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Piranha Jaws | Teach Everybody as a Third Grader

Piranha Jaws | Teach Everybody as a Third Grader

Hello to the inbox nation. Welcome to episode number six. I’m going to give you guys a disclaimer. We’re going to take you back the first time we called Mr. Donny, freaking flowers, get ready. It’s going to be a good one. Welcome to the [inaudible] and we are back that’s right boys. We’re back. We got be right in the studio again today. Believe it or not. He made some time for us a day. And then we have my brother from the same mother again, how you doing alive? Nice. So we’re going to talk about some amazing topics and piranha jaws. Okay. Brandon, I know you got some NACE. I know you got some. I do. We’re going to talk about the first thing we’re going, gonna talk about we’re going to talk. Oh, nipples. Um, I’m uh, I’m assuming you’re talking about nipple whenever you part off apart. And it leaves a nipple. I believe that’s the of nipples you’re referring to. We have some of that stuff running right now. We have a lot of nipples happening@mm-usa.com.

Well, I guess we’re just going to go into the nipple business. So how, how do we deal with the nipple with all the nipples and our shop? Is it distracting? Nah, it doesn’t, it doesn’t, it doesn’t stop you from working over used to it. Ooh, go on. Yup. Now whenever we say, uh, I need you to deeper that nimble. How do you, can you walk us through the process? Would you say after you’re done touching the nipple, it’s horrifying. Purified purified makes you qualified, makes you horrified. Are you justified for show? Oh, nice. So Brandon, whenever we talk about nipples, uh, with our bar feed machines, when we’re cutting off parts, parting off parts, they always leave behind a little bit of extra material. Sometimes some, some are bigger than others. Um, but we always have to remove them. Now that nipple comes off on the part on the bar stock that still stuck to the shaft that can occur.

Now, th there might be people out there that have no idea what we’re talking about right now. As far as the lathe supervisor CEO, can, can you put it in terms where the average person that’s not a machinist would understand what we’re talking about right now? So I feel like you’re talking, um, like we should explain everything in a third grade level. Exactly. Because Warren buffet says teach everybody as a third grader because you should. Well, because he buys companies that can be ran by. It is because he says what someday they will be, Oh, monkey brain, piranha jaws. One day, those companies will be ran by idiot. So you have to make it EOT proof. What’d you say proof? No. Before that idiot proof, what does that mean? Well, the, where a third grader can do it. So you’ve got to have systems. You’ve got to have stuff that is simple enough for anybody, you know, common sense.

Isn’t so common. Brandon, do you believe this? Have you seen guys in our shop that maybe you’re like, I’m not quite sure I have. If there are a couple of fries short, maybe the common sense isn’t there. Right? So we got to make stuff to where they can do it. So you seemed it, did he liked it? No, he didn’t. No. Is it frustrating? It is. When you show someone something to do and they decide to make up their own way to do it, discipline them by slapping them with a leftover nipple at the shop. Oh, do you give him a purple nurple no. Oh, do you, what do you want?

So a nipple. Yes. Well, we’ll get back on that. When you’re machining on a lathe, let’s take it back. Oh, machining. What is machining computer? I don’t think people even in circle code control control. That’s what I said. Yep. CNC machine is what we do it is. And so we type in the numbers. No, no bull into the machine in a sequence that replicates a line of movement with, against the gravitational force and the speeds and feeds and RPMs. I just want to go, boom. Oh, Oh, Oh, nice. You hear that? And so lathe is like, it says, Hey bro, I got laid was what do you think? Well, I mean, have you ever gotten laid this horizontal Mike you’re you’re laying down, right? It is. So all of your material or materials, metals, metals, or plastics, whatever are spinning late style, which means like, it sounds horizontal. It’s the best type of lane down. So sometimes, sometimes you can have a vertical lathe in outer space. Nice. And so when you cut off your material or your part, your part it off you part it off, it’s kind of like a, uh, Brandon, do you have any, uh, do you part off a lot? I have. Okay. And what does that mean? You separate, you send it off, you cut it in half

And there’s really no other name for that. But Nick

Nipple part off. Well, that’s what, that’s what the party procedure leaves behind. Yeah. It’s less and less. I know NACE, uh, custom, uh, custom grind. Some of his, a cutoff tools that leaves a minimal amount of nibble that’s top sacred. It is, it is a top secret technology that only he knows how to do. Yeah. Oh, we can talk about it. You got to pay me though for free. Nope. So it’s so, so now, so now we know what machine is. It’s where we remove material to make cuter a product numerical, quantified control. Oh, okay. So when you part off, there’s a good piece of material and it’s going to fall off. I part off fall off. Makes sense. But it doesn’t come at a price. It doesn’t, it doesn’t come with

Or does it does. Oh,

Simplified. He’s simplified it like a third grade level, not lawyer terms. So there’s probably, uh, several ways that we, uh, you know, with all the nipples in our shop, because you have different colored nipples, sometimes, um, different tempered nipples, sometimes different roughness of nipples.

