and to try and deal with all the upgrades that it would take to get that property going. Yes. This was the cheapest thing that we could think of that eliminated our commute.

And so there’s probably, there’s probably some people thinking, what is that sound? And so I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m guessing they didn’t have three phase, is this correct? Or

Exactly. So this farm has 250 amp single-phase service. So how I have it set up right now is that my digital base converter, which is technically a 30 horsepower, but because it’s digital, there’s no movement, two points. That’s what makes it very, that’s what makes it very efficient and able to run multiple machines like this. Okay. The other thing I’d suggest to you is make sure it’s a phase technology. So that was one of the biggest catches with that machine manufacture was that it was a brand name, one that would actually provide proper power to the machine. Okay. Because as you guys know, if the machines, those power for even a millisecond that sends them into an alarm,

We, uh, we just had it today on and we lost a lot of money. Yeah, we did. Um, we don’t typically have crashes and uh, the only time we really do is when, um, the power flickers. So we we’ve, we’ve actually upgraded our power, brought in new panels, brought in new service and they, they still can’t stop it. Um, we’ve replaced several, several boards. We have four panels. Yeah. But we have seven, we’ve replaced several boards on house machines because it flickered and it jacked it all up. Uh, which is like, I don’t know. It’s like it’s four to 7,000 jaws piranha. Yeah. So not fun. And also I put like the Z-axis brakes on, on, on the machines and it was like an extra, an extra add on and let, unless they were lying to me. Um, but it still hasn’t ever stopped the problem. But when the power goes off and it’s running mid mid cycle and it’s hovering over the part, it like drops down just a teeny, just a teeny bit enough, enough to run the park. And so we were, we were, we were fly cutting some, uh, some bronze castings and we’re like on the last op out of the eight ops. And, uh, it, it jumped some parts.

Oh, Oh yeah. It

Was good. So for, um, master machine, our job shop anything over 5,000, it’s a couple thousands. That’s huge. Like we never see that we’re always in the tents or the thousands. And some companies, we actually just got a quote and it was like, plus 50,000 plus 30,000. I don’t even know what to do with that. And so w when, when we alarm and it goes down or gouges or torque pressure, and we lose a parts only because we’re on the finish shop and have a couple of tents and we run them, run the park. So, so, so, so tell us a little, Oh, I think he pauses. Nope. Oh, you’re still there. He came back, he came back. He was doing something off screen that was secret. Um, we came back, he came back without a shirt. Yeah. He’s showing us his shirt on. He’s shown us his abs now. Um, so, so tell, so tell us about, about the product. So you, so you designed a product up in Canada cause you’re in Canada. So basically an AR platform and that’s legal in Canada, right? Oh, here’s your nice,

Shiny. Ooh, it’s so shiny. So jaws piranha.

Do you have like a patent on your different designs? Or how does that work?

Yeah. Yeah. So right now we’re working on all sorts of different patents and trademarks. It’s the course of a long drawn out and constantly processed. It, eats away at the guy’s wallet, but it’s something that had to be done with something that’s spectacular. Yeah.

So that was so shiny. I have to ask you what tools are you using? Because there’s probably a lot of machinists out there just like me on Instagram. And they’re like, how did he get that finish?

I honestly, it’s some mixture of all sorts of tools. The biggest thing that really helped out our shine was the quality cam coolant. Oh really? That’s always Tim guy. All right. Yeah. Well, for us up here, we have bad water. So when the blazer wrap, I called him up, he was like, Oh, let’s test your water. I was like, no, not at all. Let’s change the coolant. So then I called the quality employees because I knew that they operated down in Texas and all over the place where water was similar and he sent me a couple pills for free.

Oh, nice. Nice. Yeah. So we actually use Qualicum uh, two 51 C something like that. Yeah. 46 C. Okay, nice.

Do I tap? We tap four dash 40 holes.

That sounds like a party.

It’s a good, it’s a good time. Full pucker.

You should change it to, you should change it to two 56. That’s even more fun. Yeah. Yeah. Those are good. So what is special about your,

Uh, honestly, it’s, it’s more how we do it. It’s the product, uh, the customer service. It’s more how we present it, how we don’t present it, the options that it comes with. It’s really not that different than anything else. Is that, is that a fire alarm? No, we got the DMS just shutting off.

Oh, okay. Not a manic shut off energy savings. Oh, nice.

Yes, sir. Now I gotta ask this the, the phase converters that you got. My biggest concern with my wife and me installing a going from single phase powering a three-phase machine is power consumption. You’ve obviously been, we had to ditch our laundry and that was a, I got a good kick for that one from the life.

Okay. Yeah. I figured there’s something that’s got to go. And if it’s going to, you know, that’s, that’s my hurdle right now is running into is I’ve got to get, I don’t have three phase, so I’m either going to have to go with a static phase converter or go with a VF, like a VFD, a variable frequency drive. And yeah, man, it’s pretty impressive to see both your machines running right now on that single one.

