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Serrated Jaws | Want To Get The Best Parts For Your Machines?

I did have bigger planes that day. That’s how big huge. Like Donald Trump would, your plans includes ready Serrated Jaws or all the time? Only big plans includes ready to just, Hey Brandon, let’s finish that story. So tell us about what you were thinking when you saw me and NACE on that log. Where are you jealous? Oh yeah. Getting full on a, on a bunch of water. Yeah. It was over there on the side and you thought over, Hey man, woo, I want some of that. You have to, no coworker was attached to. So there was a threesome. Oh, there was another one called laundry guys on the walls. Three guys, one log grip. And that log likes Serrated Jaws. Yeah. That’s almost a tee shirt. Nope. I said almost. Okay, so you’re saying there’s a chance. Yeah. Um, so when you ran out there, did you expect to make it? I, you know, I don’t know what I thought was going to happen right there. You just kind of go with the flow or you kind of go with the flow guy. Just wait, I let the current grab me. Ooh. Oh, go on. Yeah. So did you hope you’re missing something in your life, but getting on that log with three men, did you think that you’re going to be a bonafide, excuse me bone if I had never heard of it. I’m not sure what this means. Okay.

Sorry to Serrated Jaws. Did you feel like it was going to complete you like SRE? Did Serrated Jaws do for a lot of our customers make you happy on the inside? I mean if I would’ve landed right there on the log holding on to you guys. Is that one of those things that people say like I swear doctor, I was swimming in the river and all of a sudden a log just came out of nowhere. Is that one of those things where you get, you get like penetrated in the log penetrates, you [inaudible] was swimming in the river and it just happened. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what is, is that what you’re hoping for?

I didn’t, he was hoping to be bonafide. I was so that’s what brought me into this story. Yeah. I was so full off of water. Yeah, it was hot that day. I drink a lot of water and you felt like a fish. So there’s no telling what I was thinking at that moment. And we talked about this, but during the current, how many canoes do we see over? Oh, this is an extreme. Yeah. We saw about like what, two or three people and lose everything at least. So they like their coolers would spill all their water out and people would die trying to save their water cans.

Water. This is true, right? Water is expensive. It is expensive. There’s a lot of water in those cans. I mean there’s other stuff. Yeah. But there’s a lot of water. Unbelievable. Now, Brendan, from my recollection, recollection, I remember getting hit modified bonafide from the back [inaudible] and then all of a sudden I see someone floating in front of me and I reached down to save him. Yup. And I grabbed, I grabbed anything I can grab. I’m sorry, Brendan. I’ll seen it. And uh, so I grabbed your, I think what appeared to be your Achilles tendon. Nope, it was your underwear, but Chuck your underwear. I think I gave you the biggest atomic wedgie ever. Yeah. Right. Did you like it? Uh, it feel good. That’s not a yes or no. He hesitated. Did, I’ll take that as a yes. No, you can say whatever you want.

I can, I’m looking in your eyes right now and I see the truth. So we obeyed, basically turn his boxers or briefs and to a thong instantly. It’s kind of like that Cisco song. He, Oh, it was instant gratification. Do you know when light that that’s the same thing? That’s that Serita John’s dude. Your life. It’s instant gratification, right when you get the box, but it sinks into those crevices. You know how many people, the first photo they sent us on any of our social media is when they’re about to open the box. Oh. So it’s like, it’s like Christmas morning. It’s a Tiffany box. It’s America. It is America head. And they open it photos and then they pull them out photos and then they’re using the bottle OPIR photos, then the disclaimer photos, and then they’re putting the sticker on the machine photos with a little smiley face.

So Serrated Jaws. Yep. Got it. Changes their life. Just does change the thong. Got day one, Brandon, don’t break your teeth. Brandon did that. Did that change your life though? Like let’s just before everything else happened is a game changer, but did you feel alive? Somewhat violated? No, completed, completed. You know, we’re pretty close coworkers. Yeah. In that moment, concur, it was life or death. It was almost, you know, and we were planning on just having life at the time. Yeah. And I would say brain is probably more happy that we’d grounded by that underwear and then floating away from us because he felt secure. Complete lights rated jawless do to your life. Is that true? You never questioned whether or not they’re going to let you go. Right. It’s ready to John’s. They don’t let you go. [inaudible] I saw the look in your eye. Complete trust in your life when you went underwater and you came back and you looked at me, I saw complete trust in those eyes, those baby blow bys. What didn’t you see? Well, I saw everything, but I’m just saying when I looked into your face, those baby blue eyes, there’s complete trust there. No. Then you went down a second time right here. The second time I was not seeing something that I should see. Nope.

Right. And that’s why [inaudible] I hear this voice over my shoulder and says, who? What did that voice say? His teeth fell out a little lower. His teeth fell out a little not so haikus. Yeah. And anyways, and John was like, he would, Jordan was like, Ryan, the bull happy. He’s like, woo. Ran the bull. I was like, Jordan, his teeth fell out. And then finally after the fifth time, he goes, what? Yeah. Anyways, so when you came up, finally we had those nasal nays had like a, just a clear shot apparently. Like I think I was just happy that you were happy that you trusted me and I wasn’t gonna let you go. You’re happy because you’re holding on to his precious garments. I plead the fifth guilty, guilty until I don’t want to be wrong. That’s right. Anyways. And so I looked at you and you said, let me go. Then that’s when I knew it was all over and I, I felt defeated. Did you feel defeated when that happened? Like your, like your Serrated Jaws or gone. Did you feel defeated?


when I, whenever I let him go, he just sunk underneath the water. [inaudible] but then he went searching. He was on, he was on a mission. I had the whole team searching. The whole team was urchin. True. This was like a tsunami river. Whenever you’d go on underneath of water and ACH, how far were you when you go under the water? How far were you when you came back up? Give or take 20 miles. That’s inaccurate. But you hear least a good light football field away from where you started from? I believe it. Well, that’s pretty far to know, but it was because when we started up the front, you know where the river curved right? When we ducked down like we were at the curve, it was at least a football field. It was, and I would love to say that we found those teeth, but we didn’t know. I don’t know. I had so much hope. I think God, I think there’s a, I think there’s a carp right now wearing those teeth and he’s happy. Happy, happy, happy. Oh, jeans by me goat. I don’t know. I mean, made me think they would float though.


