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Serrated Jaws | Need To Get Quality Parts Every Order?

Welcome to the [inaudible]. Yes, yes, yes and yes. In today’s podcast, we’re going to be talking about cerated jaws, but first, we’re going to take you back. We’re going to take you way back. We’re going to take you away to talk about the origin of Serrated Jaws. Now if you’re listening to this, you gotta be one sick freak cause only sick freaks like you and I would find pleasure in creating or listening to a podcast about cerated jobs. So setback. Hold on tight cause here we go.

All right. All right guys, this is Jordan on the mic. This is our first podcast and my brother from maybe the same mother is on the other mic. How you doing in his name is nice. It’s a little too central for me. Nice. Okay, guys, this is our first. This is our first podcast and we have a special guest with us in the box today and he is my bearded brother from another mother. He is six foot one, blonde hair, blue eyes. I’ve known him since we were kids and you guys might recognize him. He’s famous all around the world. His pictures all over the world and I’m going to let him introduce himself right now. His name is right. Hello, world. This is Brandon. How are you doing? I’m good. How are you doing? I’m doing better since you’re next to me. Oh, you’re Whoa. Serrated Jaws, this is awkward related jobs. I’ll show you. [inaudible]

well, anyways, Brandon, how, how did you get your claim to fame, Brandon? Oh, well, uh, your face is on so many people’s machines around the world on a sticker. And what do you think that they are thinking when they look at that beautiful face of yours? Oh, I’m sure they’re laughing all the time. And uh, you know, I don’t know what they think. So, so why did we create a sticker with your face on it? What was the meaning behind that? It was a don’t break your teeth on what those badass graded gels, sir rated jaws. Brandon. Why? Why? Now? This might be personal branding, but if you could take us back into your past, take us into your past real deep. Okay. Now it could be personal and there might be tears. But why were you the perfect candidate for this

take? Wow. We’ll just say when I was 18 something happened and Nope. Nope. Tell it. Tell it all. Just tell it like it is. Cause everybody wants to hear it. Well, I got sucker-punched over a girl-guy, girl. Well, I got sucker-punched from older guy 10 years older. Uh, he’s trying to get with my lady girl or guy. Okay. It was over a girl. Okay. Yes. Okay. Well, we’ll wait. So before the sucker punch, what exactly happened? Because how the sucker punch happened is fabulous. So, um, um, I’m knocking on her door and, and he walks out and uh, he walks up to me. He’s like, Hey, what are you doing here? Nice. Nice. You know, it was good to see you. And he’s taken, he’s stuck his hand out. Like he was going to shake my hand and then, Oh bam one-hit around the legs. Oh no. But this is my favorite part because I just cringe every time I even think about it. What happened after that, Brandon? So whenever you saw the damage that had been done?

Well, [inaudible]

I ran straight to the bathroom. It was either, you know after that happened, I was just like, what just happened? And I felt my teeth in the back of my mouth and I ran to the bathroom and I freaked out and I yanked him, bad dude. So instead of saving them now instead of saving them, he yanked those boys out. Okay. So at any point during this altercation, did you wish you had a pair of Serrated Jaws? Yes. If I back, yes. No. You know, we make some interchangeable strips with serrated teeth on them, not strippers. They are not interchangeable strippers. They’re interchangeable teeth strips with Serrated Jaws on them. Did you guys know that? I do know. Oh, perfect. Hey, nice. So now, now that we went down the historic road with B, right, could you take us into the history of cerated where that name comes from? Yes. First of all, it’s an adjective. Did you guys know that? I didn’t. I do now. Okay. And it comes from a Latin word Serrated Jaws kind of sounds like your readiness. Hmm. Interesting. Meaning a knock notch like Saul, most often it’s in swords and knives that are described as cerated. Serrated Jaws. Yup. Yup. But some leaves like those of Ash leaves of maple trees. Hmm. Well as known. Certain flower pedals like the carny dolls and some maybe carnations. Hmm. Interesting. And some tulips also have cerated

the origin of jaws, jaws probably or originated from the fair. Gino arches supporting the gills of jawless fish. The earliest jaws appeared in the now extinct.

Nice. Can you help me with this word? Yes. It’s a pick a domain. [inaudible] it’s Latin

cool. Samsonite and the spiny sharks during the NACE. Can you help me with this word? [inaudible] about 430 million years ago. Hey NACE. So talking about jaws, this kind of brings a movie into my memory. Nice. Can you, can you like, do you, do you remember a movie that’s famous for jaws?

Oh, jaws. Um, Oh, okay.

Brandon, you have one [inaudible]

yeah, this is my all-time favorite jaws movie of 1975 with Steven Spielberg. This was a great movie. I will not get in any body of water because of this movie, so thank you, Steven.

He says you’re welcome. That was it. That was his whole plan. Hey Brandon, do you know how many cerated jaws attacks there are on average in the United States? Let’s just say between one and 115 to 20 well, I’ll just say, let’s narrow it down to one number 16 he cheated. He has, he has the freaking notes, guys. He cheated. Okay. Anyways, there is one fatality every two years.

Bye. Cerenia. Joel’s

nice. Nice. Can you, can you jaw sharks? Nice. Can you just break down? Can you set up the movie Forrest, the movie right? Movie

plot for us. It’s a hot summer on many islands. It’s quite a small community whose main business it is and beaches. When the new sheriff Martin Brody discovers the remains of a shark attack victim, his first inclination is to close the beaches. Swimmers. This doesn’t sit well with Mayor Larry Vaughn and several of the local businessman. Brody backs down to his regret that this weekend a young boy was killed by predator [inaudible] jars. The dead boy’s mother puts a bowtie on the sharks and may my name I sorry. He’s speaking in tongues. People. He’s filling it. It’s circular filling the flow. As soon swap with amateur hunters and fishermen hoping to catch on this reward, a local fisherman with the much experience hunting shorts went one day, offers, talk down the creature for a hefty fee soon one deep Brody and Matt Harper from the ocean graphic Institute or the sea of haunting, the great white shark. Mm mm. Mm. That’s Brody significantly summer. Just exactly.

Surmises harasses psoriasis. Okay. Out there, their first encounter with that creature, they’re going to need a bigger boat. Oh, man. Uh, that, that just sends chills up and down my spines and I feel like I have psoriasis now. Well, boys, do you remember when we went to, uh, where we went to Key West? Yeah, absolutely. Our first night there, we all, uh, first of all, I just want to keynote. You can take these jobs anywhere but highly not recommend on an airplane. That’s true. Yeah. Cause they could be considered a weapon because they’re charming kind of like a knife or a flower. Yes. Four of it did. It depends who was looking at it. So it, so anyways, Brandon, the first night we was there, member of found those bicycles. Yes. And was three in the morning and we all decided to go key West or uh, destiny.

And you know, that was Destin, Destin on the pedals. Key West was those, uh, scooters. Yeah, yeah, yup. No Macy’s. Right. He is right. This was destined. And uh, I remember us going out, it was like three in the morning and all I could think about was cerated jobs syringe due to due to, I thought I was going to get in it and I don’t still cause nay said, cause the movie, I won’t get out in the ocean, but, but first of all, let, let’s just this night, because what I remember from where I was standing was that you and another coworker stripped-down, injured and you guys were glowing in the Moonlight and you ran out like a blaze of glory into the ocean. And you said straight to Joel’s. If you’re out there, show yourself. I believe I believe that what was said here, but I believe that that was said. I felt it felt in my bones. Oh man, what a night. It wasn’t. It was a good night. NACE since we’re in the business of machining, we got a bunch of CNC machines.