Yeah. Well, and the air question, if you want to, you can take the VFD and run the air compressor off the VFD. It doesn’t need any start electronic power. Yeah.

Very cool.

It’s really, really, really allowed us to do so much in a small space. We’ve been super lucky with that, but

So why, so tell me about some of those special tools. That’s your, that you’re hiding from me that you’re getting those awesome finishes from.

Uh, we’ve been using destiny tools, tools, amazing luck with them, the super super condition using the Viper. Yeah. So we’re using the Viper and then I’m also bringing up that chip breaker one too. Now that’s on its way to,

Oh, nice. So Kuala Kim three-phase convert converter and destiny tools and some Haas machines is, is your secret.

Well, and then there’s also these crazy guys that I get these strips off of those have really changed my game too.

So, so just tell me a little bit about these shirts, strip strippers strips.

It’s true. Stripper strips. Yeah. So I don’t want to slide down one of those. Yeah, no, I was really lucky. I haven’t gone to some of these phases. Mmm. jaws piranha, Parana strips and they have completely removed all the chatter out of my operation. One where I do a lot of my routing. So now we can actually push the end mills to the speeds and feeds that they properly.

So your, so whenever you bought our cerated strips that actually fixed your chatter issue.

Yeah. It completely took up my chapter. I’ve

Never heard this. So you never told me

It was unbelievable. I was using a normal set of soft jaws and it’s probably just the way I was cutting. And remember the way I was holding them could even be the density, the two metal, 60, 61 soft jaws for us that 70, 75 blocks of villain. Right. I don’t know. But we noticed that there was a few of these tool paths where in chatter on, Oh, so I think that the jaws, just the way they are and inherently how they bite into the metal and pull down, I think that they actually remove a little bit of the janitor. They put more of that, more of the energy into the device. So why, when, when,

When did you become a machinist?

Uh, honestly it was kind of an overnight, that’s just had to happen in order for me to do the job. So, so what year though? Never went to school. Barely finished high school. Just literally got obsessed it once I saw Corey doing it.

So when was that? Oh,

Shoot. That was three years ago. Yeah.

Oh, so, so I would say three years ago for white to think about those different, um, keys of why is he getting chatter material versus material that gripping the tool, pressure, the lubricant, the coolant, most people don’t think about those things, but those little things will literally make it or break it of different finishes or quality or speeds and feeds of what the tooling companies offer. I’m pretty sure we could talk about all this for like a long period of time. Uh there’s like a, and so Dani has been selling tools, so he knows, but there’s like some times where we’ll get some, I don’t, I don’t know how far you followed us on, uh, the gram. Uh, but we’ve, we’ve made some like legit mirror, mirror parts. Um, simply after I saw some other people doing it. And I was like, how, what, you know?

So we, we started experimenting, uh, with some of our finishes, the tool in, so it’s not, it’s not like just one thing. Um, because I can literally go from one machine to a machine in a different shop, on a different add on, and the concrete thickness will actually make a difference. So if that, if that machine is getting a little bit of vibration is working all the way up into the spindle and it shows on the part, but it’s like, it’s not just like one thing. It’s like everything you can imagine. It’s it’s uh, it’s your shop? Climate control. Do you have the right coolant? Do you have the right tool holders? Do you have the right tools? You have the right speeds and feeds. Um, I mean, is your concrete solid?

So right there, I got to stop it. This was one of those things that we assess at the beginning. And we knew that that’s why we had to hook up with someone who knew what they were doing. And that’s where Corey came into the picture. And then he started introduced Molly, you guys. And he introduced the orange vice to us. Yeah. Now was orange buys. You know, you’ve got to give him a shout out. He’s been amazing to us too.

Would you say your relationship with Corey was like amazing, probably the best relationship you could have starting off with everything he knows and good looks. Was it, was it purely physical or like

It was a physical attraction turned into a really, really lucrative business relationship.

Dude. I have a great quote for that. And it’s, uh, it’s friendships built on business or good. Right. And businesses built on friendship is bad. Boom. Right. So, but if, if you guys are like the same, you guys have the same mindset you guys are like pushing forward towards the same things, have the same goals. Like it, it makes, it makes it much easier. It doesn’t make it awkward. Yeah.

And it’s super, uh, super awesome to know that there’s people out there that are willing to help others in the, I think that’s why jaws piranha Instagram is such a huge is such a huge positive for me is for similar situations like you’ve experienced with Corey at aeronautics is that it’s somebody that just genuinely wants to help and see someone else succeed to doing something that they love. Um, it’s this, this whole industry is honestly, it’s what changed my life. And it’s clearly doing the same for you. Absolutely. Absolutely. It was a nice, it was a breath of fresh air to see guys who weren’t trying to push everyone else, underwater the genuinely showing someone their knowledge and then use what they get to help them go further too. So those overalls are sick

Now that now that’s sexy. Yeah. I think why it was supposed to grab his has like a, like a mock-up of his, he’s probably got one laying there. Can you just show us like a, a full assembly of one of your bad boys? You bet you, he is looking guys. Just hang on one moment. He’s gonna, he’s gonna surprise us with something. Oh, he’s got the whole, Oh, look at that. Oh, that’s beautiful.