I don’t either. I think it was a, it was just shock. Now, if you had those pair of Serrated Jaws back, would you do anything different? Oh yeah. I would have brought my backup and your backup. Paris, right at Jones. I have every, you know what, speaking of everybody should have a backup. Paris ready did Serrated Jaws. I believe it. You have your like main designated pair of Serita jaw, but then you should have a backup just in case for the UNC. Consistent bam, boom. That’s right. Just in case, you know what, how many times when we first started making our Serrated Jaws that we had a machine and we were running and all of a sudden we had a new job come up [inaudible] and we needed some worse radio Johns and we didn’t have them. No. Right. Everybody needs a backup pair of Serrated Jaws in their life. Yeah, but not backup wives all in one. No. Yeah, you just need one wife, but you need backups. Right? You need several backups, right? To John’s at least eight. Uh, speaking of wives, my girlfriend was doing laundry the other day. Went through my sock drawer. Found just a jaws. You left in your sock? In my sock. Roar. Serita. Jarls yeah. Why do you have them? She said, did you pay for them? Did you take them? Oh wait, where they like the dented and scratched pair that we don’t sell. Was it the one incher?

Was it the one that’s Sareda jaw? You know what you’re putting in your pocket anyway, she said they, what are these? I said those are mine back up. Raided gels. Oh Hmm. So you know you have three, you have three total one’s gone though. I got one. One pair, one pair. That’s it. So you didn’t have this rate of John’s in right? Why not? Well, I was going on the river. So this is past tense. So right. This is the past. This wasn’t like the girlfriend now knows the girlfriend now. And you just had this conversation, so you have gone new pairs of stray jaw. I only have one backup here, but you have one in your mouth so you have to, no, I only have one right now. That’s a miracle. So he had you had a backup pair until your backup pair became your Bain pair of Serena Johns, correct? You say bang, maybe bang, pair, bang pair. I like it. You main pair. That’s what I, that’s what I meant to say. Banging pair sounds better. Yeah. I was like, why are you cleaning out my door? She’s like, Oh, I want to move some stuff in here. People are always jealous. [inaudible] Johns. She’s trying to move in. If you brain’s a toothbrush and we’ve got a problem, there is a toothbrush. Oh, we got my Atlanta.

SAS. Sounds like a personal problem. It does sound like a personal problem. I like it. How much? A lot. I mean, Hey, she did compliment like she, she liked how shiny does John’s work like this? Right at John’s Whitehouse? I knew they were. Did she like the laser engraving on them? She did like that. Did you explain exactly what the Cerenia John’s do? It was hard to do. She don’t, you know. Good. Did you try to explain to John’s bar? You know what, I just showed her our website is what I did. Bam. And that’s a good American. And what is our website be? Right? If you don’t get it right, you’ll be wrong. M M M. dot. USA dash USA M M M dash U S a dash worser raided jaws all day long. Not dashboard dot dash. Anyways, she, I showed a pretty throughs. She, she gets the gist of it. Did it make her belly button pucker? She’s like, now I know why you keep them in here. [inaudible]

I like her already. Sounds like a keeper. All right ladies, just tell us what you did today. You had any great stories about serrated jaws today? Uh, yep. So, uh, today I woke up at 4:00 AM bam and uh, w we’re having a snow blizzard over here and uh, I can’t get my car out of the road. It’s Doug stuck real good like I should. And, uh, you know, I did, I had access to rated jaws are in my pants because I carry them everywhere. I was able to use some duct tape, two pieces of dental floss, put them around my tires and I got, I got back to work because of those Serita Charles. I know, I know. It seems a little far true story or like a fictional story. Oh this is my life. He said this was at four in the morning. So this is the dream. Oh, I don’t believe it. It was a weird light. I don’t live that far from him, you know, I didn’t see any snow on the ground at my house. Did you see any snow on the ground at your house? I was asleep, but if I had snow I would, I would use serrated jaws to get my car on stock. [inaudible] for sure. It’s the right thing to do.

Did you see any Serita Jones getting made today? Brina? [inaudible] I did. Well did the one 25. Tell me about it.

Oh, stay alive. What do I buy last day and you got to tell me about it. I mean, I, you know, I’d only get a glimpse of them running because I was bald other day long, but they are running nonstop in full in stock. It’s been like four years running nonstop. Speaking of that, we’re waiting on the heat treaters again. They just, they didn’t come today. No. Ah, what tutors didn’t come get us ready Johns today? They did not. Oh my goodness. It’s hard to find good help around here. They didn’t come Friday either. Nope. Well, if I have some more water, I’ll say a curse word.

Okay. So right now we’re what, how many Serrated Jaws or we’re pushing out a week, man. Well yesterday we had at least a hundred that we were sending out to you. True. Yes. We’re sending that over over a couple hundred a week. But this, this is an odd week. [inaudible] but it is over a hundred. It is over a hundred. That’s a lot. I think we can do. Uh, so that’s what like what, 50,000 a year. FCRA to John. I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna do the math, but I, I believe it. I believe it. I think we’ve said we could do like, uh, over 15,000 a year. Yup. Not full time. Not 24. Seven

that’s her. Her next goal is 24 seven running the machine. 24, seven Oh, our next goal. Okay. [inaudible] 15,000 cerated gels with our new Fisher fixtures. Yup. Multiple. Was it one, two, three, four. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of them and be sure and watch the news tonight boys. Multitasking tomorrow is 90% chance of slight rain, snow and serrated jobs. It’s gonna. It’s gonna. It’s more or less gonna precipitate serrated. It’s going to snow dogs and stray to Josh. No, it’s good cause it’s, that’s free. It’s really cost $7. Yeah. That’s freer than $187. Oh God. It’s like a free 90, free free 99 free minus nine. Nine free.

I like it. Yeah, I like it too. No one else. I like trader Joe’s not too, but we’re taking, take it back about 10 minutes ago plus or minus 30. [inaudible] we got pizza coming. Ooh. And we’re an honor. Pepperoni had pepperoni, pepperoni is in crust. Oh, then gross. You know, I can grab on thin stuff. Uh, sorry. Do you know what can grab then stuff? Uh, well, can’t say that. That’s a little racist. Um, Oh. Serita Jarls serrated jaws can grab on thin stuff. Yep. Hello. How low can you do it? Go. That reminds me of a song. It does. How low can you go? How low can you go?