When did we decide that making Serrated Jaws was beneficial for us? 1975 that’s an accurate, no, we’re not. We’re not talking about the movie. Serrated Jaws. Nope. Noah. Steven. Oh, it sounded good. It did sound good. We were the first, well, okay, we thought about it and about 10 years ago. I think that’s still accurate, it’s been a little bit not, it’s been like five years now. Five years. Six years. Let’s just say in between. We’ve been selling to jaws for six years. The idea is probably in our heads about eight years ago. Eight years ago. Yeah, because dad passed away going on seven years this summer. Nice. Okay. So I hate to chase rabbit trails here. So I think Rapids rabbits taste good. So tell us a story about dad when he was talking about, about your jaws. Um, whenever he tells you how to Chuck them.

Yeah. So tell us a little story about that. Yeah. So it’s kinda like jaws movie. Once you’re here you don’t go back. Hey. Yeah. You cannot and adhere to this once you hear it. Yeah. So if you don’t know dad, you can do the same thing twice and he’ll praise you or he’ll call you a little bitch. I’m sorry guys. I missed that one. Just say that. Yeah, you can say I’m just supposed to beat, but at the same time. Okay, let’s try it again a little bit. Yeah, there you go. I think it held it out a little bit wrong and he was supposed to guys, this is, this is going to take a little bit, this is our first podcast. And so, uh, when I was learning how to machine, you have to change out devices on a CNC machine called Jarls, whether it’s lathe mill or manual Bridgeport.

You have Joel’s no balls. Joel’s okay. And one day he was coming to me and he was a little frustrated. Um, I was, I was just excited to learn and I didn’t care if I messed up, I just want to get the job done. Um, and so right before he left, he looked at me and said, choke your balls. Do what? And I said, what? He said, don’t Chuck your balls. I said I’m not going to Chuck my balls first of all, why am I going to climb into this S T 30 I put my balls up there to Chuck them. So I, even though he was pissed off during the moment and he heard that, are you allowed to laugh when his BUSD off? Yeah, because he did. Especially when you say balls,

first of all, nobody wants to check their balls. Cause especially with syringes. Yeah, that’s right. So tell Brandon, so tell us about the type of improvement that you’ve seen. When we use our serrated jaws, what are all the applications that we use them for here? I know you’re, you’re not necessarily on the mill, but can you, can you, can you give us what,

what do you see? Oh, just way faster production. I mean, bam, it, it’s, it’s a two op deal. I mean that is badass [inaudible]

that they are and do they ever let go, Brandon? Do they ever surprise you and just, and just stop biting one day?

No. You know, they’re almost like a stage five. Clinger, what’d you get? How come in your life? You can’t get me.

You can’t get rid of him. Sarada jaws. You can’t get rid of them once you have them. You can’t get rid of him. We have, we have customers all over the United States are using our jaws right now. Nathan, what does a, what does a typical thing that you see when people are using our Serrated Jaws, they buy one and then, and then and then, and then what?

Then they call us and say, hell yeah,

that has happened. And then they buy more every single time. If they have, if they have one set of Serrated Jaws, they got to buy it. Another set of SRE to jobs because not only can you machine five sides with a set of serrated jaws and then flip over the part and then what tab it off. Tab off the 80,000 some material. Tap it off

to Tabby, off Phil on the flow, on the flow. Fill in the flowing circular. It’s a writer, it’s it. Harness the good black, the bad. You know what’s cool is when we go to those shows and we got all these tech guys, you know, little youngsters and they, they test out our stuff. They’re like, man, those are kick ass. That’s true. I’ve heard that

a lot of times. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. Not only is this is raided, let’s grab 80 thousand or 125,000 they also dovetail so you can grab the dovetail. That sounded weird. I think I’d have a speech impediment. Grab the dovetail and it’s on both sides so you can grab it either side. So our straight of John’s have it on both sides of the jaw, so adds more bang for the buck. Can I get an amen? Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Nice. Can you give us any other stories about the Cerenia jaws? Do you have any, do you have any personal stories about Sarayah jaws in your life?

Yeah, I do. Um, so, uh, we’re very, very fortunate to grow up and, uh, a small house, really, really small and really poor. I call that fortunate. Yeah. Um, and so dad started the company a long, long time ago. And uh, back then we didn’t have Serrated Jaws, what we had was, uh, we had a little shed and uh, we might call it like a, a plywood piece of plywood hanging up in the back and we’d have salt rocks back there. Mansaray jaws. We had salt rocks. And for fun, we didn’t go eat candy. We didn’t go to the store cause we were poor and uh, we would go to the back and eat salt rocks. And so we grew up in a, you know, as we grew the business, we got a bigger house, we got more salt rocks. Yep. More so it’s ready to jaws because, uh, we can’t afford them cause they’re nice and we were living below our means.

So. Nice. And so, uh, finally one day dad bought me and Jordan a, uh, a little 50 CC Honda, which at one time we fit about I think three or four people in a little sucker. At least three. Yeah. Yeah. And so, um, we’re just doing what we do, being kids being stupid because we didn’t have Sharita Joel’s in her life. So obviously we did dumb stuff. And so one time me and Jordan driving on a little motorcycle, it was about, I don’t know, five miles from home. We’re 67 years old. Ah, yeah. It’s probably parents can get in trouble for that these days. But uh, we didn’t have spray jaws back then, so it wasn’t a big deal. And so one day we were looking for lizards, not Serrated Jaws we’re looking for lizards. We’re looking for a mountain. Noah, I think I know where you’re going with this and I don’t like it. Okay, well we’re looking for mountain boomers, which is a Missouri state lizard. The state lizard that we never had as a pet. Yup. Every cause that would be illegal. What we’re a little hint for snakes are racers, collard snakes, rattlesnakes. We’re looking for all kinds of stuff where we’re kids, we’re smart, we’re, we know it all. We’re seven and eight years old and we don’t have straight jaws. And so one time I lifted a rock looking forward lizard. You know what I got [inaudible]

like did it feel like in my hand it was a, it was an earthworm

wish. What do you have under the rock? Braden? Was it cerated jealous? It felt like it. It was a scorpion sting in my finger. I’m like six and a half at this time. We were about five miles away from home on a 50 CC motorcycle with three people on it. Yeah.

And do you know what his brother did? His brother was the best big brother in the entire world. He took care of him and he carried him on his back all the way home and kept him safe. That’s the way I remember it. Now how do you remember this story?

Well, I, I don’t, I don’t like that one. Um, so Jordan told me, he said


that’s great. Of Joel’s. He said you need to walk home. And so I walked about five miles, Brandon, five miles home and my, when I got home where I got stone, that felt like the Strait of Joel’s, my hand looked like a baseball glove. Could I kid you not? And guess what Jordan was doing, chasing mountain boomers,

guys, that is an accurate story, but there are always two ways to look at it. I was making sure that he was tough enough to survive this life and he’s still here. So it was a total success. Yeah, my, my fingers, a little cricket stuff. It is still Docker, but he’s able to make Serrated Jaws now, so it all worked out well. Brendan, do you have any stories about, about sort of jealous I do. You know when I have the story, I’m going to tell it first. Okay. When our first IMTS, what was that? 2016 2016 we went to IMTS Chicago, which was the biggest tool manufacturing show in North America. Right?