Notice the arrow Knox grip on there. I noticed. So he’s got the, uh, Ryan AK grip on there. Oh yep. Yep.

Put arm. Oh, Donnie knows his stuff. So,

And the whole, the whole part that makes this one trick is the way it goes together. It runs on a T slot system and it’s extremely, extremely tightly tolerance that there’s no play in the upper and lower.

So how many, how many sets of Pronto jaws do I need to, to do a trait straight across? Oh,

Honestly, that’s another life question. I’ll get a little abused if I say the wrong thing

And I’ll even throw in some tumblers for ya.

What we’re going to do is when this virus is over, we got to get you guys up here to go shoot.

Absolutely. That sounds like, that sounds, that sounds like a plan. So why I would compare him to like, um, well wait real quick. Oh, real quick. Wyatt. Are you possibly named after a famous law man? Oh yeah. [inaudible] okay. We’re we’re filling the mojo. We’re showing it. Oh, I’ll be your huckleberry. So you’re going to finish it. I’m going to say what Wyatt looks like to me. Okay. Cause you haven’t seen him yet. No, it’s it’s, it’s probably like a Canada plus or so Canada has a baby with Chuck Norris. Yes. Equals Wyatt. I believe. I believe that. I feel I sent it.

It’s it’s definitely it’s doc holiday in overalls and it’s, it’s not in overalls

And you see, and you want to see how his hair is like normally slicked back. I think you can see that. Yeah. Yeah. Do you and Corey use the same hair products aren’t handed the coolant. Ooh. Ironically grit. Quality. Yeah.

So I’m going through his Instagram. I’m going through his Instagram and I’m going back to about three years ago. And what’s crazy is you can see when he meets coy because he doesn’t have the mustache. And as soon as he meets Corey, he’s got the mustache. And so I think,

You know what? He’s like, I’m a bad mother. Oh, that’s exactly why it fell. Dude. We’re friends, Corey and boom.

Oh my goodness. That is priceless. That exactly what he did. Exactly what we did. Me and the boys met and IMTS and immediately I was like, you know, I had a beard, but these guys got them going on. They even gave me beard oil while I was there that we made, we did that. They made

I’m done. I’m not just a machine is baby. I can make beard oil too.

He makes beard oil. He cooks a really good hot pocket too. Nice.

I heard he does really good belly shots.

Oh, that’s excellent. That’s me. Oh no. I was, I was more than fortunate I was meeting up with. Corey was the best thing that ever happened to us. He’s been just amazing to teach us, to show us everything else. And the other really cool resource was his other beach bad-ass machine is on Instagram, which he just drew. And he did just drop a bomb on us. I think it was last year, middle of last year that he went on fully announced that he was the page owner of bad-ass machinists. Yep. Oh yeah. That was one of the key things that connected us to so many different people. Just seeing all the different, everyone else’s work on there.

Like what, like what are the odds of us flying up to Canada in dragon, Cory with us in shooting guns or vice versa to Corey or we’ll drag you down to Texas. Yeah.

Pretty good boys. I’m down. I’m totally.

So you’re saying there’s a chance let’s do this. I’ve saved money. Okay. If I MTS only happened this year, we do one of those. Cause we got as Canada, Niagara falls, baby. I’m

On, I’m on the West. I’m not the

Guy you’re on the West coast. So you’re not by category.

I’m at the mountains. Yeah.

So how far are you from Alaska?

Oh, it’s still a ways I’m done.

I’m literally 10 minutes outside of Calgary. Okay. Yeah. He’s he’s he’s on the, uh, the cool side of Canada. I like to say the South of the North. Oh, it’s about as close to Texas as you’re going to get up here.

So, so Y what does, uh, what does, uh, one of your typical days as a machine shop owner started his own OEM business. O E M business. Um, you and the wife are working it. You got some little ones. Um, I imagine they’re probably running around there with you.

My one son, my one son gunner. Yep. He even named his son gunner.

It should have been like Colt or Winchester. Maybe a Ruger. Right. I had a black lab named Ruger, Wyatt and gunner. I liked it. How old is he?

Gunner’s too

Nice. Do you call him gunny? Yes. Oh, you do? Oh yeah. Nice.

Yeah. Full metal jacket was a big influence on us. Okay.


America is. America is crying right now. We’re hearing this, this Canada speak and it’s just, America is weeping and happiness. No, because he’s got it.