Well, Serrated Jaws can go a at least 80 thousands and we had one guy with our straight, it’s strip Joel’s yes. Raided jaws. The districts go down to light 20 30,000. You can customize your own jaws because modular modular and that’s it. That’s for the daring and the people that like to the brave, that breve like kind of like Mel Gibson. That’s what he uses. The 30 thousands Joe in Braveheart, he was swinging. Everybody thought it was a sword. It was really cerated jaws not attached. Yes. Magnificent. Beautiful. Yeah. Big. I wonder how loose whose caboose was, what this song you guys were saying? I think we just went back five minutes. [inaudible] how do you spell caboose? Use asking any Brendan K a B. O S E I believe it. I’m just going to say no. Who Boosie yeah. You know they make cabooses [inaudible] well, there’s a machine shop involved. What does like 99% of all the machine shops in the world need? Brandon? It’s a no brainer. No brainer. That’s a no brainer. What is it? What is there no brainer rated Joe [inaudible] jaws they needs, they’re rated jaws cause they got it all. [inaudible]

Oh, looks like we got a caller. Waiter chicken dinner. I am. Yeah.

Are you going to pick up? Yeah. Hello. This is master machine. Yay. And jowls. Okay, well, yes, we have cerated Johns and I can help you. Do you say balls? No sir. I said Joe’s. Can you spell that out? J as in John. [inaudible] Hm. Okay. Educational myself. Yeah, we w we still John’s. Okay. What am I gonna do with those you junk stuff. You Chuck your balls. No, you Chuck material. Would that hurt in mind? Okay. Um, is it going to help me out financially? Absolutely. It will mentally. Yeah. Do you need the one 25 step or the 80,000 step bigger? The better. Okay. Hey guys, we’re going to have to hang up on this color, but all right, hang on a second. Holy cow. Did you just hear, did you just hear what I heard that was like a unicorn or intervened? Brendan, did you hear that thought it was fake?

No. First of all, how did they even ridges? You think that’s Tony from machinist therapy hotline? Yes. That was definitely probably Tony. I think that’s hillbilly inc. Oh, tricksters okay. Hashtag he’ll build the Hank. You’ll find him. That was funny though. I give it up. I give it out to him if that’s what it is. It is funny now. That was shocking and all who chucks the balls? Uh. Yup. And how does it help you financially? I don’t know. First of all, our Johnson or charade did. Yeah, that would hurt. Who would want to choke their balls with Saray to Joe’s? Somebody that doesn’t have Serrated Jaws. Brendan. Um, is that all you got loss of words over here or are you stuck on thinking about what that’s like? Yeah. Oh man. But what else do you think that, is it weird that I dropped them last night?

You dreamt I did. You had past tense or present tense last night. You dread dripped. Dripped is a dream. This is like swimming drip. Superfly bud chat. Dripped dripped. Hello. Oh, I was deep. Jonah vide like those swimming drips. Yeah. Is it weird? Is it weird? No, it’s not. It’s actually normal. I dream of straight Johns every night. Did you wake up happy or sweaty? Oh, little. Both lubricated. Bonafide. I was a little sweaty. You were a little bit, do you have a fever? It’s flu season. Hey Brandon, if you had a fever was the only thing that could pace your fever just in everybody that has to read. Joel’s did not get the flu this year.

I believe it off st it. [inaudible] pretty sure I had it. You had it? Yeah. You had the fever first rated John’s [inaudible] so it said Bieber fever. It was cerated fever. [inaudible] does it flow as good? It doesn’t flow as good, but it hurts just a rat aided. Ooh, you like that one. That’s a raided. Hayden aided surrender. Surrender. Surrender aid. So what’s that one song? It was like haterade or you know what I’m talking about? No. Hmm. From the 90s it’s a raid or aid or no, it sounds like that. No, dad ramped it. Brandon, do you know [inaudible] okay, you got anything else over there? Yes. Serrated Jaws. S Jos. Sounds like your cuss word that’s coming soon. That’s write a jaws. That’s what that stands for. All right. Who do you got? Chiefs or 49ers for the Superbowl 14 it’s going to be a doozy. Doozy? Yup. What does that mean? It’s going to be doozy. Bonafide. Cerated this be a lot of water involved. Hmm. I like it. I’m talking about water chasing water. Same water. I was drinking low. Lost my teeth cause he said don’t go. Jason’s for rated falls is what he said. It’s a rated Johns but don’t go for chiefs

by 10 by 10 by him. Yeah, it’s in Miami this year. Boys. Should we go [inaudible] that’s or no? I’d give my left cerated JOL to go. Wow. Priceless. But earlier you said Joanne once ready to trawl. You only had one backup. [inaudible] always got it. So you don’t have the right [inaudible] got a backup backup. Well, but you said you only had one pair of Serrated Jaws guys, that was a long time ago. We’re talking about now. So you have several now. Yeah. Yeah. You have a backup for the backup? Yup. What about [inaudible] backups? The backup secret secret. Uh, for the Superbowl? Yes. Easy. Easy. Two to one.

Two to one. That’s what it’s going to be to the water. That’s not possible. Two to one. So that’s one of it’s going to be, Nope. Okay. Let me ask you this. J lo secure. That’s halftime. What do you mean that is the halftime show? Married. Both of them. Oh, I’m married. What’s the rate of Joel’s? That’s right. I was going to say if you had a sip, it’s the rate of jaws. You just answered the question. No challenge accepted. I’m going to go with Houdini. Then blue fish for five hoodie doesn’t have any Blowfish. [inaudible] John is right? Yeah, he got him eight. No, no. This is barriers and just Derrius now.


Darious. Let me see your Derrius to use some PR. Cerated jaw has odd Derrius if you ain’t right, you be wrong.


Do you guys remember IMTS 2018, the IMTS 2018? Yeah, absolutely. What was the highlights? Oh man, there’s a lot of highlights. Let’s see here man. We had our Serita jaws in like a 12 different booths. Joe, out of the, hold on man. There’s a couple of thousand people there. Yup. As far as booths like vendors [inaudible] this, that was a good Island. Got to meet Titan. Those guys, the Titans of CNC. Titan Gilroy. Yup. Actually, uh, we sent them some Sharita jaws right after we got back cause we contacted them. Yeah, we connected with them. Um, let’s see. Horizontally or vertically? Vertically. Okay. Definitely vertically. Professional professionally. Okay. Uh, we uh, we went to the house of blues with the Kennametal. Yeah. [inaudible]

cool Cubs game. Yes. Yes. That was very fun, man. That was, yeah, I thought it was weird that no one in town knew when the actual game was going to be yet and they thought there wasn’t going to be a game. Well, something happened. Well, flight got delayed, canceled. We didn’t know what happened until later on, but if they had Sareta Jarls they would’ve been on time. Yeah, no delays. But Hey, we got to check out other little nice bars and eat good food. No girl or guy. The best thing was we got to hit the batting cages. Oh yeah. Yes. We’re about four hours. I was awesome.

