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Vise Jaws | The Jaws of Life

Vise Jaws | The Jaws of Life


If you’re like us at Vise Jaws then we are almost 100% certain that you’ve come across this problem before. When you are working on a delicate object in the vice grips of your bench and then all of a sudden, it slips and leads to some damaging and heartbreaking results. We are so tired of this happening, and that is why we designed Vise jaws that are made to stand the test of time. We know our jaws will also hold your material without causing unnecessary wear and tear on all of your projects, no matter how big or small

One of the most annoying things you can deal with when machining parts at home is poor vise grip that leads to unexpected setbacks. Or even worse, a complete start over of your entire project. That’s where Vise Jaws comes in with our line of specialized vice jaws that are made to stand up to all that you can throw at them. We also made sure that our line of vise jaws will not cause undue stress on any of your projects that you are facing. These are quickly becoming valuable tools to anybody who would want to use them for whatever your purposes are. These jaws come in handy for machining parts at home that you need a solid grip on. They also count their weight in gold for woodworkers who need enough grip but not too much that it starts to dig into your finished piece.

At Vise Jaws we know how important it could be to have the confidence that all of your home crafting needs be met with a tool that can simply do it all. That is why we made our vice grips come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer this to meet all your possible needs which can certainly range from the variety of material you need to hold down to work on securely. Not Only can they hold a smooth bore pipe that tends to slip out of other vise jaws, but they can also hold on to materials that can be delicate to work with such as copper or aluminum.

Along with unparalleled support, our vice grips are easy to use and customizable to your heart’s content. We have a variety of group sizes that can accommodate many different types of materials ranging anywhere from softwoods to extremely oblong pipes which would otherwise be in a complete pain to work on. Our grips are also made to provide a quick release so you can swap out any piece of material you are working on. This is all part of our patented design that is made to keep you working on your projects instead of repairing them.

Our team of engineers has spent countless hours designing the perfect pair of vise grips, and now we finally have them. So, if you are curious to see how much they can improve your life, whether you are a small time craftsman or working in a big machine shop give our phone number a call at (918) 366-4855. You can also visit our website which is https://mmm-usa.com/. To see our exact specifications of the many vise grips that we offer. We are confident that once you choose us you will not be disappointed and you will never go back to the old unreliable method of sea clamps, or even worse, the hold on tight and hope method.

Vise Jaws | Grip That None Can Beat

When we first started Vise Jaws We had one goal in mind. And that is to provide our customers with the best vice grips that we could possibly make. And now we have it in our wide array of ice creams to meet whatever needs you could possibly have in your small shop or large shop. It doesn’t matter if you’re a skilled artisans or simply starting out, it’s a no-brainer that having the right tools can make your life incredibly easier than if you didn’t have the right tools from the start.

Vise Jaws has always been a fan of the hard-working man or woman. So when it comes to tools that stand up to the challenge, we are confident that our vice jaws will comfortably and reliably hold whatever material you were working on for however long you needed to hold onto. We take pride in the fact that our vise jaws have been tested by a variety of craftsmen ranging from hard-core metal work to delicate woodworking and have all produced fantastic results without damaging materials.

One of the most famous products at Vise Jaws are our piranha hard jaws, which are well equipped to handle any material that you or your colleagues need to work on whether it be soft Bible material or extremely hard to work with material as well. Our products are battle tested and spoken for by a variety of craftsman, all who use them to great effect in order to keep up with a constant demand that can come when you are an at home craftsman or woman.

If you have ever had an important project slip right out of your jaws and onto the floor, you know how devastating can be to see all of your hard work or broken into 1000 pieces that’s why you can trust our piranha jaws to comfortably hold your working material that you spend more time working on it and less time picking up the pieces and starting from scratch

If you’re like us, you value hard-working tools as much as you value hard work. That’s why our piranha vice jars are made to stand the test of time and provide excellent grip. That is neither too hard or too loose for whatever material you were working on. Our quality materials are made in the USA so you know that they are built to last and built to stand up to whatever you put them through. If you are interested in acquiring your very own special set of jaws, all you have to do is call our number at (918) 366-4855 and speak to one of our customer service reps to find out exactly what you need to get the job done. You can also visit our website which is https://mmm-usa.com/ for a variety of specifications and insights from the experts, who designed all these tools themselves.