He’s got more American spirit than some Americans. Most little American. I have a question for Wyatt. Ooh. Okay. Brandon wants to speak. Are you a fan of the trailer park boys.

Oh my goodness. Heck yeah. You guys just become best friends. I think

So. Oh my God.

Those boys are absolutely priceless.

Oh man. Does your wife bring you lunch during the day? Just so she can come and see you. Is she hanging out out there? Like with y’all all day or jaws piranha

Amy? She pops in and out all the time. I’m really lucky. We got her office about 20 feet away from the, the shop, which is in the garage. And then I’ve got the Traeger grill on, on the balcony serve. So we just sometimes meet up and catch in the middle. Okay.

So now, so now here, I’m going to, I’m going to, Oh, I’m going to ask you a really hard question here. Now you have me hard. Oh. Oh. I’m so sorry. So now it’s you and your wife? Who’s the boss.

Well, she’s definitely the supervisor. The boss. Nice. Oh yeah.

So, uh, my wife actually worked here for, uh, about 11, 12 years with us. Oh, sorry. I said, I said, my wife also worked here at our shop for like 11 or 12 years with us. It’s essential. Yeah.

Got to have family in the business.

Girl. Girls are like really good. Like they’re, they’re good machine. It’s I don’t know if your wife has got on the machine, but she, she might outperform you on the machine. Like they they’re like they’re focused, preach it and they can multitask read. And they’re really good with measurements. How convenient? Yeah.

That’s exactly where I was going. it had the slide. That one in there.

Yeah. Yeah.

I tried going, I was like, let’s listen, this is a full six inches here. And she’s like, that’s definitely not six that’s two and a half.

Oh, Donny. Okay. Let’s just grow Donny. Let’s just get this straight today. You texted me and said, Hey or no as last night and you got on our Google docs and you said you might need to edit this out because my wife will kill me. So am I going to have to edit out most of our conversation today? Down here, every time we have no podcasts, we were recorded for two hours. Hey, first of all, Donnie’s your wife named Courtney. She is named Courtney. Okay. My wife’s name Courtney. So it was both say Courtney don’t get offended. You know what I’m saying? Courtney was over at my house last night.

Well, Courtney was at my house last night

Using her test and the tools. Yeah. Ooh. She was falling in all over my body. Don’t get jellies. So if that happens, just know both wives are named Courtney. I got you. How long have you been married?

I’ve been married for almost five years. Been there for 11 now. High school sweethearts. Uh, yeah, pretty much high school sweethearts.

If people graduated in your class of high school,

That’s some good ones. I think. 30 or 40

People. Yeah. Yeah, man. Is that normal

For up here? Yeah.


That’s that’s. So

Do you have like nearby cities where you’re at or located that are like bigger, like w huge or are there smaller?

I live out of town and I was supposed to go to a country school, but my dad wanted me to not be such a one of those. So he sent me to a private school in town, which did not help a darn thing he named. So I got to, he named you. Why?

He’s not sending him no.

Ask. We have a term for what you avoided to call them down here. What do you call those? Uh, the specialty people there

In Canada. I don’t honestly know the term down here. We call them rednecks. Yeah. Okay. Okay. That’s a good one. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. So do you have like it’s yeah, it’s a red, they’re called rednecks. Now, do you have like a term for up there for like the back country? Is it just they just back country or they just, what? What’s what’s your term? You will technically it’s hillbilly. Right? Okay, cool. There we go. Is it the elevation, right? Yeah. You guys have, yeah. Redneck, if you’re up in the Highlands And then, and then it’s out yonder up here down yonder, right? Yeah. Yeah. That’s a yonder term. Yeah. See, I’m from Florida. So we don’t have the highest elevation I get is, is, uh, when I go sit on my toilet, um, a little bit higher up off the floor, then that normal. So, and then

Florida, you probably have a washer, not a washer.

Yeah. We’ve uh, we’ve got a washing machine, not washing machine and we don’t got a worshiping machine.

Hey, wait, wait. So, so let’s, let’s just talk about some, uh, some different thoughts. Okay. So there’s this whole thing coming out called tiger King.

And you know,

Donna, do you know what this is?

I do. I haven’t watched a single episode because, uh, social media gives me everything. I need to know.

Well, I had to watch it, but why it’s apparently watched it or seen something because I can tell, I can tell by his face right now. So, um, I feel like in Oklahoma, like every time there’s a big something, there’s a tornado, there’s a flood. Um, there’s a robbery. Um, the there’s a really good robbery that we saw. Um, and, uh, but they like, the news finds like the most meth out, toothless hillbilly in America to talk about how their trailer, whew. I just kinda, I was staying around over there and then she came through and it just, whew, gone caught me in a blender. And, uh, so I feel like, uh, with tiger King coming out and Mr. Exotic, um, he, he just, he just kept on, uh, just telling the world that Oklahoma’s the same way that they see on the news with the tornadoes. Um, do you think of Oklahomans, Oklahoma Yens, Oklahoma, Oklahoma?