It abused my hands. It did. It was painful. It was good. But I didn’t have Seretta Giles with me to protect me. No, we didn’t. To hold my grip from locked down like a Walt volcano. Speaking of IMTS. Yes. Go on. Who was best dressed? Best dress. There was like, I heard, I heard there was like a buzz around all of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, like all over about some of these like bearded brothers from another mother. That makes me happy. Right. So the beards, I mean, you had me at beard, right? Um, [inaudible] and uh, but they had these, apparently some American flag suits did, did you, did you see him at all? Hi, did, you did, did they have beards? Yep. Were they amazing. What else did they have all their teeth besides one guy. Did they have cerated? John’s [inaudible]. Ooh. Where are they giving them away for free. Oh baby.

You didn’t see these guys. They all had their teeth. Oh yeah. I never saw any different. They’re also giving away some stickers. Yup. And some handles. Yup. Quick, fast shaking Bay. Plucked my sandals. He ain’t first. You’re last. I was out there shaking them like hotcakes. Yeah, I believe it. Shaken. What? The handles you can shake handles. Oh yeah, like hotcakes. [inaudible] nice. He’s good at it. A st it. Does it help bring attention to this Rhoda John’s? Yeah. Nice. They work well together. Those guys look like the headphones. We use quick Vyas handles with serrated Joel’s to machine straighted jars. This is true. Yeah. It’s amazing to the cerated party. I like it. Do you like to party? Brenda got a load party. Have you ever been to SRA? Did party? Hey? Yeah, I’ve seen it in his shirt ripped off because of the raid. Jaws are so hot. His shirt ripped off. Yeah. And he invented what people, it’s, it’s pretty common. The helicopter [inaudible] he sits down with both legs like he’s about to do what? Yep. I don’t know. Just imagine it.

He just sits there, done. Imagine that he’s power stances and he spins his ripped off shirt from the cerated Joel, you have a power stance? Yeah. It’s like he’s peacocking pickup pickup. Yeah. And then he swings it over and you just hear this pure, I heard a helicopter up close. Is that what it sounded like? No, it sounds like, um, you know, I, um, Nope, please just not a knife. This Oh boy. Oh, your mom talking about well, you, yeah. Oh yeah. So the uh, yeah, so they call whenever he has that. That’s what it sounded like. Sean Connery.

Sean, Sean, a crowd away. We’re talking about Australia. Yeah. Down earn day. [inaudible] that’s not annoyed. Yeah, this is annoying. Yeah. The other dude is from Scotland. Yes. I believe it. Dude. Do we agree on this? Yeah, I’m with you. And he doesn’t know what story to jaws are. Not yet. I guarantee you crocodile Dundee does [inaudible] because they said they were like a notch like item of animals and petals. That was our definition adjective. It isn’t that he sounded like he was from down under who was, but that calling from co crocodile Dundee, huh? Yeah. It was from the Aborigines. Yeah. That’s what Brandon sounded like when he had his power stance. Serrated Jaws. His shirt was ripped off in a club. He was calling them home. He was doing all kinds of stuff. The stuff that’s right. I don’t want to be wrong. Just had to have been there. Yeah, that’s for sure. He hadn’t been there.

This is not dreamed it. It wasn’t dreamt. Nope. It was for real. For real. It’d be real, but yes. Very. Oh man. Makes me excited. So we just had some pizza. We did. Yeah. We talked about it. We had it. Did you guys like the memories? Was it the thin crust with it? Gross, thin, thin crows. 80,000 to 80,000 we have some us ready to John’s or 80 thousands well that’s the best size. Do you agree Brando? I concur. You concur? Yeah. You don’t concur, right? The 80,000 yeah, me too new like the small ones.

The thin ones, I like the 80 thousands to the hand tossed. I like the 80,000 it’s not hard. Hard. You work it. It’s how hard your torque it torque it. [inaudible] 80,050 pounds or less. That’s right. No, you want to stay right at 50 pounds. Depends what material. Oh, like 50 pounds. Well somebody big like me likes to let go low overboard. Yeah. Yeah. It’s okay. It’s like a cave man. You sound like a big Juju train. Yep. Whatever, whatever, whatever. Brandon, whenever Brendan’s going on those jobs and he’s choking down some material, he sounds like a big trajectory. Do you remember nobody cry? Be Jane. We’ll bring it back to big Tom. Big Dawn. Yeah. When he would, he would uh, Chuck the vices. Yeah. You remember that? Yeah. Praying to wood cause our dad was like, what? A buck 30. Yeah, 45 maybe 45. Hold on. Good day. Hang glide on Dorito big Tom was like, it was big. Three 25. Yeah. And so he would always choke. His jaw is way too tight, both apart. And we’d have flex and dad would say, just use your finger, this finger, tight knit. And then, but big Tom does and he’s just bending our parts. He’s got, he’s got a lot of meat behind that finger.

So that’s what we use. The torque, the torque torque bar. Is that where it’s working? Came from? I think so. It was from whenever you’re chucking your steroid or jealous [inaudible] working. So like the torquing dance came from? Yeah, it’s all in the hips. Phillip. Feel [inaudible] flows. That reminds me of a movie. Uh, Talladega nights. New dirty dancing? No blanking. [inaudible]

he uh, about [inaudible]?

Nope, that’s the wrong movie. Oh mm. Twerking. Bring it on. Is that it? No pitch. Pitch. Perfect. No. Uh, you got served no jaws. Yes. No, I don’t know man. Okay. What movie? Hang on one more time, you guess one more me? Just one moment. What movie? Yeah. All right. 50 shades of gray. Never seen it. Oh, is it in black and white? I don’t know. Do you know what I’ve been thinking about it? There’s nothing sexier than what in black and white and black and white ice cube and ice cube or the ice cube. The ice cube. The ice cube that was in a Anaconda [inaudible] no. Oh, sorry. To jaws. Oh, no one else was in, in the movie Anaconda notched like teeth Serrated Jaws. So I believe it from an Anaconda go. What? No. Did this. Oh, and his bond sounds like some mix. A lot. Is that what, that was some mixed. A lot. That’s what film bonafide. It feels like. I liked it.

He couldn’t come back out. You know why they didn’t let go? They were Saray dead.

I believe it.

I see Ray did jaws. They don’t let go. That movie was almost X-rated charade in kind of extra. Didn’t I believe it. I haven’t shown my kids yet. Have you shown yours? Nope. Brandon, would you show your dogs just movie? You know what else has good teeth in the movie? I don’t, I don’t know. Think about it. Go way back and Anaconda. Nope. Oh, what’s going on? Another movie with Serita teeth like King Kong? No. Godzilla. Nope. It’s well, dad’s favor.