It was so gone. So you didn’t get to go? Not not the first one, I think. I think we fired notably quotable. So some people I think are going to say this because our podcast, dude, I need to get ready for the beep. Yes, two times. Okay, so for, for people that made mistakes, we, we say you’re an ass. Whoa, Whoa. Sorry. It was a little late. This is where normal people know Brandon, you’re an asset. Okay, so great job. Okay, let’s go. You’re an asset when you’re not an ass hole. Ah, okay. Now, Branan, we love him. But one day I was talking to Brandon and this was probably 2016

no, I said noble. Quotable. I start learning about notable quotable as Bethan said Brandon, I’m one of those sexy. Hey Brandon. Hey Brandon. Notable quotable bro. You’re an ass when you’re not an asshole. That sounds like a win-win to me. That’s, that’s amazing. Like you can’t walk away from that not feeling encouraged and his mind was blown because if you’re going to get on to someone, you have to be funny. And I don’t know why he meant thought. He was like, he didn’t know it. I was like, what? Right on the head. So that’s probably where he was doing this. I’m IMTS, I’m pretty sure. Yeah, I’m pretty sure his mind was still blown and he was, he was trying to find himself again. So we were kinda like your minds were blown when you hit the protocols in your hands for the first time. This [inaudible] jaws, your mind will be blown. Anyways, 2016 we’re at the Tulsa airport getting ready to go to Chicago. We got our team with us and I get pulled over through the, uh, through the security. So they’re checking my bag. Can I stop you? Yeah. Okay. We’re going to fast forward to 2019. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.

That’s far. I know your story. Okay. Go to hit in 2018 with a straight of juggles. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what it is. Not 2016. It was 2018. Oh, Brandon was not there. Brandon still wasn’t there in 2019 either. He was, Oh, he’s the one that carried about 400 pounds of Cerenia jaws and his bed. That’s true. Okay guys, so he was here. Nice. Did call him those words. And he 2016 I did call him that and he did get fired in 2016 did. It was just, it was just, it was kind of like a layover but, but on everybody’s wondering did he deserve it? Yes. Brandon, yes. And that’s why he’s on the podcast, but now he’s great cause you to know what, he has a Paris to write a, so he goes home at night with straight to jaws under his pillow and he’s a great American. You know what? He got better and he didn’t get what? Nice. Bitter. Oh, bam. Anyways, 2018 guys, we’re going to, we’re going to go back back to the future. So going from 2016 to 2018 2018 we were at the Tulsa airport and I got pulled over. So I got, I got searched, stripped, searched.

Anyways, I get pulled over and they’re wondering what’s in my bag. Cerated Joe, I wish it was serrated jaws. It was not serrated jaws and they, they asked me where is all the cash? I’m like, I don’t know what you’re talking about. They’re like, there was a bunch of cash in here. Where was it? And so I reached into my bag and I can grab out these two bundles of stickers and they say, what Brandon, don’t break. Don’t break your teeth, don’t break your teeth. They were stickers all along. And Brandon got the honor and privilege of signing his, don’t break your teeth stickers with the TSA lady. She, she was so happy. Was she not Brandon? She was super cute. What? No, I said she was super happy, but she was super cute. Uh, I don’t remember that part. It’s on our Instagram.

Brandon, what else is on Instagram? What else is on Instagram? Brandon? I mean, do you have any other famous things, stories, videos of you on Instagram? Yeah, a whiskey throttle. Hmm, that sounds familiar. Mmm. Got USA. I recognize that they got some Serrated Jaws, two different kinds. Two different kinds. Like what the get 80,000 steps, the one 25 steps. Oh, [inaudible] no, he sounded like an auctioneer. They uh, they like to diversify. Yeah, there’s the first vacation. I made it up getting her done. So, are there any videos on Instagram where people can find be right in his finest hours? Oh yeah. Moments [inaudible]


And if they were to find one, what would it be like? Let’s just say like maybe there’s one with like that, like 100,000 views or something. Like maybe they could see you on, well we’ll just say there was a forklift were there, where their Cerenia where their Serrated Jaws involved. There were, did you run over SRE to jaws with the Ford truck? Oh, my foot. You ran over a straight of gels with your foot. They held your foot down or you ran over them with your foot, however, you want to call it. I just created jobs that were involved but what happened? Just take us through that day. Did the Ford truck leave a Mark? [inaudible] can you buff out the Mark? [inaudible] did they go, cause they’re rated jobs do not let go, baby. [inaudible] they don’t do the [inaudible] no, they held your foot down. And what happened? Damage crash. Do you have insurance? No, you don’t have insurance on the Ford truck. [inaudible] you know, there, there’s something your niece always say


it’s better to have a bad day than a bad life isn’t an ACE. True is that’s, I’ve never heard, I’ve never heard you quite say it like that. True is, but I believe that’s probably something that will catch on. Try to be hit. But if you say four words, but if you have insurance, you have a bad day and not a bad life. Hey, let’s, uh, so, um, when people don’t have Serrated Jaws or are Parana Joel’s, sometimes they just get in this weird funk of life because they’re missing out on life. And we have a story about forklift driver because he doesn’t have Cerenia Joel’s or insurance. Well [inaudible] I’m going somewhere else. Okay. I’m going a little East of here. Lee East. By that I mean a little noise, little North forklift because he doesn’t have Saray Joel’s, I believe he was going South with the [inaudible]. No, I’m talking about swales. Oh, okay. The guy down the street because he doesn’t have Serrated Jaws Hall’s. He’s pondering about his life, about not pondering because he’s not pondering. So what is, what does he do with his forklift? He uh, drives it to go get a beer. Yep. About four miles away. Cause he doesn’t have SRE to Joel’s or insurance or insurance. He drives a forklift to get a beer. I would drive a forklift to get a beer if I could. I guess in the snow John was accepted.

No way. Hey, it’s got four-wheel drive. It’s a special forklift. If you had serrated jaws you could make it through the snow. That’s true. Yup. If you strapped him to the tires, yeah. He’s trapped. Cerenia draws to the tires or they would add weight? Oh no, not much. A lot. You know, I mean it depends how many you put it on there. Yeah. But they would grab the asphalt. Asphalt. [inaudible] you ever said that slow? Uh, Carolyn’s sounds like an asphalt. Yeah. You fall on your ass. Nope. Yeah, Mira could be. What else can you do with SRE gels? I like to put them in my boots to make me look. No, I’ve never done that. No, I never put it in my boots. Well, both sides are ground tints. You use them as, like a tactical weapon to where I can, uh, you know, they’re surrounded. So you can salt the rope. You can, uh, open packages from Amazon fight ninjas. That’s true. You could use him as like throwing weapons. Almost like throwing, um, strips. Not stars, but strips. Throwing strips. Hmm. Yeah. Steven Seagal. What is your favorite? Steven Seagal. Bailey.