I like Oklahoma’s Oklahoma’s okay.

Do you, do you think that they, uh, they are hillbillies or, or what do you think Oklahoma is? Or hillbillies or what

Are they your homie or that you hillbilly Bo?

I don’t either.

Oh, it was so good. It was that. Carol Baskin.

Now, did you watch the shows?

Well, I was hooked. I watched it for two minutes and then that was it. I had hammered watched it with the wife, to be honest. We didn’t know if it was like trailer park boys where it was fake. I’m like, so is this staged? And then that chick her arm. And I was like, yeah.

So it’s kind of like, this is why we compare this. So I got it

Engaged in central park, New York. And so I met, so I w I got engaged there. Right. I went back after we got married, we got married and then, uh, dad passed away. And then a month later, our son was born. We’re actually, our son was born in the dead. Dad passed away a month later. So mom, we’re like, Hey, I’m going to take you up to New York. Let’s, you know, travel, whatever. But there’s a lot of people we met. Cause in New York, you can’t have babies unless you’re wealthy because you can’t care for the baby. Cause every school is private. Or if you go to the public schools, it’s harsh. So we talked to a lot of people and there’s a lot of people in New York that live probably like a mile away from the statue of Liberty that never seen it. Right. So Jordan and I, we were in Oklahoma, but we’ve never seen the tire drinking.

We live right by it. I

Don’t know what the hell that is, but

I never heard anything about him though.

That’s kind of like the analogy, but I kind of want to go now kind of do too. Is it habit forming? So, so, so a couple of years ago I took, uh, my wife and my son, um, to this place called Safari Joe’s, which is not Joe Exonics. And so they have this logger and jaws piranha we get to pay to stick a chicken drum on this big PVC pipe, it, stick it in the cage. And this dude stood up on this. See, I’m crazy. Literally, probably 10 feet tall stood up on this cage and chomp that bone, like it was a frozen chicken bone. Like it was nothing. And when he roared, I can’t tell you what it did to me on the inside. It was crazy. It kind of, uh, it was, it was a little bit of a tingle, right? Yes it did. You, did. You never heard anything like that? In my life? I Donnie did private white to this, the, the meme about like all the crazy zoo, exotic people. They’re like either their names starts with a G Joe ends with the Joe or exotic. Did you see that man? Yeah, because we have Safari Joe here that


Say bad things, but him and his wife had this Safari place with, uh, these, uh Bobcat’s. They had these ligers, they did have likers. They had, uh, they had several, several mountain lines cause truckers would buy them and they would keep them as kittens on the road. And they would guard their truck while they’re sleeping. And so eventually they turned on the truck driver and so they would give them to places like this. So they had so many mountain lions and eventually now I don’t want to speak out of turn, but they split up one of theirs and I don’t know whose it was. I feel like I know who’s it is, um, their barn burnt down with like all their animals in it. And then someone was brought up on sexual charges and now one of them owns the biggest water park in Tulsa. Yeah, it’s crazy. And this is just like a forethought. If you want to tiger or Leininger, you have to pay over $10,000 a year for food for them and you can’t afford it. Don’t do it. Wait. And they actually had a white, I don’t know if a Siberian or whatever it was tiger that Mike Tyson had that he raised it. It was his, it was crazy. That was the same one in hangover.

There’s so much Oklahoma talk. I don’t know if you guys, you probably know, but I used to be an Oklahoma resident. Okay. And everything that you hear about the Florida, man, I don’t get it because Oklahoma is so much, so much worse.

Donny. I don’t know what that means. What does that mean, Donny?

I mean, we’ve got the methods. We’ve got the we’ve got it all. But people it’s like, I feel like Oklahoma is underrated. I feel like Oklahoma is underrated. Like you don’t hear about it. We don’t, you don’t hear about like things that happening in Oklahoma. It’s all over the world. But Oklahoma is got by far the most things happening it does at all times.

So in 2019, Oklahoma has the next, uh, biggest park besides New York. Did you guys know that? Nope. Oh no. They just launched it and it’s huge. It’s awesome. Huge, huge.

So they

Compare it to central park, but even better because it’s more kid friendly or family friendly.

Okay. All right. So you don’t have a laid yet, but I’m going to go ahead and ask you this when your party, if you’re parting off a bar, a piece of bar stock, if you’re partying off something, um, do you know what that is? The term or the tool? The term partying off? I kind of understand it. Yes. Okay. So as you know, you can’t, um, cut something like if you’re partying it off, you’re always going to leave a little bit of material in the dead center of the stock. What do you call that piece of that little piece of material that’s still left on the, on the, either the bar stock or your part after you’re done, uh, cutting or partying it off. That’s the nipple then, right? Yeah.