Sometimes I like to grind mine.

You have big bulls in here. Some are really small nipples,

Pepperoni size. Is that

Small? That was going back to the big one. That’s going to the big one. Big ones like salami, I guess.

Yeah. The hard salamis. Ooh.

And then small nipples. And sometimes it we’re perfect. We have no nipples and that’s really hard to do mosquitoes on and late without a sub spindle or a piranha jaws screw machine. Oh, Brendan likes that.

I like, I like to grind my nipples off or you can machine nipples off. What

Can you, you have me at grind. Did he have you at grind? Yeah. I don’t know what that he made his fish write that in a third grade level. It’s really hard. It’s really dark in this room right now. And I can tell Brandon’s face is really red amplified. So if I was a third grader and you’re trying to teach me the word grind, what does it look like? He’s talking to you, Brenda B, right? He’s talking to you now. I know you don’t have kids, but if you’re talking to a third grader, how would you describe the grinding process?

I think that’s too young, right? That you do that?

No, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta be open and honest and you have to share with him. That’s the nicest philosophy. I am

Sure I am. Okay. So how did you guys explain it? Boom. I haven’t. Oh, you can’t ask a question with a question.

You can’t, you can’t triple stack.

That’s true. It’s back in your court, Brandon. Oh, yup.

No, this is why Brandon not a father, so, Oh, what, what is the grinding? He doesn’t know how to grind. Oh, boom. How do you grind your nipples?


How’d it go, go on, go on. How does Brendan grind his own nipples? Yes.

I like the buffer wheel. You like the buffer will? Yeah.

You buff off the nipples. That’s not kind of, that’s not really grinding. It’s like a one-step process. Five step two, two. How long does it take now? Does a nipple guys this Justin

Boom, boom, boom. Does nipple get off during this process? Yes. Oh. Oh, prove it. Okay. Prove it.

And what does that mean? If you get the nipple off

That way, you wouldn’t have to machine it off, you know?

Yeah. Cause the nipple is actually for you. Sick freak. It’s out there. It’s not just a nipple in the human body, but the nipple is not, it’s not an area. Yola, airy Ola. It’s actually the nipple on the part, off machine on it. And later any other piranha jaws machinists out there, correct us. If we’re wrong. Do you guys use any other terminology besides a nipple? The nipple, whenever you part off, apart in the amount of materials left on there, do you guys use any other terminology besides nipple? Because that’s what my dad taught me. Did your dad teach you that? So he did. And actually there’s a lot of words that I thought was actually never words that he would say. And then we went to a shop in Wichita. Yeah. And I heard some of the same terms and wanted to freak out inside because I was like, no way, is this true? I, they really call this a nipple

In the near future. Can we have live colors to talk about? Nope.

Well like today in the near future, it’d be right. Is to find a live nipple color. He can do it today. Can you, can you find somebody, anybody, anybody in your phone book ex-employee or girlfriend, we can call it mom. We can call it Jesse and see if he calls it a nibble. These are missionaries. So Hey, Hey to, Hey. Yeah, we can, we can call them here in just a second here in just a second. We’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to just cold call some machinists friends that we have and see what they call it. Uh, Brandon. So the other day we were talking about so-and-so would be a great color. And I don’t remember who it was, who wasn’t able to remember. Donny let’s call it. Donnie was Donnie. Uh, we could call it Donnie. Put him on speakerphone right now, right now. Oh, okay. Hang on just a second. If he doesn’t call Henry at hand and if he doesn’t answer it, call dead last time. Well, no, we just want to ask him about nipple. Oh, that’s because we call it. The problem is guys. When people have serrated piranha jaws. Oh, they never have nipples. Okay. Hang on just a second. You have me at Schrader? Nope. Nope. Yeah. Grind. I’m going to call. I’m gonna call. I’m gonna call a man. Donnie a machinist. Actually

We didn’t buy you buy [inaudible].

Yeah. He’s a machinist that actually uses our cerated jaws, our Pronto jaws to machine awesome products. So we’re going to call him and see what he calls the leftover material on a part. After you parted off. Here we go, boys.


Thank you for calling, uh, the flowers hotline. How can I help you Donny? The man what’s up?

Hey. Hey. So before we get into this, I just have a disclaimer. So we’re, we’re on the MMN podcast that hasn’t ever been released and you were alive on it. Oh really? Yeah, no, you really are. So, so later we want to have you, we wanna we’re we’re probably going to fly you down here and have you, for real, after the Kronos viruses, uh, is, uh, deleted from the world. And um, we, we were talking about a topic and we figured that you might be the perfect man, but me and Brandon actually just talked about you yesterday and said you would be an amazing cohost.