Blank check. Easy. That’s a Disney movie. Credit goes three. No, fly back. All right, I’ll just see here guys. W w we’ll have this in our show notes. Steven’s a goal. Oh, man.
that one he was in with, uh, I think it was DMX. No. Boo. Nope. Nope. Nope. That doesn’t account [inaudible] Oh, under seizure. Oh, hard to kill. Honestly. They’re all gone. No, he would have been harder to kill if he had what? Brandon, if he had somewhat them mother effin. Parana no, Joe Serrated Jaws[inaudible] jobs. You’d be, they’d be a lot harder to kill if you had created jobs. So guys, uh, speaking of Parana, have you guys seen that? Parana three-D I saw the first movie. Did you see the first movie I did I think you were at my house? Yes. With uh, with some of our coworkers. Yes. Cooking some wings. Yep. Making some Prawna jaws otherwise known as cerated jaws. Yup. Yeah. Now did you know, uh, the personas is a native to North Northern half, half a South America? I do now where they have lived for a million years, residing in warm, freshwater, rivers, lakes and streams. It’s particularly prevalent in the Amazon basin, the river of Venezuela, the river in Argentina. Did you guys know that? The personas we do now. Oh, interesting. Hmm. So what about the movie? I mean there’s a beginning, middle, and end. I was excited to see it. Uh, let’s see, uh, who, what was in that movie?

It was Washington. Jerry O’Connell. Yeah. Richard Dreyfus. Yup. Yeah. From their original jaws movie, which ties into the cerated jaws, right? Yeah. Richard Dreyfus. What did you think? Be right, man? It was a, I’m waiting. I think it was rated R. I don’t know. It was rated R but if you can, if you had to PG it down. Mm. What were your thoughts? [inaudible] jobs. There’s a lot of Serrated Jaws. When you get a team of cerated jars in place, anything’s possible. Yeah. I mean it’s almost like magic. There’s a lot of Serrated Jaws in that movie, so jaws a lot. What about number two? The sequel? My hand is like this kind of X-rated and three times the cerated gels. It was double D X-rated. Yeah, right. It was right is three-D D, that’s what it was called. It was X-rated. Brandon told me, there’s a lot of, there are bigger jobs in that one. One, they’re Brin. Yeah, but they don’t, they never let go. Do they know? And, we’re talking about maybe in the process a larger cerated Joe, maybe an eight-inch or an eight-inch or so. It just said, yeah, once you go eight they’ll go back. They’re happy with eight, six, six is okay. I’m in. I mean we got six is perfect. We got one guy, we got one inch, Billy. We got four inches, five inches, six inches. There’s a size for everybody, so we got one inch. That’s true. We got Serrated Jaws. Uh, for everybody. You got one inch, you do one plus one it goes to, it’s true. Okay. We got one plus two. He goes, it’s three. We got four inches or five-inch, six inches in age. It’s some people like to do two double Deckers, eight inches.

Makes 16 whoo. Marika. Well, that’s a lot of Biden. A lot of teeth sexy. A lot of smoothness. That’s a lot of teeth. If you ain’t first, you’re last shaken. Bite shake. He said shaken by it. Shaken by. I heard it. I sure it. Shit. I should have said SharkBite shark and bite but screwed it up. It’s my first time. Are there any other movies that have a lot of teeth? Talk about movies. I know, I know. I know. Geez, I have a good, I know you’re a big movie fan. You’re a big movie fan. All right, news. All right. Did you guys know Purana teeth are often used as with themselves for carving wood or cutting here to modify other tools? Cutting gestures, sharpening darts. This has demonstrated and documented among several African or South American tribes. Hey, you know one thing that these cerated jars make good. I don’t golf putters, golf butter. You don’t want, I think we have a company, American putter company that uses our Parana jaws. Cerated this array to jaws. Yes, sir. To make their putters. Yes. And they’re there. They’re wa they’re bad. They’re bad to the bone. They’re a badass. That’s what I was looking for. They’re bad of what? Be what? They’re bad. What bad-ass. That’s right. They are made in the USA baby. And they look cool. And you know what they’ve, they, they’ve told us. Tell me a stroke better. Hmm? Get my strokes down.

We’re talking about putting it up, holding one, filling the flu. Colin one flu. Cold cut. Combo hole. Lawn. So what I’d like to, this Nobel quotable, your network.

Ron, Joel’s APC, trader Joe’s. SRE travels. If you don’t chew big red F you Talladega nights. I don’t know. I don’t know. Okay. I was [inaudible].

I’m in chapter eight mountain. Daryl. I don’t see a lot of podcasts though. I’m all jacked up on Mountain dew. He like, it’s fine.

Okay. All righty. Jealous? That’s right. Not balls to the walls, but Joel’s too long. Let’s talk about that. The finish on them’s cerated Joe. Oh man, that finish. We’ve had people talk about that finished for days talking to my house moves. It is daddy or Niner did. There’s the suction on it whenever they put it down. Mm. Mm. They love it when they can see their pretty face. Well, yeah, that plus they not only use it for the first ops, but they also use it for the second ops because it’s so flat, so are ready for John’s man. They got it all. You can use them horizontally. That’s a tee shirt. Those straight a John has got it all. So Ray Jones got it all. That’s right. You can use them vertically or abuse them horizontally.


All right. What’s, what’s some other benefits of these three rated? Joel’s. If you’re a camping Brandon, if you hitch, it’s all about consistency, right guys? The put consistency for the inconsistent when you, okay, so you, you saw a lot of material. Is that material ever the same from one bar to the next? Now saw like solid with the CNC machine. Not like sell as I sell in the past tense. Right. I think we all understood you saw the material and half a lot. Is every bar the same? The same size [inaudible] no, they screw it up. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Consistency for the unconsultant, all that materials and consistent. What’s a notable quotable we’d preach about this

trust and verify. Trust and verify. That means don’t trust, but with our cerated jobs, you’re always going to have consistency. No, you just don’t have to worry about it anymore. You don’t, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s 5,000 smaller than the last part. You just don’t have to worry. Even if you have two parts chucked up side by side, you don’t have to worry anymore. It’s just going to grab into, it’s going to dig into it. And when you guys open that bad-ass box and see that cough bottle opener, read that this blamer. That’s right. Don’t break your teeth. Don’t break teeth. Don’t match. There’s a sticker. I had that on the disclaimer. I think the mom got mad. Oh, it said something like DBA [inaudible] dumb ass. I’m pretty sure I, I, I uh, might’ve taken that off cause it didn’t seem professional, but that used to be on there for the early, um, buyers before we got mature. Hmm. Oh, already Joel’s it just change our life. Yeah. God. So how many times have you gotten in trouble from Saul and the material too big or too small and in the middle guy or the laid guy gets pissed off because it wasn’t the same as the first part?

It always falls on the Saul guy. It does. It does. Yeah. It’s, it’s uh, I’ll never forget the first part I cut was that bronze, four and a half-inch bearing bronze. You know what? That sounds expensive. And uh, yeah, I’ll, I’ll never forget that. You know what, we didn’t have Serrated Jaws back then. Nope. But if we would have that probably would fix the whole issue. Plus speeds and feeds and yeah. And gels and cerated yellows. Yeah.

But [inaudible]

you got to learn from your mistakes. But if you have serrated jaws, even your mistakes turn, into positive, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Yeah. It’s ready to jealous. Fix all your problems. They do get a better, not better. That is

true. Correct. So

you have had a life-changing moment when you went from just always sweeping and Salling to run machines with the [inaudible]. So you are, you’ve tasted Koolaid. You know what it’s like the Cola. Cool. Some of the new kids in coolant, some of the new people, Kim starting on just mopping and just solving what’s your courage meant before they see that and tastes of Cooley from the Serrated Jaws.