There’s like five of them, but only the first one was good speed. Do in a second. One was good on the third one was Oh, dressing part? No. Oh dang. That’s a good one though. You’re gonna kick yourself. What? Yup, no way that, wait a minute. Just come up with like serrated like teeth in the movie. Oh, Brennan. Come on. Help me out. Help me out. Find out [inaudible] characters. Dad liked this movie. Did he play it a lot?

Yes, dude. He played every time it was on. Yes, for sure. Indiana Jones. Kevin bacon was in it. Oh, Kevin bacon. Was this the zookeeper? Nope. Michael Gross was in it. My whole barrage Reba McEntire was in this movie right in the boom. No, bring the book. Uh, Tony Ganarro. I don’t know who that is. Richard Marcus. This is Charlotte [inaudible] cop. No, this is old hat. Let me find it. You said who was I? Kim 90. Who’s in 1990? Kevin bacon. Kevin bacon. Oh, I singing Kevin James. Oh wait, that’s nothing. [inaudible] alright. Cerenia like teeth in this movie. Predator. Oh Nope. Tremor. Oh yeah, ass. Blasters uh, that was a good movie. The first one was, I did show my son that one. They did the rest of them. I can’t even walk on the dirt anymore. I can’t go in the water. Cause the Steven Spielberg and Kevin bacon. I could go on land, get mow my grass, gets Kevin bacon and [inaudible] can’t leave the [inaudible] box because I was a little afraid.

That was an excellent, really good movie. It wasn’t, the first one was fantastic. I’ve watched you all five of them. The first two were good because I just, I keep hoping for more Serita Johns. Do you, I mean, is that something that you do as well? Do you hope for more saturated jobs when it’s not going so good? When it’s that good you want to the first gen and you want the sex and you want, do you want the last two, the last June you went one inch or six, 600 crunchers. We do better, but the movie was good. Yeah, it was good. Kevin. Kevin bacon smell like bacon. He almost, he almost got ate a few times by sir Ray to Joel. This is true. That’s good. What else did dad like to watch here? What’s another?

He liked to dress the part. Yeah. The new ones are the old ones sleeping with the enemy. He didn’t like that. Is that what Julie Roberts? Yeah. Oh gosh. Don’t tell me that. You know, if, if you know, first of all, Hey, she had an abusive husband in that movie. Right. You know what would have stopped that hate? Cerated. Joe’s S J S S J’s Serita jars. What, uh, what was his favorite TV series? Uh, home improvement. Now, Hey, there was a healer shop. No, no, no, that’s it. That probably lasted longest. Orange County. King of Queens.

I would say that. Or, uh, uh, Raymond. Everybody loves Raymond. Yeah. Yeah. He pointed that a lot. Hey Jen. Over and over. He loved Kevin James cause you brought the boom. He did bring the boom, just like SRE to job. Every time I see that show, come on, I’ll still watch it. It’s funny man. So he brings a budget. He did home improvement. Yeah, but that was, Hey, I have my bedroom. TV’s got old school rabbit ears and tool time comes on every night. Oh. And I do watch it, dude. It brings back memories. Yeah, it’s good. That’s crazy. Tim Allen is a man. He is. He’s still, he’s still, Oh Hey. You know who had a beard back there? Al and a whole lot of people didn’t have Borland. Hey Al Borden does accurate. Probably Wilson too. But you couldn’t see his face. Yeah. You know why you couldn’t see his face? He was a pecker shooter. Oof. I don’t want that means, yeah, I’m just going to look at your brain and we’ll finish this conversation by burning you with my hot ass.

They’re going to say Heidi had a beard speaking at TV shows. What was another one? His favorites of his TV shows. Yeah, that’s right. Johnson. He, he, he really liked orange County choppers. I remember when he used to leave, we would sneak in there and go put it on Rob and big. Oh yeah. Well he did. That wasn’t his, no, no, he didn’t like it. We were, he liked the UFC. The UFC. Yeah. Yeah. Ultimate fighter. He liked that. Uh, he has, I would say every Wednesday at eight, he liked, uh, did like King Quinn’s, orange County choppers. We’d Seinfeld, we’d do marathons. He liked Seinfeld, Seinfeld. I remember him. He’s, he used to tell me he walked, he laid in bed with Sherry. I’m glad it was Sherry cause that’s my mom. Cause that’s what Seinfeld was. Serita just cerated filled straight to just in a shoebox. Right. A John’s, yup. Is a comedy and that’s how babies are made. Yup. You ain’t Jordan.

I know. Hey you ever, you ever see the, uh, sign the uh, Seinfeld wherever the uh, yeah, I do watch it every night. Yes. Soup Nazi. Oh. Can you imagine if we were the Serita jaw Nazis? Oh no. Cerated jaws for you know, SJS for you know Donna? No. So ready to jobs. Oh, B B. This is like, we have a delay here on our Bieber. Unbelievable. St defied bonafide Peter fide. S J’s S deified. Sure. Serrated Jaws. Have you ever sure I’ve ever been surrendered John? Yes. Before, like on your fingers or, Oh, slice them and dice them too many times it’s been, I remember this, this, uh, this one customer got him and uh, he was putting them in and uh, he actually makes knives. Right? That’s what he does for a living. He literally makes knife blades. And uh, he was talking about how he’s never been cut by his own products, but somehow our shredded jaws diced him, sliced and diced. I believe it. No, it was good. And then he had put duct tape all over his hands. Yup. Unbelieving. There’s another guy, sharp, there’s another guy that broke his teeth off on his Charles. He reached out to us. He didn’t read the disclaimer. Hey wait, I think he did. Oh, he didn’t? Yeah, I think he did. And we did. We said, Oh sir, try and be,

you know, nice and polite. And we didn’t want to say DBA GBA, if you listen to the beginning of the podcast, you know what DBA DBA means? That’s true. And uh, my mom was probably listening, so I can’t see it more than 10 times today are I got to get baptized this weekend. And so anyways, he always said right in how he broke his teeth. What’s that? What did, what was his worst? Can you pull it up? He was, uh, Oh man. Okay. Well I’m going to paraphrase while I’m pulling it up. So he said as a cuss word, I said, did you read the disclaimer? And he said, yeah, I read the disclaimer. Ah, stupid. Basically something like that. He goes, my bad. Let’s see here. Pulling it up, pulling it up. Oh, come on, I’m pulling up here. Slow connection. But I’m super excited that he had through write a JOL so in his life he just made a little mistake. Here it is. Hey bro. He said, uh, he’s a torque.

