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America brings people together. So does a campfire!

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Enhance your campfire experience with the MMM-GRILL. No matter where you’re camping, the MMM-GRILL is your perfect accessory. In just 3 simple steps, transform your campfire into a deluxe outdoor grill.

Made from 304 stainless steel and stamped with the American flag, this grill is tough and durable yet simple to use.

And because we believe in what we’ve built, we’ll give you a limited lifetime warranty. We stand behind our finished product, just like you stand behind yours. Dinner is served.

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potatoes • Fish • poultry • hamburgers • Steaks • Veggies • and more…

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Your New Campfire Cookware

The MMM-GRILL makes campfire cooking better. A better experience and better tasting food. Use it at home or take it on the road for quick, simple grilling. Get yours today.

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Web Site Testimonals

“Efficient outdoor cooking done the American way. Heats up fast, and gives a unique cooking and flavor experience you cant get with traditional grills or travel grills. I will not cook a steak on anything else EVER, except for my MMM-Grill. It’s just that good.”

Donnie F.

Web Site Testimonals

“The quality is as good as they come. The first time we used this product I was extemely impressed!”

Adam B. @ABOM79

Web Site Testimonals

“Very efficient and (luckily) surprisingly affordable. Would (and have) recommended these guys to anyone and every one I know.”

Brent D.

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