[inaudible] cerated Joe’s [inaudible]

make sure you work at a place that has certain Johns. It makes life a lot easier. It does cause you can be a solid guy and screw up. Mm. In our jaw was just still shuck on him.

They will.

Have you guys seen my Serrated Jaws? I have not personally. I’ve got two of them in my pocket right now. Is that sexual


Hey, one cool thing about them. Serrated jaws, it’s got that ruler on the top. Oh, the scale, the scale or whatever. I’m a second-generation, second generation to jobs. You’ve got the scale. You know what? I have to scale it before you know that. Whoa. That’s right. Second notable quotable scale before you nail it. No, that’s wrong. Taboo before we wrap the nail. It’s supposed to nail it before you scale it. Dude. It’s close. Do inches matter. Not with Serrated Jaws. They don’t [inaudible] cause we can use our one. It’s all day long. That’s right. She is bearing the one six-inch man. I believe that. I concur. She ain’t first. You’re last.

So let’s talk about shake and bake. First-year. Yeah. The first year last. So with our price strips. Joel’s Serrated Jaws what? And how do people machine slower, faster, faster? How last, how did you just, how’s it possible?

How many videos have we had? We’ve seen, have I shown you of clients buying our products? Well, Sean personally, when we’re at the tool show, they want us to play that video Rigo fix, which those are, those are, those are, we buy their products and use it for our products, but how many clients actually buy cerated jaws and then turn around and fill their whole shop or machines, fullest rated jaws, knowing that they’re going to save time, money, they’re going to reduce setup times, they’re going to reduce operations, they’re going to machine faster than they ever have before, uh, without the worry of throwing apart through the glass. [inaudible] disclaimer, right? So there were several times this year where we’ve seen a machine glass doors broken or that one time we saw the part thrown completely through the back of the machine, went through the back of the machine, through the wall that it was next to and into the wall probably is like over a hundred feet away from that. Went through the next wall. If someone was standing there, what in the world would have happened to them?

So I would say a biblical stance. People say, say by grace machining, CNC room, I’d say saved by peroneus trips.

Oh, prawn straps. Let’s say [inaudible] Sharita jaws or Parana strips. That’s what he was talking about right there. That’s right. But straps, I mean that might be the third generation. Pronto straps could be a completely different product, I believe. Okay.

What about uh, the Prawna but jabs, I know it’s raining outside and it’s pouring, pouring cerated jars. You can hear it and the roof.

Well dude, that even me is roofing. You know when you get can you hear roofie I’ve been roofing to help with Titans. You won’t hear my story.

Yeah, no, yes, yes, yes. But wait, wait, wait, wait. Just don’t worry about cerated Joe. Exactly. So we have to clarify one thing. So when we, when we tell stories, we can tell stories, but it has to relate to cerated jaws. Okay, so three, two, one go NACE with the review story.

Which one? Oh, well, uh, the best one. The last one. The best one now. Okay. This is [inaudible]. This is a good one. We want the truth. None other but the truth. So P O Bazinga boom, boom, boom, bang, bang, bang, bam, bam, man, boom, boom, boom. So, whew. So dad just passed away, right? And so my sister and I, we have his brand new limited edition Camaro and we’re going to see one Republic at the be. Okay. So we go to the B. Okay. And, uh, we go going there, awesome concert. And we end up at a bar where our cousins work and we’re just hanging out and, uh, we show up there because we’re feeling good. You know, we’ve got some good, we got some straight Joel’s, we’re, we’re, we’re Americans. So we’re hanging out at the bar and uh, there’s a lot of sad people at the bar. Oh. They’ve ever, never seen Seretta Joel’s damn Debbie downers. And so there’s a couple there that thinks my sister and are dating. Ooh, that’s weird. That’s weird or different. Hmm. Yup. Gate gate. And so they roofie does, Oh, and uh, just for fun. Yup. Well, they’re swingers. Oh, no. Good. Swingers. And uh, woke up with it. It’s just her, that’s her boyfriend. True story. He drove

we home because his boyfriend, you woke up with her boyfriend. Long story, we won’t get it, but it got a roof. He’d felt like crap the next couple of days. That’s one roofie story. But how does that tie into the [inaudible] or for the [inaudible] Johnson?

well, you know, and uh, hurting people, they want to hurt people and those hurting people, they don’t have some way of jobs, so that’s, um, I forgive them. They don’t know what they don’t know. I believe that. I mean, how many people here in the mass machine are happy because they’ve seen and touched the glorified serration jobs? Sorry to just create it. Serration sounded like a little light. Wholly does. Was that extra shine? I think everybody is happier because they’ve touched sorority jollies Brandon, are you happier? You touched, shredded John’s today. Oh yeah. Does that fill a gap in your veer void? Yeah. I fill a hole in your gap you feel complete for today. I do. Yeah. I feel like I did a lot of progress within serrated jaws today. Yeah. Like I, I felt like I did good for a lot of people. You did, if any. Okay, so I came back today from being out on the road. I came back and I saw man is probably at least 30 sets of jaws boxed up and ready to rock and roll. That’s at least if one person bought one, at least 30 people that are going to be happier today to not today.

Probably like if you’re Amazon prime, that’s like two days just to wait till I get my sticker. That’s right. And you get a sticker bottle. That’s right. But in a couple of days someone’s going to be happy and Babby those cerated Johns will change the lives forever. Forever because they’ve never had them. That’s forever too. Unless you wreck them. Unless you break your damn flesh. You don’t read the disclaimer. Disclaimer. Disclaimer, you gotta read that bad boy disclaimer. Disclaimer, disclaimer. You have to read the disclaimer. That’s why we made the sticker. Don’t be Brandon. Woo. Don’t break your teeth. You have to read the disclaimer. Don’t break your teeth. Teeth are valuable. They are. You don’t want to take him for granted Brandon, you get your baby teeth and you get your what? Your permanent teeth. That’s right. That’s right.

Do you get any more teeth after that? We’re not crocodiles. [inaudible] no we’re not. We’re not alligators or sharks. We’re not sharks. We don’t keep on rotating our teeth. We only get two sets of weird. Okay. Like how do you French kiss with your teeth? Rotating. Okay. Weird. Can you sound like you’re from Louisiana today, Brandon? His weird self happening that Mike is scaring you. You can’t, you sound like you’re like, you’re from the South. I need to sound like I’m from Bixby. You are. You are from Bixby. Should we go way back? You should not go South or the next be here we go way back. Oh, how far back his back man tackle the floor. I remember when your y’alls Billy goat Jack Lane this with promise or deal with Serrated Jaws. That’s probably why it felt light. Yeah. Did you like it? Remember? No. So ready to jaws her. It was like seven or eight serrated jaws hurt. Yeah. And they do a thing like crazy only on your wife. He was aggressive and he was consistent. He bid on he bit, he berated jaws clamped onto my bag. I see what you’re pointing out. That don’t look like your leg. What does that say? My back thigh. It looks like your gluteus Maximus. Well, gluteus minimus. Right here. Right here. I don’t know what you’re doing by liking.