Was my body weight jumping on the vice handle because I’m a more on some of them. I’m a moron and [inaudible] people will have you seen that a lot? Say you broke your teeth. What happened? Yeah that, well I took a dead blow hammer and I hit it as hard as I could funnier and it broke. Yeah cause it didn’t, not you ever read the disclaimer? You have to read the disclaimer. But instead of him getting upset they have these still. They were funny about it. How could they miss, they had these stickers and they totally relate. Like they don’t have front teeth now cause they knocked them off cause they are more, no, but all of our customers, even when that happens they’re grade. No, they’re still like, they’re just like laughing about it because they, cause you know what happens? Accidents. They still work.

They do still work cause they got lots of teeth. They have tons of teeth and they still work, they’re still grip good. And we still have no ports of slip off our [inaudible] jaws. Yup. And even though, I mean even even all the customers have said that they’ve broken some teeth on some jaws. Every now and then they said the best part is is it still didn’t slip. Yup. Even though a couple broke because they weren’t in spec, they didn’t read the disclaimer or they did and they just refused to abide. He said it was better than a Trojan horse. I don’t know what that means, but I believed him. You said it with fury. Nick fury. It sounded like it. Nice. That felt like the one eyed Nick fury, the double on a double O. He grew it back. Well Brandon, if there is something that you could tell all of our listeners right now besides that, what do you think you could tell them about the importance of using Serita John’s and how that will complete them. Nice. I’m going to throw this over to you. So they’re faster, they’re faster, they’re safe, they’re safe. Do you say safety? Hi. Did you say drip safer? You said dreamt. Save for faster. Safer.

Huh? If he first you’re last. Yeah. All right. What else? Yeah, that, that it say for save character faster and saved her. Alright. So I’m days I’m gonna throw it over to you. Can I finish my story from IMTS? Yes. But after you complete this sentence, safer. Faster. That’s okay. What’s your sense, if people were curious [inaudible] or not sure about using straight of jealous, what would you say to them about that call? Boy George, I’m going to throw it back to Brando. That always has a no-go. That was a no-go. Alright, so what’d you say

if you were trying to tell somebody about serrated did jaws and they were a little nervous about using them, what would you say? I said if he ain’t first you last, you, you ain’t winning and you’re losing your loser. You don’t get a participation trophy these days. Hey man, that’s what I would say. Okay. You can finish your story. Okay. So we have our jaws and like 15 distributors that IMTS, we met some great people. So we met, uh, gene Haas and he was using our Serita jaws and his machines [inaudible] where we met his other guys. Oh, the CEO of OSG. Yup. We met him. He’s using some similar of our straight Jarls yeah. Test out tooling. And uh, who else was there? Oh man. So many. Uh, the uh, owner of shores, he was there and they sell our serrated jaws a lot. Yeah. And the King keep them in stock. You know, a lot. Any in stock, the owner of Jem tool. Yep. And they can’t keep them in stock either. True. Those straight of Serrated Jaws or hot, the uh, owner of Mari tool. Yup. And he can’t keep them in stock because they’re hot. They’re hot. They are.

Oh man, there’s too many accounts. There is a lot. And as we had our jaws and all these places, we were in American flag suits. We’re hot. We’re hotcakes. Everybody wants a little piece of this. We probably took like, you just say hotcakes. Yeah. Oh, I did. And you know, you know how hot we were. This is true. Believe it or not, it’s my own balloon. I don’t know. So we all had matching uniforms. Yup. Right. Yup. It was so hot. I was so filled up with this just energy, sweaty joy, sweaty joy that my pants ripped off, ripped off, ripped off. And I didn’t have a backup. I didn’t have backup. I had backups, red jaws, but not paints. Hmm. So you might see some photos where I’m wearing some red hot short shorts. Short shorts. Yes. Swim shorts with my uniform suits shorts.

Yeah. And so we’re hot. We’re looking hot and there’s a particular place where we’re going and the only thing I can compare to our jaws is something that’s shiny, highly polished. Finish can be seen anywhere. Yeah. And we went up to that booth and there’s two people popped out the top of this booth with skin tight. Silver [inaudible]. Yeah. Yeah. It was eye-catching. That guy wasn’t wearing underwear. He was not aware. He did not have this right of gels holding that in tight. No, her mother was right next to us. It was, it was awkward. It was bonafide [inaudible]. Oh wow. Do you remember that? Yup. Yup. I can’t forget that. It’s kind of like what people do when they see our SRE Giles. They just can’t get that impression out of their head. No. Once you see it, you can’t. It’s imprinting. Can’t forget it. Last night you dreamed to, he did. He’s still, he feels it. This Serita juice. This J’s, I believe it. Charles Jones says just ready to juice juices.

Go for it. If you’ve got an, are we going to do words? [inaudible] what do you mean we’re going to do words? No, we’re going to mine it. We’re going to, uh, sign language. I, I see. Say a word and you have to go. Sorry. Yes, I’m ready. Okay. Banana. Banana. Wow. Oh, he just laughs. Well, banana, one thing I learned this year about bananas was that I’ve been open in them wrong my entire life. He knows Brendan, have you ever seen a primate open bananas? I don’t, there’s a wrong way to open it up. Yes. Yes. The right way would include sort of Joss. Correct. That’s, Oh, that’s how like that’s how like a aggressive, that’s how like a habit forming, that’s how like the a, that’s like technology and work sounds expensive. That’s how we, that’s how we open it was with shredded Johns. But you know the STEM, right? The STEM usually pull down and break it open. Right. That’s the wrong way.

That is your heartbeat. He got flooded out, flooded you Paul. You flip it over opposite side of the STEM. Right. And you grab the top, you pinch it, you pull it back. That’s how I was primates to it. Yeah. I mean if you don’t have story to jealous, like literally you have to open them like that. You can’t do it the other way. So bananas. Okay, nice. Ready? Changed. Ready? Yup. So I know you just adopted the kid, right? Yup, absolutely. So yep. So we’re going to go with this word. Ready? You ready? Yup. You stretched out, that’s one word. Nope. Diaper diapers. Diapers. Yup. Oh man. Well, okay, so the other morning, so my son, he’s, we’re, we’re calling him the blind side. He’s big. He’s a big boy. He’s a big boy. He’s like 200% and all this stats, he’s wearing size two, he’s, he was 11 months. And so every morning he wakes up right at six 30. He’s, he’s clockwork. Does, he put sort of jars in his buckets, feels like it. And he bangs on the doors every morning. Boom, boom, boom. That’s when you know he’s up. So there’s one day he wasn’t banging. I could hear on the monitor

how’s it? What the hell is he doing? He’s not banging. And so I go in there and I’m about, you know, I have, I’ve got business to do. And so I went to go pick him up. This little sucker was probably four pounds heavier and I was like, S melted, boom, stop my truck. Wrong choice. She up. It wasn’t good, but I gotta do I gotta do you know, I saved the world. And so I was like, you know what? I don’t know what I’m going to do. Is this is bad. G a E L for your, was it like a atomic bomb? Do you, uh, did you yell for your wife? I yelled Mady and nobody came because they knew what happened cause they heard it sounded like King Kong. And so, you know what, I had to change that dude from head to toe.