Oh dude, that’d be sweet. Yeah. I’m a genius. 70 sweet. I was so that’s, it’s so funny. You mentioned that, man. Cause I, uh, I talked with Tony a lot and I’ve been trying to figure out a way somehow doing something along those lines. But yeah, I think that this, I think this, um, I’m liking this idea. I’m excited.

Nice. So, okay. So, so we’re on a topic and it might be uncomfortable. It might not be politically politically correct. Right. So now I, I know you run, uh, mills, right? Um, have you ever ran any lays?

No. No, no. I’m uh, I’m not a, I’m not a lazy guy, but you probably know machinists or been

In a shop where they’ve done that, right? Oh yeah. Yeah. Okay. Here’s another question. Have you ever been late?

What is late?

Okay. Okay. We’ll move on from that one. So, so, okay. So whenever a part or gets parted off, what do you call the extra material left behind? If you don’t have a sub spindle?

I don’t have a sub spindle and I have the extra material left behind after you parted off, that’s still stocked.

Okay. But do you, do you have a name for it? Like if you needed to remove that little piece of stock that’s left behind, right.

Oh, that’s a slug. Yeah. That’s a slug.

That’s not what I’m looking for. Okay. Yes. So, so where, so where the cutoff pool actually leaves.

Okay. Um, I got you. I got you. Yeah, there’s a little tit on the back. There’s a tip. Oh, piranha jaws

Okay. So we call it a nipple, the tit, so, okay. So, so, so Donnie, how do you, how do you deal with the tit dude? Do you like the kit

First? Usually what I do when I have a tip problem like that is, I like to take my fingers and I like to love it and kind of see how raised it is. You know, sometimes they get a little bit more pretty than other. Some are big, some are small,

We just talked about this.

So you just kind of have to, you kind of have to feel it out. And do you, is it one of those tips that you gotta, you know, you gotta gotta put back in the machine and face it off or is it one of those you can just kinda lay down on the table and, and rub it, exact circular motion and kind of get it to settle down a little bit. Okay.

So, so are you, are you gentle with them or are you aggressive or how does that work?

I mean, it depends on the, uh, depends on the finished. Call-out really, you know, if she wants her, uh, once or a nice rough and rowdy finish on there, then I’ll alright. I’m good. But if it’s, if it’s one of those, uh,

Are you using like a, like a 80 grit or like a two 40?

Well, if it’s the, if it’s the kind you meet at a bar, it w you know, 1:00 AM, I’m using the 60 grit. Um, but if it’s like a, you will take your home to mama kind of one, then it’s, um, I’m, I’m putting in the 400 to 600 grits, you know, getting a nice and smooth and nice, nice finish. I take more time, you know,

When we do that, it’s, it’s the, uh, 2000 grit.

Oh, okay. So you guys, you guys get a, Surfer’s played out your doubles, your sticky tape, and some, some, 2000 grid on a surface plate and your tenure WD 40 in it. And you’re getting it almost

Just getting that tip. Nice and smooth. So, so, so, so, so Brandon is here in the studio with this too, so it’s me NACE. And then Brandon and I believe we are all bearded brothers right now. Do you still have your, I

Do have my beard right now.

Yeah. I seen that sexy video. Yeah, that was nice. He does have his beard. That’s nice. Or

I don’t want to tell you how many times I took that video. Okay, good.

Do you play the music for us right, right now. And, uh, do it again. Okay.

Play the music now. See, I had my, I was working, I had my computer set up and I just got really bored. And, uh, I had to just take a minute to, it was just after you texted me too. Nice. So, um, um, I’m just thinking to myself, man. I know these guys love like these, these catchy songs. Yeah. It’s always, it’s always like either a little catchy quotes from a movie or like a really great like song that you guys always just like sticking your head. So I just, first thing that popped in my head was, you know, I need to be super seductive and rubbing my chest.

Nice. Hey, so, so Brandon Brandon’s approach is a little bit different than ours. He said he likes to grind them.

He likes to grind them. Yeah, he really does. So yeah.

Yeah. The or, or, or the nipples, depending on where you’re located. So you’re so you’re in Florida, correct?

Yeah. Yeah. Central Florida. So they,

They, they probably call it a tit in Florida. We called a nipple in Oklahoma. I think with all the humidity is, uh, more wet.

Not really, man. It’s a really humid sort of tit environment down here. So I guess you guys would be more, more than that, that dry, dry tit area. Yeah. We’re in the human and then you get, yeah. You just get that dry heat up and up in Oklahoma. It’s kinda humid there too. I used to live there for about a year. Oh, you did it

Nice. Okay.

But yeah, I mean, so grinding and grinding them off. That’s aggressive.