All right, well Serrated Jaws are great. Oh, well they’re too good. All right. I would say more than sexy. I have 201 pillow. He goes down. How does your wife feel about that? A little insecure about it, but we’ll get over that. Who isn’t? I don’t know. Straight. Joel’s completely fine with it. They aren’t? Yeah. They’re not intimidated because they know what they’ve got going on. They’re consistent. They’re sexy, they’re smooth, they’re aggressive, pursued ground heat, treated, treated, treated. They are finished. Dovetail, finished up. Dow finished tooth ground, finished with the ground. They have a nice home. They happen so they are lubricated as well. They are dead.

That’s what everybody gets when they get our SRE. Joel’s. It’s almost like you get the box. It tapes good. It looks good. It’s double ply cardboard. Hey, top talking about our boxes. We had this one. Um, we had this one customer that bought our a chrono jaws. Have you ever seen a Eastman juror number one? Number one, tell your way back. Number one, where he is delivering the mail, right? You’ve seen this one, Brandon Brando. Brando. Yes, yes. No, you’re just saying yes. So he’s playing soccer. Yeah, no. Yeah, out of the elevator with the box. It sounds like a bunch of light China glass in the box. He’s kicking around and he finally gets it to to the door. Right. It just sounds like completely shattered. Yeah. Anyways, this guy gives our, um, Oh, Oh, Oh, I think someone’s playing it. Oh, is that nice? Sorry guys. Oh, Oh, come on. You teeth on us. Apparently. Anyways, so he, he, he gets the box right, and he gets our box. Well, our box isn’t just a normal light single ply box. It’s double fly like 250 pounds. Oh yeah. It’s like 250 pounds. It can be in this box. Right? Oh, here it is. Here it is. Oh, he’s playing it. Can’t watch it. Yeah, you can’t watch it. We might put it in our show notes. Oh yeah. Maybe spin it around shaking it. Oh. Oh, it just did the Hayden saying off of it. Oh, he just crammed it up against the wall because that’s what ups does. Oh yeah. this is what our Bronto strips go through right now. Oh, just rolled down the stairs through righted jail are already a jog. Who raid it? M M M. dot. U S Oh, Oh. He’s smashing the elevator doors, but it’s still holding up because the box is amazing Oh, it’s kicking down the hallway. He’s a soccer player.

Only this. The regular jaws can hold up in a box like that going downtown. Oh, baby.
so anyways, so the box gets there. It’s been punished beyond punished. I mean literally punished beyond measure and it gets there completely unscathed. Untouched. Untouch unscript an untouched. And that’s what people describe how our package genus with our Prawna jaws are. Cerated jaws. Brendan, you spent a lot of time personally packaging our products. Yes. What do you see today?

Maybe it was a little out of jealousy, but somebody came up to Brian and said,

your Christmas presence must look fantastic. True. This happened. It did. It really did happen. It happened. I missed it. I miss it. Yeah. Yeah. You weren’t here. I feel. I feel, uh, yup. So all to live, all the listeners out there, I’m the one that is packaging your jobs. Most of them. Most of them. Most of them. Most of them. If they’re packaged wrong, it’s definitely from him. True. Dammit. And end. He signed. He signs it too. So,

well, her serrated jaws, Brendan. Yes. Let’s go through the process. Don’t give away the, the, the tips and tricks, but just some of the quality control that we go through to make sure one, they’re consistent with wrapping a Russ preventative. Because we are, we’re sending stuff out all overseas, uh, to human places, not he would places different sea levels. Um, and then we’re also sending to people that have a huge inventory of stock because people are buying them up. So we have to make sure when they get to somewhere,

um, that they’re perfect. So, yeah. Front. Yeah. Back [inaudible] for 80 thousands, one 25 thousands. Tell him everything’s good. Nothing’s going to be rusted. Uh, why? Well, cause I wiped down each side. Every single side. WD 40 pack. Do with what? Uh, was that a roast PR preventative paper. Yep. Yep. And then, uh, I signed a card personally with my name and the date and my signature. And you get my pretty sticker. Yeah. And you in, you’re only doing jewelry doing one style of Joel at a time, correct? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we can’t mix them up. All right. And if it does, it gets mixed up. It’s probably someone else’s fault. I mean, it’s probably the grinders fault. Yeah.

But [inaudible]

from here on out, that won’t happen again. America, America. It will ever happen. It’s never happened.

Yeah. So why did we ever create 80,000? Similar 25 thousands? That’s a great question. Wow.

Okay. So, uh, I’m gonna, I’m gonna run with that one. So there you go. Yeah. So when we were, uh, talking about machining first operations, most material comes in at 125 thousands oversize if, if you’re going to get it. So for us as a job shop, 125,000 seemed like the typical oversized material that we would get to make our products, not just our products but everybody else’s products. So if we did 80 thousands, that gave us at least 45 thousands of clearance. So that’s why we went with 80, cause that was shallower than anybody else at that time. 125, he gives somebody else just a little bit more clearance. So that’s kind of where we went with that.

Okay. And I think, uh, at our shop we use what mostly 80 thousands, only 80, because we’re not, we trust them. We know that they were, we’ve never, we’ve never lost other car that you use the one 20 fives. They’re just a little bit probably conservative. They’re, they’re a little bit nervous. They’re a little bit unsure on the product because it almost seems too good to be true. Yep. [inaudible] faster holding less material. Yup. Quicker setups. Yup. Costs savings. Yup. It’s kind of like a unicorn event. Laser show bid as a unicorn. And uh, but once they go to the 80 thousands, because they can’t buy the one 25 because it’s sold out, they don’t go back either.

So as far as the 80 thousands versus the one 25, we’d, we thought the, that one would outsell sell the other completely untrue. They both equally, I’ll sell each other. So they’re always both out today actually. NACE um, we had a customer talking about, um, wanting 80 thousands, cause they already had one 25. Um, but they were just talking about how well they perform because they were just completely blown away by them and they’ve never had anything that has held onto their parts as well as our Seretta jaws hold onto their parts. Boom. But no. Yeah. Boom. Yeah. It just, and we w we get stories like that every single day, every, every day. It’s amazing all the way to, uh, people working in Tesla, Tesla, boom, POS. No, I saw a Tesla photo.

Okay. Yup. Close on by the same guy. Yeah. [inaudible] heard of him. Elon Musk. He’s very musky. Broad shoulders. Six to nice personality from South America. They went to Canada, ended up in South America or Africa. What did I say? America. You said South America. Is it Africa or South Africa? Okay, well Africa, South Africa. Yeah, that’s what I said. That’s what I meant. Samsonite. Yeah, exactly. That’s right. If you got exactly the disease, but he now has this rate of Joel’s, he does in his, in his facility. I know the last photo I saw, he actually seemed a little bit more happy. Nice. That’s right. Ceridian. John’s. Do they do make you happy? No. Cocaine? No. Hey sites, your rate of jobs sounds expensive. Sounds expensive. Sounds habit for me. Our Australia jaws have a foreman. Uh, I sure hope so. Are they expensive? No, they’re not. So that’s the best drug you can get.

People cerated jaws from M M M dash USA. You gotta think about it. If you’re a job shop or not, you spend $187 whatnot, plus or minus depending on that. That’s our cost. That’s that. That’s what we charge other people. Are you doing a hundred jobs? Seven jobs in one year. Those jobs only cost you $1. That’s correct. You don’t ever have to make any, you know how many parts I’ve ran with our Charles, sorry to Joel’s thousands and thousands. We probably got 25,000 luckily. Luckily you’re smart and you’d never screw up. You never run into the jaws. But other people, other people run their jaw. But well I can’t, I can’t be this group cause you got my sticker on there. Then I’d look like it jackass if I screwed up.