Depending on if it’s big or small, I call it a tit or a nipple. Yeah, absolutely. Now wait. So tiny ups, nipples boys. So wait, if, if you had a lead in your parting off and you had a nipple, how would you remove it?

Oh, you’d have to face it back off, right? Oh,

With what? The mustache or the T and G Those are all best mustache. Ain’t just for looks boys. I like that.

Well, trust me this mustache right here. I use it to face off all kinds of all the time.

If I have to edit that out of the podcast for your wife, I’m going to be upset. So I’m out of the loop. Hang on, hang on. I’m going to show Brandon Wyatt because he’s like, uh, he’s like if Wyatt or Nope. [inaudible] Nope. Had a baby. Why? This is why we’re like this. It’s like Canada meets John Snow and Corey. Oh, [inaudible] minutes. And we found out who he was. I knew I recognized him from somewhere.

Laurie and John Snow had a baby. Boom. That’s right. You guys gotta see, you gotta see this then just give me one second. Oh my gosh. Oh, he’s gone.

This is in a broken after. Oh, pants down.

He doesn’t have, he doesn’t have pants. He has overalls. Yeah.

No, it just, it looks like overall, just a top half pants in Oklahoma. Oh, he’s got a, he’s got a John Snow.

He’s limited. So on the podcast with us today, we’ve got John Snow. Yup.

How cold is it in Canada

Right now. All right. Can you, can you do me a favor? Cause I want to get this. I want to get a good screenshot of this going on right now. So I need you guys to look in the camera and I need you to pick up your weapon while you’ve got this coat on. All right. Three, two. Got it. Oh,

John Snow is so handsome now, dude.

It’s so good. God, if there’s, if there’s anything that’s going to go down as what we stand for on this podcast is that we have really cool guests. Hey. Oh, Oh, Oh really? Heck and cool guests. I thought your word is freaking freaking. Yeah, I’ve got, I’ve got kids. So I have, I’ve had to like censor myself because around my kid, I’m not trying not to, you know,

So, so I liked, I liked how fast white grabbed his jaws piranha

Uh, John Snow coat off his, off his Haas, VF three. So, because I do you, do you run your VF three with that on, does that shelter you from the Polycom?

Sometimes I just have to stroke myself and you know, reassure myself without knowing the right way to here.

This is what it’s all about. This is why I’m doing it. You throw on your John Snow coat, pick up your big custom gun. Is this all correct?

But Hey, this is great white. Okay. So your entrepreneur, right? Yep. You saw a vision, you do it. So, so with Jordan and I, our dad passed away. We start. So we took over a master machine when we started Mmm. Dash USA, right? Yes. And then one day me and Jordan look at each other and we have nobody above us to encourage us, nobody above us to encourage us. And so who’s gonna encourage us. Yeah. Your mama. Well, it doesn’t matter, but ourselves, we literally have to wake up every day and throw on the John Snow and grab the gun and courage ourselves. Is that how you motivate yourself? Hey, that’s how

Entrepreneurs do it.

So, so, so in, in the morning you go out to your shop, you flip on the lights. Okay. I’m going to take this real low. You flip on the phase converters

Smoke machine first.

Oh, smoke machine. Yeah. And then you put the lights on dim and then you turn on the face. Converter,

Uh, mood, music, mood music. Then I’ve got the mood music

You throw on your Johns and then you pick up the gun and then you turn on the Haas. Is this act, is this accurate? Hey, that’s an entrepreneur. That’s what entrepreneurs do.

I just wish you guys could see it like describing it’s one thing. But to see it,

Is it wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. And be honest. Does Corey send you pictures that he doesn’t send me? Do you have a big poster of Cory shirtless with some cerated, Pronto jaws in front of a Haas machine on your wall?

How did you How’d you guess? That’s unbelievable.

I had a feeling. I felt like he was, I felt, I felt like he was holding out on me is what it is. I felt like he was holding out on me. I would buy it. I would put it up in my shop. Yep. Yeah. I was sitting in my bedroom

If it’s like Corey, with two of his, two of his ARS, like across chest, like this very symmetrical. You don’t want to cover up chest. Do you want the, you want it out? No, I just want to see like his little Chris that he’s got to go and he’s always got like this little crisp on right here.

How cool would it be? If we could get Donny, Wyatt, Cory, all down here in Oklahoma. Well, we’re either going to Canada or Texas. Yeah, I believe it. I mean, we can come to Oklahoma and shoot into the river. Behind the shop. Yeah. Hey everybody. John Sonoco has the most land. Yeah. So Y so you, you live on you. I feel like you said it was kind of like a ranch or a farm.

Yeah. So basically 80 acres was going to the farm.

Donny’s come now. Let’s do it. You have a bus. You’re going to a school bus. Is this, is this your daily driver is house boss. It’s so bright up there. Still urban camouflage. Oh, Oh. We’ll play house trucks and pine trees. So do you have any, what’s your closest neighbor?