Oh, we have an incoming caller. Hello. Is this a, is this a Mmm. Dash Jose? This is, wow. I’m uh, I’m from uh, Australia. Oh no, I’m just kidding. I’m from Texas. Oh, I was going to say anyways, I saw on your website that you guys had a preorder going on right now. Yeah, we do. And I was wondering, do you got, can I buy from your website or do you guys just sell through distributors or direct? How does that, how does that work? Well, we do both as right now. Oh, okay.

Anything else you need to know? Well, yeah, I would like to, I would like a set of, of some jobs. Okay. Well, uh, totally fine. We’re not on a podcast or nothing, but you just give me your, uh, social security card and uh, your driver’s license number and your credit card. I’ll just take it right down. My social security. I don’t even got a social security card. Well, sounds like a personal problem. I’m, you know, speaking of personal problems, I’ve got a lot of them. I got this one friend that I go to work with every day and uh, does not have teeth. You know, he does this [inaudible] sometimes they don’t have TV. It just depends on which day it is. If it’s on a Wednesday, sometimes he don’t. What’s today? Is it, is it a Wednesday, Tuesday, Tuesday thumping Tuesday. Hmm. He probably don’t have them. Well, I still need some jobs. Do you guys, you guys send out any testers or how do I get some jobs? It’s just a 25 payments of 25, nine nine deal. Okay. All right. We guys, we are putting you on hold there and I want to take this guy’s order.

Hey guys, hammer back. So that was interesting. That was interesting. Yeah. Who pretends like they’re from Australia. They said they’re from Texas. Just call us up and tell he wasn’t threatened. John ordered it. He is social security and credit card and driver’s license jokes on them. It is time to order some more pizza. Probably. It is actually, it’s probably the, it is time to order some pizza. Yeah. So what, what can I picture again that’s ready to pizza? [inaudible] straight a job. Pizza. Extra charade cheese. Oh, that was actually nice. That wasn’t bad. Nice flavor. I like it. Yup. It’s pretty good. And his one inch drawl extra cerated it’s extra shredded. [inaudible] so your one inch is more saturated than your normal Linder non xrayed eight or one inch here. Oh, Serita Joel. Which one inch? We actually machine right now we’re machining was one inches. Right. Sometimes. And they’re as equally or better than other straight of jaws that have six inch worth of Serita teeth.

Absolutely. They’re more aggressive. They hold our parks, we don’t slip it all and we’re machining aggressive more. Yeah. So that’s, that’s fantastic. Fascinating. And they have a dual, they have dual teeth and the other one, the front side back. Yup. It’s like a party business in front party in the back. It’s like a mullet Brendan. Ever seen them all? Yep. Joe deer. Tay, Joe dirt. Joe deer, Tay, Joe dirt like that. That’s good that that’s good. Party in the front. Nope. Business in the front party in the back. You can make a business shirt out of this. I think we could with our words that Sheree jaws in the bathroom. I could go party. Hey [inaudible] party hard. I like to party and then they got business in the back. You can’t take care of already. Oh, I like to party, right? I like to party. We should do a shirt business in the front party in the back. I buy it. It’s already jealous. I’ll wear it as a onesy. Ooh, I’d way that is a onesy. [inaudible] it get cold. It gets cold. My room at night, I would wear one. Do what? It gets cold. My room. Oh. Onesy. Oh yeah, yeah. Well, yeah. Nice Bay look good in one. I believe that. Kind of like a penguin. They’re cute. A beard, a bearded penguin. You don’t like being glands. They’re cute. I like bearded being winds. They’re aggressive. They’re only when they’re threatened. Yeah, they’re, they’re innocent till proven guilty. No. The guilty until proven innocent.

So, Hey Bonnie, this is Jordan over Mmm dash USA. Why Jordan? What’s up? I’m fine. So Brandon was telling me a story about last night and he lets you listen to our podcast
Yeah, he said, he said you were laughing for about 15 minutes. Well, I didn’t know how my son lost his teeth. that’s good. What’s that? I thought it was a different story. I didn’t know it was over a woman. Oh, it was a man. Oh, tell, tell. Tell us the truth. What was the story? What was it? What was the story that you heard? I thought he told me, I hope we did it like 20 years ago, but apparently I was incorrect, but he never said it was a girl. Oh, he, he’s kinda like a Knight in shining armor, Brandon. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay, well we’ll, we’ll talk to you later. Okay. Bye. Didn’t work out. Did it? Oh, Brendan lied. Does mama? Yeah, that was funny. Hey Brandon, we’re, we’re recording live here, buddy. Yup. So your mama just called you out and apparently you lied about how you lost your teeth after she just paid for your braces. She’s, she’s old now, so she gets mixed up. Crap. Yeah, that’s apparently has she had the wrong story? They were pretty close cool. Corporate support. So a couple of what? Couple of months? We got another color. Oh. Oh nice. Wow. We have another girl. Hang on guys. This is going to be a good one. Hello, this is Jordan over MMN in dash USA. Wait, seven H M M M dash USA. You are on the podcast live, so be careful about what you say. Hello. Oh, we have a caller here. She is. And can I help you miss you sounded a lot like my wife is, is this my wife or are you calling about straight to jaws?

It was up to no about three times.

Okay. Well you are on the podcast, miss and I help you with your straight of jaws. Problem. Problem. Oh, it’s a big problem. Sounds like she needs a new eight inch pro strips. That’s true.