That’s true. Yeah. You want to know what else is true? What’s that? That cerated. Joel’s is a new universal name for certain jaws. I like it. True. Sit the Flad. I like that one. You say simple flood. Yeah, cause I fly. You know what I’m saying? I don’t know. No, I’m trying to renew stuff. Could we make it too sexy song for this aerated Joe’s, are they so two 64 month two 64 my [inaudible] Joel’s like that. Yeah. Yeah. What are you guys saying? You guys want to chime in? You take the high part. You take the low part. I’ll do, Oh wait, are they low part Brendan into the hyper [inaudible] Tuesdays. Tuesdays too. For macho. The high park where? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I’ll do the high part. I wouldn’t I doing the little part. You ready? Wait. Two 64 my two 64 my six to four months. I’ll do that. You do the little Bart to sexy. Oh wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. One to two Z. No, you got to wait till we all go. Brando B, right? You’re in a lot of shit wrong here lately. My name is Brian DOE at the show.


Ah, geez.

Aw man. [inaudible] you may feel out mama myself. All right, Brendan. Okay. Right. This is what you want a song about. Spray your jaw. You ready? Hey. That hype part was nice. All right. Ready?


Do sexy Joel. Oh,

nobody else is dancing. That was all though. Hey, what’s next? Hey, the harmony was all Brando. Okay. All right. What about country song like eight breaking gel and you breakage achy. Breaky surrendered. Joe, Hey, I got a question. Yeah. What is it? What is it? What is it?

When are we going to go golfing again and use those bad-ass putters that they made for Omar rated Joe? That’s a great question because a weekend for sure. Cause this Saturday looks like it’s a bad weather. Yeah. But not, not to make the SRE. Joel’s just took off outside. Yeah. Just to go [inaudible] jaws can do whatever. Whether you want. Yeah. I like to use my [inaudible] jaws to, uh, get my divot tools out to appreciate that you’re welcome. You like, do you use straight jaws and make your tools both come in handy? Yeah. [inaudible] jars coming [inaudible] seriously. You know when you’re using nursery jaws and make your divot tool and your ball markers no, this is what we’ll do. Okay. I do it and it’s, it makes me feel alive inside. Yes. Everywhere I go, when I go right now for my, for my ball marker, I pull a straight a Joel and put it on the green. [inaudible] has been bald marker. That’s America. One inch of the six inch, eight inch. Oh, well those aren’t even available for a purchase yet are kind of got light-headed. Hmm. Hmm. You have special problems. Broken road.


So golfing thing is, I talked to the ABC guys and they’re making some new qualified high quality H two putters qualified. Yeah. But using our jaws, I was gonna say jaws. Yeah. Make it with the straight of jaws. Oh, I’m done. [inaudible] absolutely. Well Dale, not what, just cut down 15 minutes when their first stop because of our Joel’s


That is the sound of agency. You’re a bad at math like me, you’re at 30% margin worse, 30% margin and you’ve cut off 15 minutes and you’re getting a dollar per hour on your part. You just raise your margin at 15% that’s 45% margin. I’m not going to do the math. I just believe it is huge without Brynna [inaudible] jaws sexy American. So basically half the time, half the time, half the time I’ve seen it. No. They, they like, they literally don’t even worry about whether or not the jaws are going to be able to grip for the speeds and feeds that are running at. Yeah, I agree.

It’s just

one jaw at a time. One jaw time. Yup. Awareness, jaw awareness. NACE NACE asked me a little bit back what cerated jaw would sell. Silva. Most? The 80 thousands or the one 25 [inaudible] now I know what my answer is. You’re biased. I am biased. I know. Lots of fear taker. Risk taker, sexy. Oh, good hair. I will take you sexy. Good beard. Nice toe nails. My toenails are very nice little chest hair. Very long. Oh, okay. A lot of gesture. Yeah. Oh ha. How does she, how do you know? For the last two years we’ve shared the same hotel room every Friday and I don’t know about his chest hair as far as chest hurt goes. Oh. Oh, you shave? That’s right. Oh, I’m pregnant with a charade of Joel B. Right. We’re talking about something else. You could, you could, you really could. It’s very sharp. Uh, in a good way. Yeah. Yeah. It’ll bite down and boogers. Ooh, that’s scary. Boobies or boogers. Ogres both boogers hold on a three D they bit down. Oh, boobies are going to get baptized. We go back again. You may get water to baptize me. Okay. Hello boys. I’m hungry. I was going to go somewhere with my conversation but I forgot because I’m [inaudible] I’ll be right. He’d be real. How else can we use the bra strips from drawls straight at Joel’s while dolphin while golfing. Yeah. Well we have not only the putters but we have zip tolls. True. Yeah. Yup. And so murder bingo. Well, what did I say? Divot tools and ball markers in golf clubs angle and the butters. Yup. Yup. So two tools, three three, two plus one equals two.


yeah, plus one. So [inaudible] whenever you’re able to use dart Serrated Jaws, you’re able to machine five sides versus four,

right? True, right. [inaudible]

actually it’s like two and a half, five sides. Cause you can’t get do all the way four sides. If you’re just doing parallels, you can’t go all the way down. Yeah, you can’t go all the way down. So then when you flip it over, you have to do more. We flip it over. We just have to tab it off, right? So really, you know, almost be five sides. Four parallels plus another five sides. You gotta flip it or just really like five plus one


I believe that math. Yeah. Yeah. Save time. Save money. Tooling costs in their sexy ban. Blend. Win-win. When your pants, what? Bolds. You haven’t read it from pockets. Huge bowl in your pants and you get a big balls in advance. You guys don’t do that, huh? I dunno about this. Oh, this is a different method. Question has nothing to do with that. You just put them in your pants. It doesn’t work. So Ray did y’alls bam for real.

Boom. Let me just say, if you’re gonna have something that’s like a Lamborghini that should be on the CNC machine, you want this array of jaws wherever you go. That’s true. No, because that’s the only thing. Consistent, safe and sexy. Cerated that’s true, sir. I did fill in conduct X rated. Oh, that’s the tee shirt. Go on. Saray didn’t and kind of vague shredded all shiny WD 40, they didn’t rhyme as well as the first one. Those claws


and 40 and I’m Oh okay.

Sound good? Hmm. Hmm. So raided WD forded and kind of horned cerated scented by Mmm. Dot. USA.

Your voice is sexy. The Ryman with not there. Oh. And then the camera. So it’s like, it’s like yo gets a cerated gels and a can of soup. That’s what it sounded like. I may know it was, it sounded like that, but maybe. Okay.

He’ll get some Raymond cerated. [inaudible]

yeah. Better Raymond. And Sabrina’s taught D

everything. Right. So this Christmas,

Valentine’s day, Chris Memorial day, labor day, 4th of July. The best present a Ray can give. So raided jaw. That’s right baby. Cause you can’t go wrong with them. You can’t go wrong. You can use them anywhere. Anywhere in your shower, shower in your shower, bathtub, bathtub. Drain your toilet.