Closest neighbors. Probably half a kilometer away. And then the shop puppy got to have the shop puppy. So he’s got a school bus. He’s got a Siberian Wolf as a pet. Yes.

He’s got a Jon snow coat. Could you imagine? So I feel like if you have white and Cory together, it’s almost as sexy and dangerous as like a Tom at BOM.

Yeah. Do you want me to paint you? I don’t know. Do you want me to, yes. I’m going to paint you this picture and everyone’s going to love it. I just know it. Oh, Wyatt. It’s Wyatt and his John Snow coat driving that Bluebird school bus

And the Cory on the top posing to ARS.

Corey is Corey is shirtless hanging out the top hatch of the bus, shirtless with his two guns in the air. Just firing them off side-by-side downtown. And then his

Erica. And then why it’s like


Clint, Eastwood. Boom. Okay.

So bus bus going across the Plains while it’s kind of going up and down some Hills Siberian dog running next to the bus for guns blazing.

And it’s got, it’s gotta be a drone shot, like a loop around a full three 60 loop around slow motion. And then you have both wives in the background going. We love you guys. Thank you for being perfect.

It’s about way too much time to think

About it. No, it just happened. This has happened. Hey. Hey, does your wife know that you’re on a podcast tonight? Yes, absolutely does. Oh, she does.

Does she, does she want to make a guest appearance?

She does not. Actually. She specifically da, she is like, no, no, no, no guest appearances tonight. She is, uh, she is a true business business woman then it’s not in her nature to be mysterious, but she just, no, she’s like, Nope. I was like, okay,

Well she missed out on a lot of hairy bearded guy.

Yeah. I’m going to tell her it’s like, dang it. Yeah. If you, if you, if she thought Corey was hot, then you definitely missed out on Brandon. Yeah.

Okay. I’m going to, I’m going to ask you a couple of questions. Yup. So who are some of the top people on Instagram and, uh, they will forgive you if you don’t mention them, but who are, who are some of the top people that you follow for personal inspiration and has anybody just like went above and beyond to help you solve a problem, maybe stop what they’re doing for just a second and help you, uh, help you solve a problem that you were having. So, so who are some of the top people that you follow for inspiration on Instagram and why?

So definitely bad-ass Machina, obviously the content unbelievable mixture of awesome guys and superior talent. Like it’s, it’s just amazing. All the different industries, like right from the aesthetic stuff. That’s models and landscapes right down to those machines that are almost the size of an entire shop. And the guy walks down into there with a broom and sweep stuff out. It’s interesting to see that rain difference in machining product-wise was definitely Eric from orange spice and Jordan huge help with the Dawes. Thanks, man. That was another, yeah, that was another amazing little addition to us that took a variable out of the process that I just don’t have to worry about anymore. Nice. And obviously Corey from aeronautics, he’s been phenomenal with helping me learn programming, helping me program in itself too. Just been phenomenal and the boys over at Qualicum, they took their time to make sure that I got the exact right cooler that I needed and even demo me a couple of pills just to make sure I liked it and saw that it didn’t form up like a jaws piranha bubble bath.

Um, so I’m going to ask you some questions because I know that you’re a user of some of our products. Yes. Nice. So what are some of the products that you have from us currently?

I’ve got six inch product strips right now. Yeah. And I run those in both my machines actually right now. And I’m getting on their way, the eight inch from the jaws. Okay. But not grips, I’m actually getting the full jaws. Right. Right. So what made you go with the strips? Uh, first, before you went with the hard jobs? I

Honestly didn’t think about the usage of my machines properly and I just wanted to try it with the strips where I was already using a soft job lock system. So we definitely put the cuts in drilled and threaded for the strips and it’s been working awesome. It’s just in the spirit of trying to make sure that I can do my fault co-ops is within the Spigit possible. I want to try to go back to having Curt style jobs.

Hey, so, um, did you try other products before you tried our products?

Honestly, no, actually I was just cutting normal steps into soft gels. Okay. Yeah. And I asked Corey about what would be the thing to try. And it was literally one answer.

So, so you heard about our products from Corey?

Yeah. And we’ll, bad-ass machinists on that, on that page first. And then I asked him to look down and he had mentioned that he had your guys a spice handle. He was running your guys jaws, a few here, you guys, his products and everything was just right there. Top quality, easily accessible, evenly priced. Nice. I feel like we talk about the jaws piranha strips a lot, but some that’s like not talked about at all, which I think has been for me, one of my personal favorites was the handles. You guys make the mat, the master machine handles are the bees knees.

They’ve they’ve they’ve been like selling like hotcakes one size fits all. No, that’s not true. Well, the grip, the grip, the whole is different. That’s true. Yeah. That’s what she said. What’d you say that our product has helped you save time, which equals money?

Well, it absolutely translates to my 80 then translate to less stress if I don’t have to worry.

