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Kurt Vise Jaws | Check Out Our TUKK XL

Kurt Vise Jaws | Check Out Our TUKK XL


When it comes to finding the right Kurt Vise Jaws for your toolbox, be sure to reach out to MMM-USA. we will be more than happy to tell you what this price is going to be as well as tell you about our TUKK XL which is going to be available for $95. we also have a 1776 version that is $105 and we have a junior version that is going to be $80. see what is going to be the right fit for you. Find out more about our producers, our distributors, products and everything that makes our company so great.

New Kurt Vise Jaws and other products are going to be found with MMM-USA, so make sure that you check out our .125 piranha strip Jaws which are six by 2.125 by 2.125 and are new and are available for $85. we also have our 080 piranha strip Jaws that are the same dimensions at the same pricing and we are happy to say that we also have new products over 3/4 inch quick Vise handle that is considered black on black for $45. As you can see, we have so many options that will be available.

By purchasing our Kurt Vise Jaws and other products that you are going to receive from MMM-USA, you are going to receive quality products for a fraction of the price of what you would for any company that outsources materials outside of america. We have our 3/4-in quick Vice handle that comes in black cherry, black cherry with a black grip, firestorm, and our Purple Cow version that is $45 just like our black-on-black version. We also have 8-inch hard Jaws that are going to be $265 and will be available to you in no time.

Packaging all of our tools through MMM-USA is also something that we take very seriously as we want to make sure that you get your products in the best condition possible. find out the different shirts and merchandise that we have and we know that you will want to go forward with our company in every way possible. We have shirts available for $25, tumblers, and koozies that are $25 as well. ask about our Grill box for $275 as well as new products such as our stakes that are 48 in for $135.

find out more information about MMM-USA whenever you reach out to the representative today at the number 918-366-4855. maybe more than happy to answer any questions that you may have as well as direct you over to our website at www.MMM-USA.com so you can check out more items that we have available for you. it doesn’t matter if you’re interested in merchandise, tools, or if you’re interested in our freedom houses, we know that you are going to love all the different options that we have available. Why would you want to choose a company that is not American-owned and operated?

Kurt Vise Jaws | Affordable And Fair Pricing

find the best Kurt Vise Jaws with MMM-USA and we know that you are going to find so many other things that either you are interested in or your special someone will be interested in for the holidays. for instance, we have wood coasters that come in a pack of four for $25 and we also have stakes that come in 36 for $115. if you’re looking for a custom bottle opener, understand that we have one with our emblem on it for just $12.99 and we have other tools that would be beneficial to your toolbox and your garage.

Ask our Representatives about our Kurt Vise Jaws at MMM-USA and we know that you are going to love everything that we have available. We can also tell you about our steel soft Jaws which are 6 in by 2.125 by 2.125 will be $50 and we even have a steel soft Jaws for $29.90. no matter what type of jaws you were looking for, we also have aluminum Jaws for $26.65 that’s so much more. they’re going to be made out of the highest integrity and quality and we will make sure to get the dimensions correct.

use our Kurt Vise Jaws for any project that you are interested in and we know that you are going to love everything about MMM-USA. if you’re looking for valves, then check out the valves that we have such as a 25-ar valve for a fraction of the cost of what you would get anywhere else. We also have a 50-cr valve for $75.28, so why would you want to go anywhere else? If you would like to see different feedback on what clients have to think about our products, go online to our website today.

You will see from the different reviews that MMM-USA has received over the years that people continuously use our products and love everything about us. Whenever you check out our Instagram page and our Facebook, you will have the opportunity to see the different projects that we have taken on as well as the limited-time specials that we may have Going on. We would also like for you to see the five-star reviews and testimonials that we have available on our website today. This is going to show you that we are so much better than any other company you could do business with. If you are looking for Jaws, not the movie Jaws, but the manufacturing item, then you are most certainly in the place that you should be. We are happy to ensure you get it all done well.

by reaching out to the Professionals of MMM-USA at the number 918-366-4855 you’re going to quickly see that we are the right company to go with. We would like for you to ask us any questions that you may have about our tools, products, or the way that we run our business. You can also find information about that whenever you go online to our website at www.MMM-USA.com. Understand that we will always go above and beyond for you and we look forward to receiving your business as well as showing you that you are our number one priority.