Yeah. Maybe drain your toilet, fix their sink. Fix your sink. Uh, under your rug. Not on new road. You don’t, you guys don’t do that? No. I might try it. I could try. I, I kind of do it to, I’m, I won’t say names, but I use it. Listen, sounds rude. It’s just you. I use it to trips and family members. You guys don’t trip family members? I don’t trip my family members. It makes some tough. Lex rated Jarls you trip your family with Serrated Jaws. Yeah. Make some tougher. Do they appreciate it? Sometimes. I’d like to see that. You don’t want to want to know what else I do with the survey to Joel’s? Yes. Put them in my boots to make me look taller. I think you already said that one. Yup. My boots. Polero easily. He just wants to be taller than everybody else. I’ll do a double Decker two piers and my boots.


I like it. Let’s try it. Let’s do it. I’m not judging. So Braden, what else can people apply straight of jaws to in their life?


is that a good a icebreaker on the first date? I think you could go ice fishing with them. Saw through the ice with them. Use your Saray to jaws. If NACE went, he could pull them out of his boot or pocket. I’ve got them in my boots. Pockets saw through the ice and catch some fish. Catch some dinner. True. And then you can heat up the Serrated Jaws start the fire with your straight of John’s on some Flintstone. What is it? What’s it called? Where you’re sitting in a little hut fishing. What is it called?

The hut man.

I seen it on tool time one time. Oh, where Tim dropped owls poll

[inaudible] in the hall. Hey on

it did. It was gone. It was his favorite pole. Never drop your pole in the hole. It’s all about the pole, sir. Raided jobs. So Brandon, tell me about your, your, your day at work today. How, how did you use cerated jaws today to reach your goals? That sound, that whiskery sound that you just heard was Brandon combing his beard over the Mike with Sereda jaw. His beard is gradually getting thinner because it’s shaving his beard off. So Brandon, tell us the highlights of uh, yesterday. No. Today. No. Today. No. Today.

Both. Well,

I ended the day by using this array to jealous. How’d that make you feel? Feels good. When you go clock out Nolan, that you, that you won felt like yeah. You felt like you won for the day. You look like you won. You’re beautiful. Thank you. You’re welcome. What are you sipping on over there? It’s ready to JOL juice. Yeah. No, it makes you stronger. Nice. I need some of that. So did you use Serrated Jaws day for real? Yes. How’d it work to work? Good. It’s all a little brass job. Yeah. Did you lose any parts? Did not? You didn’t lose any parts? No. Were you able to machine faster? Oh yeah. Where are you able to take a nap? No. Are you able to play on your iPhone? I don’t really. You know, but if you had an iPhone you could have. Yeah. Cause you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Right?


So you didn’t take a nap. Did you play on plenty of fish? Not on their, not on their liar. Um, well as of yesterday, no, I haven’t been on it in about, speaking of plenty of fish. Are there any Paranas on there? Oh, that’s funny. You should ask. Yes, go on. Yes. Did they have Serrated Jawscalled them snappers. Oh Oh, snapper. Like a prawn of fish in a way that they have Serrated Jaws [inaudible] so once they buy it, they don’t let go. I don’t know, Brandon, you tell me. I’ve never been on this thing. I’ve been let go or not. Brandon I’ll eventually is. I like when the crawfish, when they bite you, they won’t let go unless you go into water or like when lightening strikes

like a snapping turtle and won’t let go until the lightening strikes to me like fun. Did you just say, Hey, did you just say amen? [inaudible] Erica, did you guys use Sareda dos today? [inaudible] actually personally didn’t use her aide Johns today, but I did wrap him up. I sent some out. I talked to heal Billy Hank about him today. You know, he’ll Billy Hank. Say that one more time. Do you know who heal Billy Hank is? Nope. Tony. I tried to pick him up. Tony from IMTS. I tried to pick him up. I didn’t know that was his nickname. Well think it’s like as a alter ego. Yeah. Jinx. I made Hoke. Yeah. So they sent us some stickers from a machinist therapy hotline. The podcasts that we were on just a little bit back, right? Yeah, I’ve seen those. Yeah. So actually we’re going to send him some Seretta. John’s Pronto strips. Sarayah jaws. Very nice. Yeah, he’s very excited about it. Then we had some other guys comment on it and wanting to trade some stickers first. Right. A jaws. It’s not gonna happen. Not going happen. So I’m getting hot in here. Turn on the fan in though. [inaudible] you can take off your coat. I think it’s because of the serrated jaws in here. Sorry. Jaws will make you hot. They’re feisty. What was that same Brandon Saray did and kind of X-rated dough. But did he 40 kind of horny?

I like it.

What about the football games yesterday, Braden? Uh, it’s gonna be interesting. Super Superbowl. Who do you have? Go on? Chiefs. Chiefs, which I shouldn’t because I’m a Broncos fan. But what happened to the Broncos? Oh, there they didn’t have serrated gels. Oh, I believe that. Snap. Yep. Like a snapper on the Patriots didn’t have SRE of Johns either. Nope. I’ll tell you who has the ready jaws this weekend. Cowboys. Conor McGregor. Oh, he did punch him with them in his glove. He had him strapped to his foot. Yup. And in his pen. His shoulder. You know what he worse rated Joel’s ass. His cup. That’s a real man. Right? You know, I’ve seen he’s got a beard. Yeah, I have a pretty nice one. He doesn’t have a good beard. So, so do the highlights of that fight. There was a beginning and end wasn’t much to it. So did you guys go to a, a fight party? Do you guys go to a party? It was like a straight to Joel party. That’s right. A job party. Yup. Everybody in that room. He was a straight of Joel’s true. I brought a backup pair. So two pairs. Oh or achiever. Can you play corn hole with Serrated Jaws?

I don’t see why not.

Okay. That’d be a big negative. I think you can do it. [inaudible] worth a try. So did you bring any food, Brandon? I did. How much? What kind of made some spicy Rotel dip. Oh, you’re a famous cheese dip. And it wasn’t, it was spicy. Had another crock pot with little Smokies and a little wieners that amazing. Um, what’s it called? Barbecue sauce. That, but the, I want my baby bag. Baby bag. Baby bag. My baby bag. Baby bag. Baby bed. Is that what you’re talking about? Oh, the famous sauce. Dave’s, Oh, a head country. Boom. Bingo. Woo. Yeah, it turned out real good. They weren’t good. Yup. Oh, was excited.

So did Connor talk about his victory and how he won? You know, I’ve watched a bunch of stuff on YouTube Saturday. So did he ever like, it seems like he’s calmed down a lot. He’s more humble, very aggressive. Almost lost him. Was lost everything. But yeah, but you know what happened? He got introduced to Serrated Jaws. John’s brought him back to reality. Brought him back to where he first started. Right. Want him to fight. Did he ever mention any of that about his success? Yeah, he did. It was on YouTube. Uh, this thing I have, it was tick six episodes. They were 10 minutes long with all the fighters. Did they flag them? Like are they all deleted now? No, this was like a pretty thing that a coworker sent me. Oh, do you have a crush on the coworker?

Hmm? Does your coworker have a beard? Kind of, eh, straight of jaws? Huh? Do they use Serrated Jaws for a living? Yes. Has he seen your shirt? I believe he has. That’s one lucky guy. When you look down in the ocean, you said straight jaws. If you’re out there, show yourself touching. Did they ever show up one more time? What happened? Really? Are you on this podcast with this? I hope not. I’m about to throw a Paris right at jaws at you right now. Ooh. That hurt. And your corny toes. Was that it or carnations? Oh, did you just say his pork?