Oh my gosh. Okay. Wait, wait. This is my next question. Wait, wait, I got one more question. Okay. Well I got two more questions. Okay. So nice ask her because I know where you want to go. When he says it saves you a stress, stress, stress. So you you’re you’re machining with our jaws saves you stress. Is that correct?

Yeah, absolutely. So do you,

So do you think with having our jaws without the less stress, it helps your marriage? Oh, absolutely. So you’re saying that our jaws saved your marriage

Well directly to the amount that you’ve invested Mmm. Will equal your marital happiness. It’s like a direct relationship. It’s like a dollar for dollar. It’s pretty much proven that if you invest in machining master machine products, it’s going to equal the same as what it would cost to get divorced. So you might as well just invest in good quality products versus getting divorced. Absolutely. Okay. Make the more money she has. Everything else feels good from there.

It makes sense. It saves stress. It gives her more money.

It does. So

Wait, wait, wait. I have one more. Would you go so far as to say that our cerated strips, if needed, could be used as a tactical weapon or useful tool for surviving?

Oh, absolutely. Every now and again, when I’m out of the shop or something and someone wants to meet up for a meeting that I’m not shedding for. I just pull up my and sequins Dave or

Any form of something like that.

Nice. So, so, so when you hop on your big, your big horses, do you have, uh, like a left and a right cerated, Pronto strip strapped on both sides, just in case like the guns fall off and you have to do some hand to hand stuff.

I would say at least two, at least two, if you drop one, then you’re only down to one and that’s just a terrible situation for them. So if you say the enemy, yeah.

If you throw the first one and you miss, then you at least have a backup.

Cause you’re not going back for that. So he was a riot was telling me earlier that he actually uses the 80 foul. Um, he’s he got the 80,000 hard jaws because he needs something a little bit more aggressive to file down the nails for his, his, a Wolf that he owns. Oh. So he uses the step in the $80,000 to kind of do like a nice file. It’s a nice, even clean cut. So he, he literally uses him to machine and he files his Wolf nails, um, has, will snails with massive machine jaws piranha products. That’s pretty cool. Are you

Wearing your John Snow coat at this time?

Oh my goodness. No, I was overheating That old girl. She heats up pretty good.

She was dead. He was getting too hot

There boys, too much facial hair for him, you know,

Look at these PJ’s Hey, you can only do that. Move your speaker, but he didn’t shake it. I noticed no spank it. Oh, there it goes. Oh my God.

So, so how, how on this time in the crazy world today of the, uh COVID-19, how has this affected your business? How are you? Are you guys like rocking and rolling? Because I can’t even find bullets. I can’t buy any.

We are rocking and rolling now. Yes, it is unbelievable.

So every time there’s a crisis, you know, you’re gonna, you’re gonna, you’re going to do good.

It’s one of those industries.

Nice. What was part of was that

Part of your decision making or where you’re just purely, I wanted to go on this because I love it. Or you’re like, this will never go away.

It was because it was a good business to get into. Nice Donny. Got anything else about him? Actually? Yeah, I do have one more. Uh, you’ve generated products. You’ve created them. You’ve got your machines. You’re kind of establishing, um, as a business owner, you’ve always gotta be thinking about the future and what that entails. What’s uh, what’s in the future for Maccabi defense. I’m glad that you asked for actually working right now with Aramark’s to do a couple other collaborations. So we’re working on the ASX 15 that he’s been designing with us. And we’ve also been looking at doing some work on another little side venture. Um, I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of forage grinders. Yes I have. Yeah. So we working on orange grinders together to drive the market to, I feel like it’s kinda top secret. It’s a little bit topsy here, but growing it, no, no, you could do. You could get into all sorts of stuff like that, but unfortunately there’s no alternative income for that.

So if someone, if someone was like, I want to see his products, I want to see what they look like and possibly buy them. If you’re going to direct somebody to a place on the internet where you could do that, where would they find you?

Uh, our website is Mac Def Inc com. So Mac D E F I N c.com.

And if they wanted to follow you on some social media platforms, where would you, where would you guide them to jaws piranha

Definitely suggest the Instagram feed because that’s the more active one. Okay. And that’s at Mack Def underscore, Inc. Nice. Thank you guys so much for the opportunity to come on. This is really special. Meet all you guys and talk to y’all.

You’re welcome, man. Thank you for coming on. So, uh, as always, we’re going to end in a boom, which stands for a big overwhelming optimistic momentum. If you’re not, if you don’t bring the boom every day, you ain’t first you’re last. That’s great. That’s what I do, but you will lose. So we’re going in it in a three, two, one, boom. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to spend it. Listen to four crazy guys on a podcast. We are just getting tons of positive feedback from people wanting more. If you liked this podcast, if it makes you laugh, please share it with your friends, tag us on social media, leave us a review. So until next time we’ll see you later.