Brandon, I think you have. I think, I think, I feel like you’ve encountered him very closely,

But Brendan has, hold on. I got something in my, I got something in my teeth. It’s like a piece of hair or something like that. I’m trying to get off. Go on, continue expensive.

So, uh, Donny, so kind of what I’m hearing from you is that maybe you would like to be a regular on the Mmm dash or the box podcast.

Yeah, absolutely. That’d be a true honor to honor.

Hey, you know what? I’m going to, I’m going to touch base back with you later and we will get the details all worked out so we can figure something out. Okay, buddy.

Yeah, man, that sounds awesome. All right. Cool.

I’ll talk to you later. Thank you for your expertise, man. Yeah.

All right, bye.

Mm. You got to love that guy. Was he able to hear all of this? No. No, because, uh, no, he can only hear me and who are NACE was talking to me. Yeah. Now Donny’s, he’s a, he’s a funny character. He’s yeah. Oh my gosh. I love Donny. So we need to add him. We need, so it’ll be a foursome and Ooh, but not only is Donny a good person. Yeah. But he’s got seen improvement since his actually his beard game looks better. He’s more handsome with a beard, but he’s handsome without it. But he’s way differences. It’s not the COVID testosterone. It’s not. Nope. Nope. He’s actually tested and has cerated Charles. Oh, change his life. Oh Don, he’s funny. A good beard. Now a wife, a kid. That’s true because he had serrated jaws. It saved his life and his marriage. Yes. Did you hear what he said? What? He’s been looking for? A reason to come. I know that’s perfect. So guys, so we are going to figure out a way to get dominated as a regular on our podcast and the audio quality, quality quality will be way better. So he was just on my speaker phone. Um, so should we call another machinist and see what their, uh, see what they call it? We call it, we call it Jess. I called Tony. No, I don’t know if Tony would like to be suppressed. Rick.

Great. Don’t know. Right? Yeah. He would know. Rick would know. Wait, he’ll probably be funny. Hey, what about, um, his neighbor? Eric. Eric? Yeah. I could call it Eric. That’d be weird. Jesse. Jesse would be funny. Yeah, let’s call it Jesse. Hang on just a sec. All right, guys, we’re going to call and then we’ll call then we’ll call my favorite uncle. He’s also a piranha jaws machinist. He’s been machining for longer than I’ve been alive. So let’s see here. Jesse, who phone calls at once? No, we might be having to take a break. We got our pizza pizza pizza night. Corona free pizza. Come in podcast night. Okay. Let’s see if Jesse answers. Hang on a sec and actually got to get in here. So we talked to, Oh yeah.

He might already had too many Coronas and this is true unless you have 19. Oh, Jesse. I got it. Nobody left. I’m sorry, Jesse. Oh, okay. Here we go. I was in college. I was on leave a message. I got a new joke, bro. It’s funny. You have a Corona, but not 19. Okay. Oh, I got it. Yeah. I got it. It was, yeah. It’s pretty good. You guys are shown real good. Oh yeah. I’m going to start that. I’m going to start it. Who does it? Wait, here we go. Hang on Jesse. What’s going on? What’s going on? My man. How are you doing? I’m good. I’m not, what’s going. My,

I just noticed, I just noticed you call me.

I just mowed my grass or it was this weekend. Hey Jesse. Before we get into a heart to heart, do you prefer nipples? Wait. Nope. You got to set it. You got to ask him right. Meet me. And my brother had this, this bet that people call something in machine in different. And so we wanted to call you and ask your take on it. Nipples or. Wait, wait, wait, wait, Jesse. So I know you run lathes and mills. What, what if you were machining a part on a lathe and you’re partying and off, what do you call the extra material?

Nipple. Oh,

Hey, Hey, wait, wait, wait. So I think that’s an Oklahoma thing. Cause we just called their friend in Florida and he called it a tit.

Well, I’ll tell you what, I guess it depends how big it is. If there’s way too big. I’m going to call it a tick. Oh really? It is a little bit. If it is a little bit thin, then I just call people.

Oh, so you got a different outlook than we do, man. That’s awesome. So wait, so if you don’t have a subspindle Jessie, how ho how do you deal with that issue? Do you, do you grind it? Do you have a second operation?

Uh, if he just leaves at tit on, on the very end of the, uh, of the park.

So, so you’re saying the big one, the big one? Yeah.

Well, I guess, I don’t know. I just, I just, I just used a thrill and kind of go and, and uh, you know, just get rid of it, grill it.

So do you ever let’s so Brandon told us that he likes to grind it.

Well, yeah, I guess you can do some grind until

All right, man. I’ll talk to you later, bud. All right, bye. So as you can see, we pretty much only talk about highly intelligent things here, but seriously, if you like this, if you laugh, please share it with your friends. Leave us a review, tag us on Instagram. And remember if it’s a tiny little thing, it’s a nibble. You’re listening to the inbox. We’ll catch you next time.