Get you out your tongue. All right, well I will call you back later Ms. Roberts. Right. Bye bye. I swear people are always calling this hotline. Yeah, you can’t just, you can’t stop it. It just got, it’s got this flow Brandon. I mean the great thing about us, Ray to Joel’s in charades strips, you might be gifted or born with a six inch, but you can add two one inch to your fixture. Eight inch. That’s true. It’s modular. Yeah. Cause she sounded like she had a big problem. She did. And sometimes she’s trying to, she’s gotta chat. She’s trying to, she’s trying to reduce her problems already big enough. She’s trying to reduce it down. You can do that as well with the one can take away. You can take away, can you can add and subtract. That’s right. It doesn’t take a genius like Pablo a mathematician.

Yeah. Like Steve Harvey or Brenda. His mustache is amazing by the way. It is not brand new, but Steve Harvey. Oh he dies it. Have you seen it when it’s white? No, it’s, it’s weird, but it’s really nice when it’s not. It’s really nice. I am. I might die. Mine, I would say no, that’s a bad choice. He’s hosting the NFL awards before the Superbowl, so he’s also doing the, he’s also doing a grant Cardone geo power of 10 X. Who else is with conference? Who’s else with grant Cardone? [inaudible]. Oh, who’s that? Uh, who mighty Mike, who? My team might, I don’t know who that is. The guy off of the Jumanji.

The rocks sidekick. Oh, well I don’t, I don’t know that name, but yeah, that’s who I was going to say. Okay. Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart. Yeah. Yup. Yeah. Kevin Hart does his conferences too. The power of 10 X. yeah, I believe it. Yep. I’m excited about that. Kevin Hart, he’s funny. You see as next Netflix series. No, it’s pretty good. I watched it. Yeah. Did he ever like talk about his success and how he was successful or anything like that? That’s basically what it was. Where it came from, his dad and his life. Now, if you were going to quote him but not like 100% quoting, like what did he say about his success and how did he achieve it? How did he achieve his success? Yeah. Okay. Well, did he like attribute any of that to like sort of jars or was that something different? Not this time, no.

Okay. Uh, but kind of like the straight of Joel’s, he said his dad didn’t have a grip on life. Oh, well, just negativity, bad influences. And Canada likes to a jaws. He didn’t say it, but I felt it. You felt like he was kind of hinting towards it? Yeah. Yeah. He said he had to get a grip on life and B’s, something that he didn’t want to be. So he did his, so he wanted to be something different than his dad was. Yeah. And he had to get a grip on life. He had a grip, get a grip on his own life. And he’s, he’s a little bit smaller. Right. So his grip is a little bit Spiegler Visser but just like Surrey, Joel’s, you can have a small grip and it can be deadly. Oh, I like where you went with that. Yeah. That’s nice. That’s how he got successful. He didn’t let go. That’s nice. It was very bad. A nice sound. So noise unlike kilo, my headphones are too close.

Do what man? AKA? Huh? I don’t know. That’s a weird color. You just say I just hung up. I’ll say manicure. I think niche just blamed that on a weird color. I’m pretty sure that was him. Guilty as charged. Yup. But Brandon, do you like miniatures? Brandon, do you like mannequins? I never had one. Me neither. Meyer I had a pedicure. Yes or no. Nice. Yeah. Yep. So nice. And when I uh, there was supposed to be 30 bucks. Who has ended up being 60? Nope. Way more. Oh, hundreds. I said yes. See I said everything that’s the racist cause that’s not the same language. No, I didn’t know what was happening. Oh. And Courtney didn’t either. And they’re rubbing my sh I had had three girls rubbing my shoulder and my feet at the same time getting a massage and a pedicure a the same time. I don’t, it wasn’t, it wasn’t worth it. I love feeling empty, full holes. My wallet was a left film full of holes and my wallet was empty. So you know what they say?


Better. Not better. So even though it put holes in my pocket, while I’m going to get both, I’m going to get better. You know, I believe that I’m not crying, dude. There’s like a bunch of phone calls coming through if you’ll just let that come through. Oh, here we go. Let’s see what happens. Hello. This is a master machine. How can we help you? Yo, XY was the Z. Sorry, sir. Is, is there, are you okay?

Flavio Scott.

All right, sir. Are you, are you okay? Can you hear me clearly? SA? Yeah,

I’m here. Sorry.

Sorry. A coworker did something that was hilarious. Do you guys shop jaws overseas? Yes, we do. Are you needing some light jaws? No.


Just say it out of your shell. Okay. Uh, well, uh, do ship jobs overseas if you need some. Um, do you use John’s? Oh, Oh, sorry. Hey, we have another caller. Here we go. Here’s another caller.

Hello. Hello. Hello.


This is master machine. How can I help you? Excuse me. You’re talking a little bit too loud. I’m sorry, sir. I, uh, I got sensitive ears. I believe that I was just, man,

can I help you?

No. Nowhere came from remarks. Yes. Just you’re making me kind of nervous. I just try and be that joker. That’s serious. You guys got ane Zhao is for sale. We do have some jaws for sale or are you looking for some jaws, Manny? Yeah, exactly. That’s what I was going to say. How many, how many jobs are you looking for? How many do you have? Well, as many as you want. How many jars do you looking for sir, and when did you,


we’re going to change cards. I’m so sorry sir. Hello, this is Jordan over at master machine. How can I help you? Hey, how are you doing? Jordie I’m doing just fine. How are you doing? I’m doing fairs taxed and my Bucky wild just kicked me out the horse and he just ran over my and I just had a little booboo in the accident, but I’m okay now. I was just all jacked up on mountain Dew. How are you doing tars or, I’m just trying to remember everything you just said. You sound like you’re having a good day. I’m having a fantastic day. The sounds Raza and the sons of blue in and I’m just queuing up my Holy wow. I’ve never, you know, I’ve never talked on the phone with someone with so much enthusiasm. Well you ain’t living in if you ain’t kicking it. You know what I’m saying?

Dirt. Dirt. Okay. Uh, how can I help you? I’m just looking for all kinds of jobs that you got. I was a search and internet and I’d never seen such profound, just certainly and, and just the American patriotic that you got going on your website. I just saw some photos and it just blew my heart because you guys just are the heart and soul of the country. Well, we do have some Serrated Jaws and let, let, let me tell you about them. We got some shredded Johns. We have one 80,000 step one 25 we got some Serita [inaudible] Oh, well sir, I’m so embarrassed. Sorry. We’re sir. We’re going to have to go to the next color. Hello, this is Jordan over Mmm dash USA. How can I help you? Hey, how you doing? I’m doing good. How are you doing? Hey, my friend Buc-ee’s on the phone and not aligned with you and I just want to cut off the top of Jackie. What you guys do? You guys having fun? We are having fun. How are you doing? What is he doing on the other line? Is he upstate? They’ll call him. He actually was upset.